BOMBSHELL: Democratic Senators Unveil Horrifying Plan To Change Electoral Count Act

(Tea Party PAC) – Democrats have fervently insisted that the 2020 election was the “most secure” in US history. They claim there’s no evidence of any kind of fraud or legal issues. They have maintained that Joe Biden was the clear official winner and that his presidency is totally legitimate.

Why, then, are they also working tirelessly to bring about so-called “election reform?”

The ink from the 2020 election hadn’t even dried and Democrats were hatching up their scheme to take federal control of elections and ensure that no one would ever be able to question the results of future elections ever again.

They seem to desperately want to get their way before the 2022 midterms arrive.

The irony, of course, is that Democrats spent the entire duration of President Trump’s term asserting that he had somehow worked with Russia to steal the 2016 election. The Democrats have absolutely no shame.

On top of their efforts to federalize elections and do away with any and all safeguards to ensure integrity, two Democratic Senators and a Democrat-aligned colleague are using the Jan. 6 narrative as a pretext to change the 1887 Electoral Count Act which would essentially make it impossible for members of Congress to challenge election results in the future.

Ironically, it was Democrats who repeatedly challenged the legitimacy of President Trump both on the floor of Congress in 2017 during the counting of the electoral votes and throughout his tenure.

Hypocrisy is the only thing Democrats actually do stunningly well.

As a matter of fact, over the last twenty years, it has been Democrats who have objected to the validity of electoral votes. On three separate occasions, Democrats have objected when a Republican was elected president.

Now that a Democrat has been illegitimately installed in the White House, however, it’s only natural that they want to ensure nobody can ever object to fraudulent elections again.

Sen. Angus King of Maine, who is an independent but caucuses with the Democrats, has introduced a deranged proposal called the Electoral Count Modernization Act that would supposedly “update” the Electoral Count Act of 1887.

A news release from Tuesday revealed that King is working on the legislation with Democratic Sens. Amy Klobuchar (MN) and Dick Durbin (IL).

Instead of hearing the genuine concerns of millions of Americans concerning the crooked 2020 election, King has decided to introduce this legislation so that Americans never feel inclined to question another election ever again.

This hardly sounds like the lawmakers introducing this bill truly believe Biden won the 2020 election fairly. It sounds like tyrants attempting to protect an illegal regime and that’s exactly what’s going on.

Naturally, these radical leftists are hiding their efforts under the guise of preventing another so-called incursion on the Capitol such as the Jan. 6 incident.

“In response to the threats to our democracy since the 2020 Presidential election, this legislation seeks to establish clear, consistent, and fair procedures for the counting and certification of electoral votes for the presidency,” King said in a statement.

The proposed bill would accomplish anything but fairness. It would clarify that the vice president has no power to reject state’s electors. It would narrow the grounds for objections to electors or electoral votes while also raising the threshold for Congress to hear objections and making it harder to sustain objections.

Current law requires only one member of the House and one member of the Senate to object to the electoral count before it’s moved to a floor vote in the chamber. The proposed bill would change that requirement to one-third of the Senate to object before the objection could be moved to a floor vote.

The bill would also make sure that state legislatures cannot appoint electors after Election Day in an effort to overturn their state’s election results and also would provide limited judicial review to ensure that the electors appointed by a state reflect the popular vote results of that state.

In other words, the electoral map would be thrown right in the trash and electors would be forced to cast their votes for whoever wins the popular vote. That is mob rule, not a representative republic.

The radical bill would also give states additional time, until December 20, to complete legitimate recounts and litigation. So that means we likely will never know the winner of future elections on Election Night ever again.

That last one is essentially giving the left nearly two months to do whatever they need to do to ensure the election goes their way and the rest of the bill will make sure no one can challenge the results.

Democrats are trying to shove this through before the upcoming midterm elections which they are expected to lose big. They’re also still desperately trying to ram through their tyrannical election reform bill which would completely destroy elections in the US for good.

All this effort to change everything after the 2020 election went so well for them. The Democrats aren’t even trying to be subtle anymore.

Copyright 2022.

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  1. All politicians are criminals. They lie and call what we have a democracy. They enact and enforce laws. They use biometrics to convict citizens of allegedly broken laws. Politicians do not use biometrics to ensure and prove that democracy is real. No election is secured by the use of biometrics to confirm ballots cast. Why not? Because politicians are criminals. If they are not, then why do they not insist on election reform that includes the use of biometrics? Other countries use biometrics to prevent fraud. The United States does not do enough to prevent fraud.

    • Question: How can you use biometrics in voting without having your vote remaining secret? This is not a trick question. I am concerned about our votes being anon.


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