Bombshell: Was Gordon Sondland Threatened By Democrats?

(Tea Party PAC) – Ahead of US Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland’s testimony before Congress in November, revised excerpts of previous testimony were released.

The testimony was reportedly revised after his “memory was refreshed” after reading other testimony to reflect what he had described as a “quid pro quo” message delivered to Andriy Yermak, a top adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Sondland’s testimony was altered after Democrats harassed Sondland last month during a closed-door interview, where they accused him of being an agent of shadow foreign policy on Ukraine.

The left was so desperate to pressure Sondland into backing up their thinly-supported narrative about wrongdoing on the part of President Donald Trump, that they held protests outside his hotels before his public testimony.

Sondland is a wealthy hotel owner.

These were meticulously organized actions by the Democrats, clearly sent to send a message.

But was it more than mob mentality?

After his public testimony fell flat, failing to bolster the Democrats’ bogus claims, all of a sudden, three women accused him of sexual misconduct.

Amazing timing, don’t you think?

This is the new Democratic party. Crooked to the core.


  1. Go to the Net and watch Sondland s testimony. He begins nervous and unhappy but relaxes more as he is able to clear the “quid pro quo” issue. Schiff is furious and frightening as he sees Sondland escape! He then attacks Sondland ripping into him as ruthlessly as.a prison guard! With total disregard for the fact Soundlund is the witness! The entire thing is so rehearsed you know they TAUGHT him what they wanted. He tried to tell the truth but Schiff had a script for him. When he did not follow it and did not betray Trump, they threw .him under the bus outing three affairs he had had. Watch the ruthless arrogance of Schiff as he degraded Sondland! We have to defeat Schiff in the next election.

  2. Look at the people whom support them the the low life of this Country mad at the ones, that work to make it in the best place in the world.

  3. The Democrats are in the final phase of their “transformation” of American society. They have bet the future of their Party, Hell, they have bet your future , the future of your children on the premise of becoming your absolute Masters . Obama warned you, but you didn’t listen, you were so wrapped up in your PC illusions that you surrendered your freedom. You surrendered your right to make choice, the right to think out of the box, Hell, they got you locked in that box and are about to throw the key.
    …..So sad…………………….

    • Aleksander….
      You are absolutely on point ! No truer words have been spoken ! The Democrats are slowly hammering away at the United States very Foundation !

  4. Everyone on the left are panicked because Trump and his AG are getting to close to the truth regarding what went on in a Corrupt Obama Administration! Obama turned a Blind eye while his VP and Secretary of State lined their Families pockets with cash for favors from several Foreign Countries. CLEAN THE SWAMP President Trump!!!!


  6. Sondland is in CYA mode and will be for some time. The entire obama administration is in CYA mode and they should be. I still hold faith that justice and truth will prevail and the guilty shall be judged!

  7. Shady lying Adam Shiff needs to be in a striped suit. He is a disgrace and the two people who raised him ought to be in prision next to him if they are alive because they rasied a destructive evul human being.

  8. Gotten away with what?
    According to the testimonies so far, he has done nothing illegal. Certainly nothing that qualifies for an impeachment from every thing i saw & read. You can’t believe the chairman-doesn’t he have the record for Pinocchio’s from WAPO and maybe the Guiness record, for lying.

    Some of those that have testified haven’t had the same story twice. Hmm. More going to jail for lying to congress?

  9. Well if democrats go on impeachment then we will show you how to be fair your one sided hate impeachment will never work you should lead for the American people not to hate people bring them together

  10. …and what about the criminal element in our federal government? Trouble with commie pukes like you is not that you can’t see the forest from the trees; you intentionally ignore it!

  11. The Democratic Party is no more; it has been hijacked by the Left and loonsand Fascist pigs like Adam Schiff!
    Power hungry fascists looking to destroy the greatest nation known to man. These people are more criminal than anything one could accuse Trump of committing!

  12. Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland did not need to be pressured or harassed, he was just saving his A** from a charge of lying to Congress. Now what a lot of persons do not seem to understand if Trump is allowed to get away with what he has done it will be a Precedent for any President after Trump, to violate the norms and laws of the USA.


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