Black Lives Matter Mob Assaults Trump Supporters Outside Tulsa Rally; What They Did Is Appalling

(Tea Party PAC) – Black Lives Matter folks have tried to convince us all that they are a legitimate movement of peaceful individuals who are seeking to combat police brutality against people of color. The only problem is all of the looting, rioting, and assaults of folks who don’t tend to share their worldview.

Seeing all of the buildings burning on the news sort of paints a different picture, right? Perhaps they have a different definition of “peaceful” that the rest of us don’t know about? Regardless, a lot of the individuals in this movement have demonstrated time and again they believe lasting change can only be had through violence. It seems they are hellbent on causing a massive race war on American soil, a second, probably more devastating Civil War.

A good case in point is what BLM protesters did to Trump supporters who were waiting to get into the Tulsa campaign rally. Apparently, these folks threw some sort of unknown liquid at those waiting for the event to kick off.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Their goal was to create chaos and violence.

This afternoon the Black Lives Matter protesters are blocking the entrances to the BOK Center.

Black Lives Matter protesters are reportedly blocking some of the gates into the Tulsa Trump rally. Police are moving them back to reopen the entrance.

Infowars has more on the BLM violence in Tulsa.

BLM Protesters Block Entrance To Trump Rally, Police Form Riot Line In Response As Agitators Get More Intense.

The Black Lives Matter mob was throwing unknown liquids at Trump supporters.

Thank God the national guard was there.

BREAKING: BLM protesters throw substances on Trump Supporter outside of Trump rally in Tulsa.

This kind of behavior reminds me a lot of the way folks who are involved with Antifa act. Individuals involved in BLM should be cautious to avoid this kind of violent, disturbing behavior or they could end up labeled a terrorist organization too.

Maybe that’s exactly what they are. Certainly seems that’s the direction the group is headed in, whether they meant for that to happen or not. Protesting is absolutely fine, but you cannot throw things at people and commit acts of violence and think that’s okay. There are plenty of ways to raise awareness of certain causes and to work toward legitimate cultural change in the hopes of improving race relations.

More racism isn’t the answer. Never has been. We need to be seeking common ground with one another instead of focusing on our differences. We are all descended from the same ancestors. We share the same fundamental DNA. The only way forward is not by seeing how we are different, but how we are the same.

Both sides of this issue have made this divide so wide and deep. It will take an acknowledgement of that from everyone involved in order to move forward and really work toward becoming a united people.



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  3. Riot lines my foot, police need to take serious measures and to hell with leftist mayors and their illegal stand down orders. If elected officials refuse to enforce the laws then there are no laws. If there are no laws for them there are none for us.

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  6. When just one of white america statues is defaced or destroyed..EVERY blm stature will be destoyed.Job#1 smash the mlking statue in DC, pour tar & feathers on it, light the tar so that it burns the fudge lips of this creature. Pull it down w several nooses, after it falls, smash it w hammers into 1000 pieces, then kick the charred debris into the potomac.

  7. Show’s their IQ.
    How degrading and disrespectful they are to the U.S.A., the people and most,
    Our Great President.
    Pathetic people.
    Pathetic and Evil.

  8. We must have Faith and Trust in GOD. This is a Spiritual Battle. Ephesians 6:12 and always has been. In Romans 12:9-21 ti says that we are not suppose to fight evil with evil but fight evil with Good. Thus heaping burning coals upon their heads. GOD says vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!! That means that GODS Justice will Prevail and I put my TOTAL TRUST in GOD ALMIGHTY. In the Mighty Name of JESUS AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Follow the money. Arrest them, take their fingerprints and mug shot and have a national database of these thugs. Then get a warrant to follow them money. Arrest the funding sources of sedition or treason. Too bad no one has the intentional fortitude to do it.

    • The left wont arrest the left. 4 those with their head in the sand. The U S A has become a left-wing sewer. Thanx democrats , & thanx 4 Repubs letting it happen

    • Larry’s right. It will come down to we citizens. Plus add the MSM to your list CC, they are as dangerous as the thugs.

