Border City Financially ‘Tapped Out’ Due To Flood Of Migrants And COVID Lockdowns

(Tea Party PAC) – Officials for the city of Laredo, Texas say their city has been left financially devastated by all of the COVID restrictions from the past year along with the flood of illegals that have crossed the southern border making it impossible for them to provide any sort of care for the individuals who are being sent to the city by the Biden administration.

According to Newswars, the city is on the brink of economic collapse, total devastation being wrought on the people of Laredo thanks to idiotic measures used to help control the coronavirus which was the first punch they had to eat, followed by the illegals that have been crossing over thanks to President Biden tossing out the previous administration’s immigration policies.

Laredo City Manager Robert Eads recently told Border Report that, “The city is tapped out.” and “Hope doesn’t pay the bills.

“We’ve seen this movie already. It’s just for us a humanitarian effort. We want to help however we can but with the extent of what the cost of all things COVID, we’re tapped out,” he said.

The Biden administration has already started dumping off thousands of illegal aliens in towns and cities located along the border and even beyond as this migration surge hits historic proportions.

City officials have stated that Laredo does not possess the resources to be able to weather the storm without help from the federal government, as they are already facing a $50 million budget deficit.

“Looking at it from the lens of the mayor of a city, I can say that we’re the recipients of Washington’s policies,” Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz went on to say.

“Ultimately, Washington gets what they want based on policies, and I recognize that, but when policies are instituted or changed and they place a city or local community at a disadvantage financially, then we can use resources to help and accommodate,” he continued.

This is a mess that has been made by the Biden administration and it is their duty to clean it up. That doesn’t just mean providing some sort of financial assistance for the city. It means setting aside their political agenda long enough to get solid immigration policy into action and seal off the border to end this madness before other cities fall into hard times.

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  1. Dementia Joe and his merry men and policies are destroying our great nation. His anti-american handlers are loving the destruction and planning more for the complete collapse of our democracy from the inside via a stolen election.

  2. This help will NOT come from the Biden Administration which is why we MUST impeach him . . . ASAP! This is an UNFUNDED “mandate, which an EXPENSIVE LAWSUIT will ultimately have to be used AGAINST the Federal government. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  3. Let’s call it what it is a Biden Border Crisis! Why should any city or town have to spend any money on illegals? Biden created this mess let him pay for it with his own money! I can guarantee things would change quickly then. It is bad enough that stimulus money will go to illegals who have never paid any taxes and infiltrate our schools, hospitals, take away any low paying jobs from Americans and sign up for welfare all at our expense! Does this seem fair to you?


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