Black Man Reportedly Shot By Police In Atlanta…What Happens Now?

(Tea Party PAC) – In a nation where the rubble from the George Floyd protests is still smoking, it appears we may just be headed into round two of complete and total civil unrest.

On Saturday, video began circulating appearing to show a black man being shot by Atlanta police officers in what is likely to be yet another incident sparking national outrage over police killings of black men.

The man in question was shot after stealing an officer’s Taser and attempting to shoot the officer with it.

The graphic video, Just the News reports, shows two officers struggling with the man, attempting to subdue him as he unrelentingly resists.

At one point, he reaches for an officer’s Taser. You can hear the officers yelling “Hands off the Taser!” in the video.

While typically non-lethal, a Taser is a weapon which could have severely incapacitated one of the officers had it been used against him, creating a far more dangerous situation for the public.

After the struggle continues further, the man appears to successfully grab the Taser and begin to run away.

In the footage, the officers appear to shoot the suspect several seconds later.

The video does not show the actual shooting, and it is unclear whether the suspect was fleeing or facing the officers when he was struck.

According to an Atlanta city councilman, the police chief claimed the man was shot in the back.

Just the News notes:

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation later said in a statement that the victim, Rayshard Brooks, was in possession of an officer’s Taser during the incident. The bureau said he later died at a hospital after surgery.

Officers had reportedly been called to the scene, at a Wendy’s restaurant, after Brooks was seen sleeping in his car in the restaurant’s parking lot. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said he failed a sobriety test prior to the fatal struggle.


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  3. unnecessary excessive force they just show a big lack of training the police force is really need to train better there police officers they need to know more hand to hand combat and make shore they come out well train, the taser was not a lethal weapon to take the decision of using lethal force it was very wrong decision and they have to know that since they were train to think before using a fire weapon on a suspect


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    • Ok, Winifred I think you are responding to my comments, from an earlier post, I personally don’t have a problem with folks in the black community, hell over 2/3rd’s of my friends identify as black Americans, not African Americans, and they are the first to denounce BLM,and they all hold Barack Obama, responsible for the unrest that is trying to tear down our great country now! So what is your response to this? I pride myself on being a white man who discriminates against all people who think that they are woken! That’s the last thing that you should affiliate your self with, no matter your race, through out my life I was labeled Redneck, White Trash, and Blue Collar, yet I hold down a 6 figure income, that I busted my ass to gain by being ever learned, and I have nothing but a high-school diploma, the American dream is not dead, for those who apply themselves.

  5. Well let’s see if any of the malarkey that CNN, and, MSDNC,are reporting is true. So let’s weigh the facts, yes this man is a black, yes this man resisted being arrested, yes this man assaulted 2 police officers, while they were attempting to detain him, yes this man unlawfully removed a sworn peace officer’s tazer, which is a violation of his personal protection equipment, and yes this individual stole police property which is ultimately paid for by we the taxpayers, this policeman was more than justified in shooting this thug, I challenge anyone here to disagree, your ass will be handed to you in short order.

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    • This is the kind of thinking that gets innocent people killed. He was driving while intoxicated, luckily he passed out in the drive thru line before doing damage. He had no idea where he was or any idea where he was going. The said what if the officer was black nothing would be said. If you noticed that all the black-men killed in GA that are being protested were all fighting the officer during an attempt to arrest them. Put your hands up and live for another day.

    • As he was running he fired the taser. He looked back to see if he hit the officer. If he hit the officer he would have grabbed his gun . Can you guarantee he wouldn’t shoot the cop? Why would he grab the taser? If officer is assaulted he is justified using deadly force. In the two seconds between the taser being shot and the cop returning fire there is little time to try to reason outcome. As somebody pointed out, taser shot can be deadly. So the dead guy used deadly force, what constitutes justifiable response according to you? Call the HQ to ask them what to do? [email protected]#

    • He was a threat…he should have complied from the get go and he’d be alive today. He brought this on himself .

  7. If the suspect had been able to hit the officer with the taser considering his actions of assault on the officer he very likely would have retrieved the officers gun and killed him. I am sick and tired of criminal blacks hailed as innocent heroes. They are killing, robbing and terrorizing their own and other races like animals African black immigrants don’t want to associate themselves with American blacks. That tells you IT IS NOT THE RACE IT IS THE CULTURE.
    George Floyd was murdered. But that is on the sadistic officer who knelled on his neck. Blacks were all too fast to riot and pillage and make a spectacle of brainless whites forcing them to bow. That is RACISM on grand display. Nothing could have cemented the racial division more forcefully than that. Blacks think that the slavish behavior of few white brainwashed millennials is representative of all american whites. If they push their idiotic “supremacy” line they will encounter a wrath they could never imagine from Whites, Asians, Hindu who are not just standing around watching but have been arming themselves at unseen pace. The lunatic Left sees this year as their moment in history to enslave the WORLD under the pretext of peace on Earth. They pushed the US into wars to train the military for urban warfare. Trump messed their plans. And the solders mostly left the military. Which side do you think will they fight on when the SHTF? Civil war will be so brutal, it will put an end to all wars. God Help US.

  8. They has been almost twice as many white victims of police shooting deaths than blacks since 2017. So why is it when a black is shot it is automatically racist.

    • Because the left, lying liberal fake news wants race riots. Racism fuels their cause , they have nothing else .

  9. WTF is wrong with these PD’s that the use of deadly force is so freely used? Are the POlice that afraid of not going home after shift? If so, could it be that Democrat mayors DO NOT back the POlice? Something’s wrong in America, but nothing is worth rioting, looting and insurrection. Actually, I know what’s wrong: People have been lied to (promised something free) by mostly Democrat politicians for so long that the people expect a government check.

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