Bombshell: Epstein Autopsy Report Points To Murder…Here’s What They Found

(Tea Party PAC) – We have been watching with baited breath as the details of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s death continue to unfold.

And it only gets more and more suspicious.

The results of the autopsy performed on Jeffrey Esptein’s body are out, and they just add further fuel to the fire of suspision that is surrounding his “suicide.”

Here’s the thing: it does not appear that it was a suicide.

Of course, it’s never appeared that it was a suicide. It’s always been suspect that he supposedly managed to hang himself on his bunk bed with paper-thin sheets.

It’s always been suspect that his cellmate, which he was required to have, was transferred out of his cell the day before he supposedly took his life.

It was suspect that he said “see you Sunday” to his attorney the last time they met and seemed to be in good spirits.

It suspect that he apparently agreed to help catch some much bigger fish in exchange for a reduced sentence.

So it is incredibly suspicious that he had several broken bones in his neck, as found by the autopsy report.

Fox News reports:

The hyoid bone, which is near the Adam’s apple, can be broken in a suicide by hanging — especially in older people — but is more common in strangulation murders, The Washington Post reported.

Epstein, 66, was found hanging in his cell in an “apparent suicide” at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City on Saturday where he was being held on sex trafficking charges.

He was placed on suicide watch in July but was removed from it by the end of the month.

Guards at the facility are suspected of falsifying log entries, to make it look like they were checking on Epstein more with more regularity than they were, as surveillance video suggested the checks weren’t done as scheduled.

Everything about this stinks.

Per protocol, guards were supposed to check on him every 30 minutes, but the video reportedly showed some guards didn’t do so for up to three hours, even falling asleep on duty.

The Justice Department on Tuesday said that two guards assigned to watch Epstein had been placed on administrative leave and Attorney General William Barr is demanding a “thorough investigation.”

The U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York has vowed to continue the investigation into Epstein and his alleged “recruiter” Ghislaine Maxwell.

We need to hope and pray that this case doesn’t die with Epstein.

Whatever the cause of his death, there are many powerful criminals who are desperate to protect his name, and it’s clear they’re capable of some very nefarious means of doing so.