Bombshell: Project Veritas’ Latest Undercover Video Blows The Lid Off Shady Georgia Homeless Shelter Voter Registration Scheme

(Tea Party PAC) – Project Veritas, headed up by the formidable James O’Keefe, has had their nose to the ground since the November 3rd election—long before, even—seeking the truth about how voters are really registered in Democrat strongholds and beyond.

They’ve been teasing bombshell revelations of Georgia’s shady registration practices and, on Monday, released yet another explosive undercover video that blows the lid off what could possibly be a scheme to register illegitimate voters.

An executive of Georgia’s Central OAC admitted on camera that her organization registers thousands of homeless people to vote at the same address in Fulton County, Georgia.

According to state law, a person is required to register to vote where they live.

It is illegal and punishable up to 10 years in prison, as it happens, to issue a false statement while registering to vote.

The video was released just one day ahead of Georgia’s closely-watched runoff election that will determine which party controls the U.S. Senate.

Already voters’ concerns are high that the same suspicious practices we seem to have observed on November 3rd, 2020, could influence the outcome of this crucial race.

“So the majority of the people we serve don’t have an address so we allow them to use our address if they register to vote and to get GA state ID,” Kimberly Parker, the Executive Director for Central Outreach and Advocacy Center said in the video.

“We do allow them to use 201 Washington Street (Atlanta, GA),” she continued.

She went on to explain just how many people are using this address as their official place of residence.

“Can’t even begin to tell you how many people have that address on their ID,” she said.

This became so common, apparently, that the organization’s board seems to have grown concerned.

“Board members got wind…thought we’re doing things not on the up and up…” Parker said.

After O’Keefe released the damning video, the organization quickly scrambled to delete their Twitter.

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  1. The whole country is corrupt, don’t think I’m ever voting again, what’s the point! We are going to be a socialist country like Venezuela where the elections are fixed for certain people, just like our 2020 election!!!

  2. We DO have a VOICE . . . The States can have a CONVENTION of States and let the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT know what they are GOING to do (or we’ll WITHHOLD FEDERAL Tax revenue collected), and it better be by the U.S. Constitution, or RISK SUCCESSION. There are NUMEROUS states that will do it and OTHERS will FOLLOW. Then, These states will form their OWN federal Government (and let the BLUE states IMPLODE under their OWN ROTTEN weight), and it can be run under the U.S. Constitution (what a NOVEL CONCEPT!). In Other words – You’re FIRED! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

    • We all have to remember that these elected officials work for us! We elect them to represent us in order for our voices to be heard! We pay their salaries through our taxes! This is our money! It is time to stand up and make our voices heard despite these cowardly, corrupt elected officials! If everyone refuses to pay their taxes and refuses to vote maybe this would get their attention!

  3. What can we do? Voting doesn’t get it done. Contacting our Do Nothing representatives doesn’t get it done. Taking it to the corrupt useless courts doesn’t get it done. Taking it to the bought and paid for corrupt MSM media doesn’t even get aired. So tell me people, what in hell can we do? We The People have no voice, no power, no choice. Even the liberal democrat voters are just as weak as we are, only they don’t realize the slippery slope they’ve chosen adversely effects us all. Is there a day of reckoning on the horizon? Let’s pray it is soon.

  4. Unbelievable! I can’t even find words to express my concerns about our voting system. The fraud is beyond belief. If you were doing everything by the constitution you wouldn’t have to cheat, lie, and steal. This is a disgrace to our country!


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