BREAKING: 5X-Vaccinated CDC Director Gets COVID Again!

(Tea Party PAC) – Not only do the vaccines not prevent COVID but it seems those who have received the most vaccinations can’t stop getting COVID.

“Fully vaccinated” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky has tested positive for COVID … again. Despite being “fully vaccinated,” Walensky tested positive for COVID in mid-October.

After praising the vaccines for essentially saving her life (even though she isn’t at high-risk of complications or a severe case) she took an antiviral drug called Paxlovid, which is under emergency use authorization, and eventually tested negative for COVID.

Now she’s experiencing a “rebound” case of COVID. On Sunday, Walensky “began to develop mild symptoms and has again tested positive,” the CDC said on Monday.

“Consistent with CDC guidelines, she is isolating at home and will participate in her planned meetings virtually,” the agency stated.

Walensky is just the latest government official to experience COVID after being “fully vaccinated” and having used Paxlovid. Both Joe Biden and his COVID czar Dr. Fauci experienced “rebound” cases of COVID after the antiviral drug.

It’s never been more clear that the vaccines simply don’t work yet Biden regime officials aren’t giving up the charade. Walensky has received four doses of the original Pfizer mRNA COVID shots and even one dose of the new bivalent booster designed to target the omicron variants. She tested positive for COVID on Oct. 21 and is now positive again.

Not only do the vaccines not work but apparently neither does the government’s antiviral solution to COVID, Paxlovid.

Meanwhile, Biden is continuing to urge Americans to get the shots. On Tuesday, he insisted everyone should get the new booster and claimed it’s “incredibly effective.”

Walensky is living proof that the new boosters are not “effective” at all. In addition, a preprint study released Oct. 24 by a prominent Columbia University virologist found that the new booster produces fewer antibodies than the original vaccine.

Regardless, the Biden regime is still insisting everyone should get the vaccines and the CDC is now officially recommending children get the experimental, ineffective and dangerous shots.

Back in May, the CDC issued a warning that a course of Paxlovid could result in a rebound case of COVID. The next month, Dr. Fauci confirmed this to be true after he announced he had experienced a rebound case of COVID symptoms after taking the drug.

Over the summer, Biden also experienced a rebound case of COVID after taking Paxlovid. On Aug. 5, the FDA sent a letter to Pfizer asking about the company’s protocol for the antiviral drug and requested a study to be completed by 2023.

In the spring when the rebound issue was discovered, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla insisted that people just needed to take another course of the drug, “like you do with antibiotics.” However, FDA infectious disease director, Dr. John Farley, shot down that recommendation saying there is “no evidence of benefit at this time for a longer course of treatment or repeating a treatment course of Paxlovid in patients with recurrent COVID-19 symptoms.”

Bourla can’t be trusted anymore than Biden and his regime. After the COVID shots were introduced, Bourla promised they would be 100% effective at preventing COVID. The very same lie spewed by numerous regime officials. Bourla, of course, also tested positive for COVID after receiving four shots.

Evidence continues to pile up against the COVID shots yet government officials continue to fervently push the shots.

Further, the government’s antiviral solution to the virus doesn’t appear to be effective either.

In July, virology researchers at Austria’s Medical University of Innsbruck published an analysis of the Pfizer trial in which they found little difference in the number of hospitalizations or deaths between placebo and Paxlovid recipients.

On top of the drug being found to be ineffective, they also discovered that it could actually accelerate mutations in SARS-CoV-2. Johns Hopkins medical professor Marty Makary asserted that the study clearly showed that overuse of the drug “in low-risk people can breed resistance and spawn new virus mutations,” and called it “risky business.”

The FDA, however, doesn’t seem to care about what the research shows. They have authorized state-licensed pharmacists to cut doctors right out of the equation by directly prescribing it themselves.

Philadelphia cardiologist Dr. Anish Koka wrote in his newsletter in July that seven months after its approval, “Apparently, someone in government decided that there wasn’t enough Paxlovid being prescribed.”

The physician noted he has “struggled with quite a few Paxlovid requests recently,” mostly from “young vaccinated patients.” He explained that these patients feel pressure to take it and they “just want some reassurance from a professional that it’s OK to not take a drug.”

Koka said he received a “panicked call” from an emergency room when a vaccinated and boosted elderly patient developed fevers and chills after completing a round of Paxlovid he had prescribed.

The doctor has expressed regret for exposing his patient “to the adverse events of a drug with little to no benefit,” when “doing nothing” seems to work better “the vast majority of the time.”

Clearly the best approach to dealing with COVID is naturally and without the “intervention” of drugs and certainly without the so-called “vaccines” that clearly do nothing to stop COVID.

Whatever you do, don’t follow the recommendations from the federal government.

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  1. I am delighted to hear about those who push this false BS about vaccines are now realizing what really is happening. Learn the real hard way!


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