Bombshell: Here’s Who Else IG Horowitz Referred For Prosecution

(Tea Party PAC) – DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz appeared before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform on Wednesday morning, and during his testimony, he made a very interesting revelation about another crucial Deep State figure he referred for criminal prosecution.

This was none other than the most crooked FBI director in the history of the bureau, one James Comey.

Who we all know quite well, of course, absolutely deserves criminal referrals! He’s a known crook and its a wonder he’s still a free man.

The Washington Times reported:

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz said Wednesday that he referred ex-FBI Director James Comey for criminal prosecution.

“We are required by the [Inspector General] Act to send information that we’ve identified that could plausibly be criminal to the Department of Justice,” said Mr. Horowitz, confirming what amounted to a criminal referral.

The Justice Department ultimately decided not to prosecute Mr. Comey despite Mr. Horowitz’s team concluding he improperly leaked information to the news media. The documents leaked by Mr. Comey were sensitive, but not classified.

It’s been well-established that Comey gave portions of his classified memos to his friend, Daniel Richman, a lawyer-turned-unpaid-FBI-official who leaked it to the New York Times to try to prompt a special counsel investigation into the president.

Horowitz released a report last month on how Comey handled his classified memos, saying that he’d “set a dangerous example” when he leaked the memos regarding his conversations with the president to his friends and lawyers.

Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) on Wednesday asked Horowitz to investigate allegations that Comey lied when he testified before Congress in 2017 because there were “numerous” times when Comey’s testimony did not align with what had been written in the Horowitz report.

Horowitz agreed to investigate these allegations, according to the Washington Times.

Congressman Jody Hice (R-GA) referred to Horowitz’s bombshell revelation that he’d criminally referred Comey for prosecution as “monumental,” which it very much is!

What’s more, Horowitz is due to release yet another report on FISA abuse any day now, and as we’ve extensively covered, this was the ground zero of the Trump-Russia hoax.

Comey knew that the phony Steele dossier was just that, utter garbage, and yet he still used it to apply for FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign and to form the basis for the entire Trump-Russia hoax.


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