BOMBSHELL: Nadler In Fight For Survival… Scrambling To React To Massive Court Decision

(Tea Party PAC) – Democrats have dominated the state of New York long enough. Their attempts to ensure a Democratic majority in perpetuity were so flagrant that even a Democrat-dominated court couldn’t go along with it.

Now, thanks to a court ruling, new congressional districts in New York state are forcing Democratic “titans” to compete against each other and career political hack Jerry Nadler just might find himself out of a job soon.

Under new congressional district lines released by a special master on Monday, Nadler, who has served in the US Congress since 1992, has found himself moved out of his old seat and thrown into fighting a primary in a new district. The best part is, that new district is already represented by a Democrat who’s been in power just as long as he has.

The New York Post reports, Nadler is going to be up against Rep. Carolyn Maloney, a New York City Democrat who entered the House in 1993.

While these two have worked in cahoots for decades, they’ll now have to square off against each other. This is going to be a show conservatives won’t want to miss.

Nadler announced almost immediately after the map was released that he planned to run in his new district.

Naturally, in a statement declaring his intention to run, Nadler just had to take a swipe at the new congressional district map saying he believes the new lines “violate NYS constitutional requirements of keeping communities of interest together and keeping the cores of existing districts largely intact.”

He asserted his plans to oust Maloney should the lines be finalized.

As The Western Journal points out: “That might be passing strange behavior for a guy whose political party makes such a show of its respect for women, but it’s par for the course. When the rubber meets the road, all a Democrat really cares about is power.”

Meanwhile, Maloney has made it perfectly clear she has no intention of bowing down and simply letting Nadler roll her right out of her seat. She slammed Nadler’s statement, saying, “I thought it was disrespectful. We’ve served together a long time. He’s running in my district,” according to the Post.

Technically, it’s no one’s district now and the Democrats only have themselves to thank for it.

Democrats, with the blessing of Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul, drew up congressional maps that majorly favored their party. What a surprise. Democrats can’t win unless they find a way to cheat and even Democrats know that.

Even the liberal New York Daily News reported that the maps would have given Democrats “an advantage in 22 of the state’s 26 congressional districts.”

Democrats just have absolutely no shame. Dems in the state already outnumber Republicans 21 to 7 in the state’s congressional delegation, with one vacancy.

Democrats know they’re in for a smackdown come the November midterms and their map was a desperate and transparent attempt to steal enough Congressional seats to limit or even prevent a potential Republican majority in the next Congress.

Dems only have control by a handful of seats as it is now. It won’t take much for the GOP to take control and Americans are ready for a massive change in Washington. Democrats are pulling out all the tricks in an attempt to stop the will of the American people, once again.

Fortunately, New York’s highest court, the state Court of Appeals, ruled in April that the Democrats’ map was both unconstitutional and improperly adopted.

“The Democrats got what they deserved. They got too cute. You can’t yell ‘gerrymander!’ and then do it yourself in extreme fashion,” Arthur Schwartz, law chairman with the Manhattan Democratic Party, told the Post.

Their attempt to essentially rig the midterm elections was too obvious and offensive to the court which is full of judges appointed by Democratic governors.

Jerry Nadler is a political opportunist, just like the majority of his fellow Dems. We can only hope that Nadler finds himself out of a job and that Maloney is able to hold her own. There’s just something about Nadler’s arrogance that is revolting.

In any event, this is going to be one entertaining showdown.

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