  10. These hoodlums have absolutely too much time on their hands. Instead of everyone blaming China for seeding the entire world for the Corona virus which has destroyed the health of so many innocent people worldwide and the economies of their nations, these mainly young people decide that President Trump is responsible for everything wrong in their lives. How will destroying even minority owned businesses in so many cities and robbing them of all of their contents help George Floyd? The radical left wing politicians saw an opportunity to get mainly stupid young people to do their dirty work for them. The kids whose parents have spoiled them are just trying to get out of the house and maybe hook up with others like themselves. They need to get a life or join the military.

    • Not the military please, but these idiots do need some structured time, say on the north slope of Alaska learning to be self sufficient.

  11. If they care so much about black lives come to Chicago and solve the problem on the south side and west side last weekend 106 shot 14 dead including a 3 year old boy

  12. Communism is staring us right in our face and we choose not to acknowledge it. They have destroyed other countries with the same play book. The Communist Manafesto. Check it out. We are losing are American freedom…🇺🇸

  13. We all need to arm ourselves,, just in case. Where are our leaders? They seem to be missing in action here. This is already so big that if they don’t show up, they will LOSE our country for us. It’s time for action, o more “wait and see!”

    • I’m armed but almost 78 yo. Still putting shots in the 9 ring though. Long as I dont have to fire and maneuver I’ll be good.

  14. This behavior, on the part of the rioters, antifa, blm, is disgusting. If they think that this is the way to gain sympathy for their “movement,” they are sorely mistaken. Their real purpose in life is to destroy our country and make it into a socialist/communist country.
    Look around, people……….that kind of gov’t has NEVER worked……..anywhere it has reared it’s ugly head. If this is going to be the fate of this country, heaven help us. The only ones having anything will be the top honchos, the rest of us will have nothing but starvation, deprivation, and poverty, illness, and death. Is that REALLY what we want? Not me, that happens, I am OUT OF HERE!

  15. These are NOT protestors, they are THUGS, and TERRORISTS ! They want to bring our Government down, and bring in Socialism/Communism, to replace it !! This is how it started in Venezuela, and we DON’T want it to end the same way ! We MUST get rid of these people, and RE ELECT TRUMP. He is the only chance we have of saving this Country !

  16. Antifa and BLM are terrorists pure and simple. They better realize that war is coming if they don’t stop their Socialist Communist BS.

  17. Excuse me, but they ARE domestic terrorist. When they attack people for no reason, except their imagination, loot and trash stores, Deface property, commit arson, etc., they have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, they are terrorists.

  18. Black and white trash, to dumb to appreciate what a great country we have. All kids coming out of high school should have to serve two years in the military. Teachers and professors are the problem.

  19. John, Very much agree with your comment!! The time is coming for a full blow out from conservatives and it’ll be something they have never seen before. Enough is a enough!! They started this mess and we will end it!

  20. I am so tired of the main stream media trying to portray these people (and I use the term loosely) as peaceful protestors. I further find it very difficult to accept the number of companies that accept the BLM party as somehow good and necessary. To what is this country coming?

    • They are equally guilty and deserve equal treatment as the terrorists they support and encourage. If civil war comes I view them as combatants.

  21. LOCK and LOAD! . . . TAKE them OUT. They’re CRIMINAL TERRORISTS, and the SURVIVORS need to serve a LENGTHY PRISON sentence with HARD LABOR (“chain gangs”) and pay FULL restitution for ALL damages. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  22. BLM is not about a peaceful movement, the co founder admits it’s a Marxist movement that supports the Democrat party and socialism. Hatred towards White people and violence, anarchy and division is what they are after. Anyone who supports them is supporting the division of this country and a path to violence.
    Conservatives will only take it for so long, we are peaceful and non violent but when pushed too far, we will fight to defend our rights, our freedom, our country and when we do it won’t be pretty.
    These uneducated people need to realize their just pawns, being used by the Democrat party for their political agendas, we know it because we are smart enough to understand what tactics the evil Democrat party uses and hold back from violence because we understand their being used but we can’t allow them to hurt us and we can’t allow them to meddle in the election.

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