Bombshell: Papadopoulos Surveilled For Years….Before Mueller Entrapped Him!

(Tea Party PAC) – George Papadopoulos, the Trump campaign volunteer who was entrapped as part of what would become the Mueller witch hunt, was being surveilled for years for his ties to Israel.

The last few years of Papadopoulos’ life sound like something from a spy movie.

In reality, what happened to him is a massive scandal involving Obama’s corrupt intelligence agencies that behaved more like the KGB than the CIA, FBI, and NSI.

These agencies spied on Trump associates using illegal CI investigations, then used the phony collusion narrative to cover-up what they’d been doing to try to sabotage Donald Trump.

Spygate, in reality, began long before July of 2016.

In Mueller’s report, it is stated that the special counsel investigated whether Papadopoulos “acted as an agent of, or at the direction and control of, the government of Israel.”

Search warrants were obtained but the Office determined that the evidence was insufficient to obtain a conviction under FARA, the report reveals.

According to Papadopoulos, there were no FISA warrants used to spy on him or General Flynn or Paul Manafort.

And all this is going to come out.

Papadopoulos said that he was targeted for his ties to Israel, as he had dealings with an Israeli energy company before joining the Trump campaign as an unpaid foreign policy advisor.

May 6 is the date stated in Mueller’s report as the day that the investigation into Papadopoulos began, but this doesn’t match the May 10th date that Papadopoulos met with Australian diplomat Alexander Downer in a London Pub.

This is a significant disparity.

In Mueller’s report, it states that the investigation int Papadopoulos began on May 6th, when he supposedly “suggested to a representative of a foreign government that the Trump campaign had received indications from the Russian government that it could assist the campaign through the anonymous release of information that would be damaging to Hillary Clinton.”

In reality, Papadopoulos didn’t meet with this “representative of a foreign government,” Downer, who happens to be a close friend of and donor to the Clintons, until May 10th.

Erika Thompson, Downer’s aid, the “western intelligence asset,” is the woman Papadopoulos refers to as a wanna be “honeypot,” contacted him on May 6th, as well as two officials of the DIA.

“What happened on May 6th is that two DIA officials from the US embassy in London made contact with me: Terrence Dudley and Greg Baker. They might have a story,” Papadopoulos explains.

So, all this begs the question: what exactly was the intelligence community documenting between May 6th and May 10th that would have prompted Miller to push the date back to May 6th or risk facing liability?

A few short weeks before Papadopoulos’ meeting with Downer, a phony “Russian spy,” an FBI agent, Joseph Mifsud, reached out to Papadopoulos and floated the story that the Russians had Hillary Clinton’s “missing” emails.

Papadopoulos did not note, and never mentioned the story that the Russians had the missing emails to anyone in Trump’s campaign. He was sensible enough to not believe the story and was actually quite suspicious of Mifsud, even believing he was being recorded on Mifsuds cell phone.

Speaking to Fox News, Papadopoulos explained he’s never met a Russian intelligence official in his life.

‘Of course I wasn’t colluding because I’ve never met a Russians official in my entire life let alone on the campaign or the transition team” Papadopoulos said.

So, who else in London at the same time as Papadopoulos was meeting with Downer?

None other than FBI counterintelligence chief, Peter Strzok boss, Bill Priestap.

“Congress must release the transcripts and embarrass the deep state,” Papadopoulos said.

Papadopoulos was sentenced to 14 days in prison for making a false statement to federal investigators, as he gave them the wrong that he’d met with Mifsud. This was a perjury trap.

The real scandal here, as you likely well know by now, is that Obama’s intelligence agencies and Deep State agents had several illegal counterintelligence operations going on at once targeting figures in the Trump campaign months, if not years, before their supposed start date of July 31st, 2016, when Operation Crossfire Hurricane was launched.

All of the CI investigations that were used to spy on the Trump campaign began through back channels and under questionable legal circumstances.

The Obama administration had been illegally spying on Americans for years and then tried to mask it with the opposition research funded by Fusion GPS designed to frame Trump for Russian collusion.

This bombshell interview with Papadopoulos by Byron York is well worth the listen. He tells york about the FBI agents who arrested him when he landed in Chicago after a transatlantic flight and said, “This is what happens when you work for Donald Trump.”


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