Bloomberg Shells Out $10M For Super Bowl Ad Making Claims About Violent Gun Deaths Among Children; There’s Just One Problem

(Tea Party PAC) – Democratic Party presidential candidate “Mini” Michael Bloomberg has been hitting the campaign trail very hard as of late, though a lot of his time, energy, and money has been aimed at putting out some big time political ads on television, one of which aired during the Super Bowl this weekend.

Bloomberg, a man who insulted a hero in a Texas church who saved his fellow congregants from a mass shooter using a gun, is platforming hard on gun control, which was the theme of his Super Bowl ad, putting out a lot of “facts” about violent gun deaths among children.

However, there’s a problem. It seems the information put out in Bloomberg’s ad may not have been as accurate as he probably hoped it would be.

Here’s more from TheBlaze:

Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg’s $10 million Super Bowl commercial includes a misleading statistics on violent gun deaths among children, according to Fox News. The network also found that Bloomberg’s ad depicted an adult victim of a violent crime as a child.

In the emotionally-charged 60-second Bloomberg spot, Calandrian Simpson Kemp discusses her son’s violent death. “On a Friday morning, George was shot. George didn’t survive. I just kept saying, ‘You cannot tell me that the child that I gave birth to, is no longer here.’ Lives are being lost every day. It is a national crisis.”

An un-attributed statistic then flashes on the screen: “2,900 CHILDREN DIE FROM GUN VIOLENCE EVERY YEAR.”

Reporters at Fox found that the source for Bloomberg’s data is the candidate’s own anti-gun group. A recent report by Everytown for Gun Safety arrived at the 2,900 figure by including teenagers 18 and over in its calculation.

Bloomberg’s ad implies the statistic only includes young children, but when the Washington Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski removed the young adults from the calculation, the total number was cut by nearly half.

While obviously tragic, the Bloomberg ad is wrong to suggest that Kemp’s son was a child. According to Texas state appellate court documents obtained by the news network, the shooting victim, George Kemp, was 20-years-old when he was killed.

The Texas court filings state that when police officers arrived at the shooting scene, “they discovered a deceased male, later identified as George Kemp, age 20, lying face down in a pool of blood.” Additionally, the documents stated that the death was the result of a “gang-related shooting” where “two groups of young men,” including Kemp, had met “for a fight.”

None of these details were mentioned in Bloomberg’s Super Bowl commercial.

“It is regrettable but not surprising that salient facts didn’t make the ad,” an NRA spokeswoman told Fox News. “Bloomberg cherry-picked aspects of the story to push his agenda. Bloomberg pushes for confiscation of guns and stripping regular Americans of our right to self-defense while he enjoys armed security 24/7. He sees America as his kingdom, and the rest of us as his peasants.”

Meanwhile, a representative from the Bloomberg campaign defended the commercial.

“Ask any grieving parent whose 18- or 19-year-old son or daughter was shot and killed, and they will tell you they lost a child,” Bloomberg campaign spokeswoman Julie Wood told Fox News.

Since when have facts ever gotten in the way of a good narrative spin, right? The left has never been comprised of the type of individuals who care about truth. They only care about power. None of the causes they fight for are really about helping the American people.

They are about finding ways to draw more power away from the citizens of this great nation and consolidating it in the federal government. Leftists know that in order to implement the nightmarish socialist vision for America, the people will need to have their guns taken away, controlled. That’s really what’s behind this push for gun control. A complete gun ban.

Liberals may not want to admit it, but those of us with eyes see right through the lies.

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  1. What an idiot! Using a gang related shooting, where guns used were acquired illegally, is about as dumb as dirt. All his money and all his friends couldn’t put Michael together again.


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