Black Washington Post Editor Deletes This Disgusting, Racist Tweet That Threatens White Women

(Tea Party PAC) – In 21st century woke America, the very definition of “racism” has been changed from “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race,” as defined by Merriam-Webster, to basically anything white people do.

It used to be understood that racism was treating someone differently simply because of the color of their skin but now some black people are pushing to change the definition of racism to include literally any incident in which a black person is at a “disadvantage” to white people. That could include, for example, black people not performing as well on standardized tests as white people meaning that the tests are “racist.”

So, clearly it could never be considered racist when a black woman takes to social media to rail against white women and even make threatening remarks. It appears that black people are permitted to spew whatever hateful and disgusting vitriol they can come up with against white people and it’s totally fine. Totally not racist at all. Twitter and Facebook don’t even so much as bat an eye when black people post racist, hateful, and threatening content about white people after all, black people can’t be racist in woke America, you know, because white privilege?

While our democracy is literally crumbling around us there are those would rather stoke the flames of the media-induced race war than actually be loving and tolerant. Washington Post Global Opinion Editor, Karen Attiah, is one of those people. Her recent tweets have been nothing short of straight-up racism but yet, she continues to be allowed to spew her hate freely, unfettered by consequences.

In a post to Twitter Sunday night, Attiah issued a warning to white women saying they are “lucky” black people aren’t seeking “revenge” on them for a list of grievances including voting for President Trump. Despite the fact that Twitter took no action against her, the backlash must have been significant enough for her to later decide to delete the post but, as we know, the internet never forgets.

Attiah wrote and later deleted, “The lies and tears of White women hath wrought: The 1921 Tulsa Massacre, Murder of Emmet Till, Exclusion of Black women from feminist movements, 53% of white women voting for Trump. White women are lucky that we are just calling them “Karens”. And not calling for “revenge”.

Attiah reiterated her warning in a reply that was also deleted, “I’m just saying. Be happy we are calling for equality. And not actual revenge.”

These tweets by Attiah are still up:

“But here’s the real thing about “Karen” memes. The dark side to handwringing about how Karen” hurts white women’s feelings is that it is a distraction from how everyday white women uphold white supremacy through violence, aggression, and the weaponzing of their gender.” Um, what?

Attiah also says we are on our way to a “new language” to describe white women, perhaps “toxic white women femininity” as suggested by one zealous twitter user.

Attiah even attacks a woman of color for not being anti-white enough.

“If you’re more worried about white women’s feelings than about how they uphold white supremacy… then…Well, this is how white supremacy works. In real-time….Maybe consider that we did that before. For generations. And it didn’t work. And yes, other POC can and often do reinforce white supremacy by siding with and coddling the dominant group rather than those who are on the receiving end of racism and abuse.”

Now you’re a white supremacist if you care about white people’s feelings. Bleeding heart liberals, did you get that?

Attiah may have deleted her threatening post against white women but she didn’t hold back from retweeting a reiteration of her sentiments against white women and white people that said, “I mean. White women … white people … are lucky we are just calling and saying and doing a whole lot of things that are really sit-the-hell-down-fine compared to what we could be calling and saying and doing.”

Apparently, Attiah was triggered by a CBS Sunday Morning report on the shaming of bossy white women with the slang name “Karen” and warning of its abuse.




Angrily yours,

A Black Karen”

Attiah, and others like her, are part of the problem in America today. Instead of just focusing on being a decent human being and treating everyone equal, Attiah would rather focus on black victimhood and hating white people literally just because they’re white. But, yeah, white people are the racists. Got it.


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  5. One-sided racism? Only in America. Karen Attiah is a real piece of work. Over the past couple of months – what with Black Lives Matter – the rioting by Blacks, the looting of stores, especially jewelry stores by Black Youth in all of the metropolitan cities. Black America finding fault with White America. Racism? Considering everything that is happening in the USA today — the only racist ethnicity appears to be Black — As for Black Lives Matter – I’m certain a great percentage of them do matter but a great percentage of White Lives Matter as well. Remember this slogan: People Who Live in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones. I also have one question. BLM & the Left are screaming to defund and/or abolish the police departments across the board. NYC just cut $1B from their overall budget. So why has crime, especially in the minority neighborhoods escalated by 48%. With curtailed police personnel and decreased police presence, who is going to protect those individuals who can’t protect themselves? If there is a burglary or a rape, or extortion, or looting — and 911 doesn’t answer or they put you on hold for an indefinite period of time. Who is going to come to your defense? Remember, if you blindly shoot someone and not know how to use your firearm, you may be lying dead right next to the corpse that was just killed.

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  7. I’m Asian and am married to a white man and having experienced prejudice by a very small percentage of white women, I understand how she feels.
    However, one should not generalize White women to be all racist because that’s not true. My own white women friends do not even see my yellow Asian color.
    It’s unfortunate that I experienced those prejudices by some bad human beings but instead of dwelling on it I decided on a different kind of attitude of the “half full glass“. I didn’t say anything when I experience those prejudices but next time I’ll give them a piece of my mind.

  8. let me guess, she is also from a King and Queen from Africa, she is LUCKY, that we crackers are sitting on our hands, if you want to get this thing started, fire the first shot, Plain and simple, shes probably pissed cause a white girl took her man.

  9. Do these people branding those who innocently have less melanin “racist” and light “supremacist” not realize that it is they who are “racist” and portend “supremacy”.

