Body Language Expert On State Of The Union Address: “You Can Honestly Say” Dems Are Fractured

(Tea Party PAC) – The “Body Language Ghost” body language expert reviewed President Trump’s State of the Union address, and concluded that the Democratic party is falling apart.

On YouTube, the Body Language Ghost shared her takeaways from the State of the Union, which indicated that many figures in the audience were quite stressed.

One noteworthy observation was the way Democrats reacted to Trump’s call that we govern ‘not as two parties but as one nation’:

“And there you go, you start to see the split. So they stand up. They don’t all stand up. We’re not seeing the police, that church police that gives you the cut eye when you’re doing something that doesn’t go with the congregation’s doctrine!

“You can honestly say that the party has really just split. It might have fractured into many or two. We don’t know. Some that are extreme, some that are moderates, and some that are extreme the other way, the personal ones the normal people, the lunatics.

The Democrats are going in five different directions, but they’re all radical. Whether its an obsession with turning the US into a socialist nation or relentlessly pursuing the Trump-Russia fiasco or those who can’t figure out which they are.

Either way, the Democratic party is in shambles.