Border Patrol Circulates Disturbing Intelligence…Terrorists Headed Across The Border?

(Tea Party PAC) – Border authorities are on high alert after receiving an intelligence warning that there is a potential suicide bomber heading north towards the US’ southern border with Mexico.

Breitbart News obtained a copy of the leaked official document from a source within the broader umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The official report was circulated to law enforcement partners working along the border. The report, which was circulated by Border Patrol Intelligence, originated from Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).

Breitbart reports that they “confirmed the authenticity of the document with multiple law enforcement sources; however, the details contained within the report have not been verified by Breitbart and the purpose of officials circulating the warning is to alert other authorities and to seek help in verifying the accuracy of the information.”

“The report being authentic does not verify that a suicide bomber is actually headed toward the U.S.-Mexico Border, but rather that such intelligence was received from a credible source or sources,” they clarify.”

According to the document, on January 8, 2020, the Yuma Sector Operations Center was alerted by HSI about a Guatemalan national who had previously been deported and who is allegedly leading a group of five Middle Eastern individuals, four males and one female, into the US from Mexico. The female is described as a “suspected suicide bomber.”

The report states that, according to HSI, the group already traveled through Guatemala, Belize, and is currently in the Mexican state of Veracruz.

The group is expected to be heading towards San Luis Rio Colorado in the Mexican state of Sonora, just south of Arizona.

“HSI reported they received information the group will be making entry into the U.S. through the All-American Canal in the next couple of days,” the report explained. The All-American Canal is located in California.

Breitbart redacted contact information and images from the official report, as well as the name of the alleged individual accused of leading the group.


  1. Why these TRAITOROUS POLITICIANS, who are supposed to know our laws and our US Constitution and Bill of Rights, and who take an oath of office swearing that they will uphold and defend our Constitution, well, I just can’t understand why they have not been formally charged with TREASON, SEDITION, FELONIOUS PERJURY, and CONSPIRACY TO DEPRIVE US CITIZENS OF THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, amongst other crimes. If they were hauled before a Military Tribunal, given a fair and speedy trial, and if found guilty, they could be served justice at the end of a rope. After a proper tar&feathering, and then a bumpy rail ride down to the hanging tree, of course. If a few of these pusillanimous TRAITOROUS finks were to reap this reward, and it was publicly filmed and televised worldwide, then the rest of their ilk would probably cease and desist their war upon our Constitution, and hopefully pull up stakes and move to some other country that is more to their liking. After all, there are well over 180 others they could choose from and leave for, before they went and got themselves subjected to the same military justice.

  2. This is troubling, but after all, we have been letting Middle Eastern immigrants into this country – legally and illegally – for decades while our Congress twiddles its thumbs, ever fearful of being labeled “Islamophobic”. We need to wake up. The suicide bombers are already here – maybe next in line behind you in the grocery store. We know there are sleeper cells of every kind of terrorist in the US. We have an equal threat coming from the Wahabist schools we have permitted the Saudis to set up here to undermine our laws and our culture. Why should we even blink if we hear that there are terrorists “heading” toward our border?

    • I am Islamophobic we are considered Infidel’s who have to be killed, what more do you need to know! These people do not belong in our country!

  3. If this is correct and something bad does happen the Democratic party and all its members should be held accountable. The people of this country can only take so much and all our politicians have let us down. Somebody in the government needs to go to prison.

  4. DAH, So what else is new? Trump wants a wall and the scum DemocRATS want votes. If we don’t do something, the wall being one of the best solutions, we are going to go down the drain,which is what the hate America Liberals want.

    • It won’t be long before “the wall” will prevent the millions of illegal criminals already here in the USA from returning to the hellholes from which they came. Yes, I want the wall, yet, it is obvious that the democrats could care less about our safety and well being. I want to see every illegal deported. My mother often said that “a bird doesn’t poop in its own nest.” Not true with the “one-worldism democrats.” Perhaps they don’t remember or care that we Americans share our own food and benevolence with the world, and EVEN when it’s taken for granted and unappreciated. Wake up! The world is best served by a strong and free America and an impenetrable border wall. Get that wall done!!God help and bless America!

  5. We have to cover the underground too. They get in all different ways. Tell them if they are deported and are caught coming in again they will get shot.

  6. This is a lot of “Classified” & timely info. Hope they’re surveilling the Canal adequately. Mexico is a Terrorist melting pot. Cartel has members from many dozens of different countries! They’re already in all 50 States & they’re ruthless. Wake up America. Sanctuary Cities are their Open Door. It’s frightening how incredibly naive Americans are. God help us.


  8. Put a bullet thru the head of dangerous Muslims or criminal wannabes that try to enter our country thru our weak borders!!! The Dems will help, house, feed and insure any person or criminal that enters our country illegally!!!!

  9. If Terrorist get stopped at the Border, they can just come in thru our Ports that are Controlled by Muslim, Badr Jafar, Chairman of Gulftainer’s Executive Board, Ports like Port Canaveral and a second U.S. port, the Port of Wilmington in Delaware,

  10. Will all of this nonsense ever stop!!!!!! ??????????? When are we going to be able to feel secure in our own country???????? I guess I read too much news ang too much Hanity and Laura on tv at night. Ya think??????

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  12. Trump needs to call for emergency lock down of our border’s. Send our full power of our military waiting for anyone putting one of their pinkies on US SOIL. Do not go pass Go, or Jail. Send them Cuba throw away the keys.

    • By the way if Pelosi & her squad would like go we can make that happen. They can take a long vacation to think about their TREASON.


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