    Governors, mayor’s and company CEO’s have succumbed to irrational demands of tyranical individuals/groups who should by legal writings be incarcerated in solitary confinement. The fears of the authorities are infringing on the rights of all other citizens and surely paving the way to a civil war.

    The powers that be should get “woke”, grow a pair and backbone and take back their responsibility to all employees and constituents. Dismissing someone for attitude or insubordination has nothing to do with shade, it has to do with attitude or insubordination. Period. Breaking up a group of domestic terrorists, arresting them and throwing them in jail for a very long time is the right thing to do. Period.

  10. You lady,,,are indeed the problem,,,,,your remarks far outweigh your level of education,,,,this is the same thing wrong with your Democratic Congress persons in D.C….you need to wake up,,,,this country provides equal opportunities to any one seeking to better themselves,,,,and a lot of that betterment begins in the home,,,,you are just another supporter of violence and hatred,,,your racism is evident in your post and makes you no better than a terrorist,,,,threats don’t work ,,,,try solving problems,,,push for more unity and neighborhood work to clean up our cities,,,make the worst parts of cities livable again,,,,provide opportunities for ALL races to work together to solve our inner city problems,,,,your remarks just spew hatred,,,,,

    • She is not a lady! She is a SLIME BALL. Everything you know and have we gave it to you baboon! My Scottish ancestors were Medical Professionals, they went to your jungle primitive Africa to educate your stinking smelly baboon asses. Did it help, that’s a big fat NO! Go back to your primitive Africa and see for yourself. You hate us so much, yet you straighten your ugly kinky hair. You’re the most pathetic race on this planet. PERIOD!!

  11. Think she is jealous or hurt because some woman got a guy or gal she had the hots for? Or she just wants to fan the flames or add fuel to the fire to get some kind punches in there that she doesn’t have the courage in real life to deliver.

  12. Racist hateful person. These people are not Americans. They don’t know anything about patriotism. If they keep up this hateful behavior, they will have the war they so badly want. The Washington Post should get some courage and fire her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Our federal government needs to declare Antifa/ BLM as a domestic terrorist organization that it is what they are. Make it illegal to donate any amount money to any parties connected to these groups. America wake up!!!!! No demands!!!

  14. She is what she is calling other people a pure bred racist.thank you no racist should be able to spew their hate to Americans and still keep their job.

  15. I was both horrified, and disgusted, with this obviously VERY RACIST Black woman’s tweets ! She is SO Racist, and SO wrong in her delusional comments. I wonder if she is a fan of one of the most White hating people on this Planet, Louis Farrakhan ?

    • She is so primitive, she thinks she can’t be racist because she is black. If we say how we feel and want things our way, we’re racist. That’s how primitive they are, always in the JUNGLE.

  16. So what else is new? Black people hate white people. No Black person living in the United States alive today has ever been a slave. No black person living in the United States today is at a disadvantage. If you, me or anyone else of any race, color or creed breaks the law by drinking and driving, passing counterfeit money, selling/using illegal drugs, fighting police officers, assault, rape, murder…etc. you will be incarcerated! If you doe as a result of fighting/resisting arrest, you are considered responsible for your own death. The news media and politicians who exploit this hate should be voted out. We have the power to stop this insanity. Send these politicians back to their mansions in Beverly Hills to eat all the ice cream they want. Vote Trump/Pence this fall and let’s take back the House and Senate! MAGA 2020!

    • They never tell the truth about that George criminal. The world does not have a clue as to who this stinking criminal. He invaded a pregnant woman’s home, pointed a gun at her stomach. He was a drug dealer, went to prison was still on probation. There is a proverb that goes like this. “You Live By The Sword, You Will Die By The Sword” His ass got what he deserved, and the rest of his black lives matter scumbags. PERIOD!

  17. Karen Attiah, it’s black and white ppl like you that keep trying to divide us instead of trying to work on it and make it better. You are the Kind that keeps rioters,rioting etc….. you need to figure out how to help your black on black crime!!!

  18. Really!! My God!! Get a life! There are so many wonderful opportunities and experiences! Just stop your rage, It is eating you alive! Is it even possible you have relationships with people? Life is short! Get one!, Grow up and find what is right in front of you if you were not so possessed by your self!

  19. The Real Racist in this Country are the ones who scream racist, or use the race card. I have nothing against Black people as I have friends who are Black. But I’m getting the impression that Some Black people hate White people so therefore we as White people are NOT the Racist ones.

    • White women should stop with the black men. I see nothing but trouble when white women get involved with baboons. I am a nurse, at my clinic all the time. Talking about racism, that’s how negroes make their money by playing the race card. The liberals brain washed them into that behavior. If they were smart they would realize that. I feel sorry for the good blacks who want to be better. They jump on them too!

  20. I hope her education has taught her that Republican women are ok. We did fight a war and loose lives to free slaves and all those racist statues are democrats as well as all those pictures Nancy is trying to hide. So she should say Democratic white women to be clear.

    • She should thank my ancestors for giving her the opportunities to be where she is. If she lived in her primitive ugly Africa, she would be in a mud hut sleeping on dirt ground. They as a race, have no reasoning. My fur baby Joey is so much smarter than she is. PATHETIC!

  21. White men have been demonized and marginalized as toxic by their very birth. Now they’re on to white women. And this is not racism? Our country is near destruction.

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  23. If Karen Attiah was white she would have been fired by now. The Washington Post obviously condones racism and its weak liberal leadership will do anything to sell papers.


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