Border Patrol Agent Declares: “We’ve Lost Control Of The Border”

(Tea Party PAC) – The border is beyond a breaking point.

You know it. I know it. The American people who elected Trump know it.

All you have to do is open your eyes and ears and actually watch the ample footage of the border and read the stunning statistics about the hundreds of thousands of unchecked migrants flooding into our border.

They deliberately walk across the border so they can use Border Patrol as their own personal Ubers to take them to a processing center and releasing them.

The aliens come here with this goal! It’s been well-documented.

Our border security agencies are overwhelmed and Congress refuses to help them. How is this a stable situation at all?

Last week, a US Border Patrol agent warned Fox News Channel’s Outnumbered that we have “lost control of the border.”

Hector Garza, vice-president of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) told host Harris Faulkner, “We’ve lost control of the border, as we are right now.”

Garza’s comments came just ahead of President Trump’s announcement of his proposed immigration policies last Thursday.

The NBPC vice-president said that h is organization’s president, Brandon Judd, would be having a phone conference with the White House to discuss the potential impact of the new plan on the border.

“As it is right now, we are having a very hard time at the border,” Garza explained, referencing the high number of illegal aliens being detained by Border Patrol agents after breaching our southern border.

Faulkner replied, asking, “You said, ‘We’ve lost control of the border. That is different from what reporting I’ve seen. What do you mean when you say you’ve ‘lost control?’”

“Our Border Patrol chief has mentioned that over 50 percent of our agents are not securing the border and they’re now actually processing, transporting, and carrying for some of these asylum seekers,” Garza explained. “But I would challenge that percentage. I would put that percentage somewhere in the range of 75 percent.”

“What we’re seeing is that we’re not securing the border,” he continued. “We’re not out there catching those drug dealers, or those drug smugglers, or human smugglers.: Garza also cited an example from the Laredo Sector, where he serves and agents assigned to an interior checkpoint discovered a tractor-trailer containing 120 smuggled migrants hailing from five different countries.

“We’re getting overrun at the border,” Agent Garza explained. “So yeah, we’ve lost control of the border, Harris.”

This is just one small example. In March, Border Agents apprehended a stunning 100,000 migrants in a single month.

We are well on track to surpass one million for 2019.

And these are just the ones who are being apprehended by Border Patrol!

Does it sound like we have the border under control? Absolutely not. Take it from the horse’s mouth.

We need border security now.