Breaking: Austin Police Reveal The Truth About “Protester” Shot And Killed By Motorist

(Tea Party PAC) – During a late night press conference following an Austin shooting, police explained in a press conference that the victim, a “protester” taking part in some Black Lives Matter mayhem was carrying a rifle and may have approached the vehicle of the man who shot him down.

While even the lives of lawless protesters is precious, you do not have a right to threaten someone with a firearm and expect to not be inviting backlash.

Just saying.

“One adult male victim was located with a gunshot wound,” the press officer said, before confirming he passed away at the hospital shortly after, The Gateway Pundit reported Saturday night.

“Initial reports indicate that the victim may have been carrying a rifle and approached the suspect vehicle. Suspect was in the vehicle and shot at the victim. Suspect was detained and is cooperating with officers.”

The officer confirmed that no other injuries were reported and that there was no threat to the public.

The incident, which was captured on Facebook Live, shows that the crowd was blocking traffic and may have been surrounding the car prior to the shooting.

Such an act from a violent mob would certainly give one ample reason to seek to defend their own life.

“Someone got out of their car and shot one of the protesters,” the livestreamer said.

The man who was recording the livestream, Hiram Gilberto, posted afterwards that “I was no more ten feet from the shooter and running towards his car. It was TOO CLOSE. Currently on my way to give a witness statement to APD. KEEP THOSE AFFECTED IN YOUR THOUGHTS.”

Here’s the shooting, unfortunately I didn’t catch the actual shooting, but hopefully they can use it to identify some of these idiots! Sorry there isn’t sound as I had to record this with my phone off the computer, but when you see the big dude with the blackshirt walk behind the car he banged on the trunk, and that was my clue to get out. As soon as shots were fired I called 911 and before the dispatcher could say “you need police fire or EMS” I just said shots fired shots fired 4th and Congress” she then got as much info as she could, cops started screaming down the street and all hell broke loose. 10 minutes before this shooting I called and reported one of them (the protestors) had an assault rifle.As I was walking away from the earlier videos, I saw these officers standing there getting spit at and yelled at. I went to one of the officers that was away from the crowd, and told him that they were appreciated and not to listen to the nonsense that there were a lot of people that supported them, it’s just the small group that doesn’t that is the loudest! You could see the defeat in his face, he appreciated what I said, but you could just tell, these guys and gals are hurting! Austin was an amazing place, where even though we may disagree, we all respected each other, it was a safe, fun place to be. But the a$$ Austin Mayor Steve Adler has ruined this city. Crime is way up, it’s not safe anymore! for the first time in my life, i am ashamed to call myself an Austinite!

Posted by Robert Garrett on Saturday, July 25, 2020

A photo circulating on social media shows what may be the couple the witness described, “Whitney and Garrett”, in which Garrett appears to be holding a rifle.


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  6. Don’t feel sorry for Garret, he should never have walked up to the car with a gun. That’s pretty threatening. Let that be a lesson to the rest of the morons. Any day could be your last!!

  7. Now that’s what I like instant justice to a punk RIOTER. The rest of you creampuffs are on notice. There are more patriots then punk wannabe anarchists.

  8. No, that LAWLESS “protester’s” life ISN’T precious! . . . He SURELY didn’t care about protecting it and he GOT what he deserved. And, I APPLUD who SHOT him – GOOD JOB! And, Thank you.

  9. First off, seven comments and every one a scammer trying to get you to buy into their easy money scam.

    Inexperience morons waving guns can get shot. In this case, they did get shot. Sad it happened and that the simple minded fool died, but…play stupid games, win stupid prize.

  10. The want to bring a weapon to a “peaceful” protest is contrary to common sense. First you can hurt yourself with the weapon. Second you can hurt an innocent bystander. Third someone can take the weapon away from you and use it on yourself. Four someone may have a bigger weapon or be faster then you. Fifth I can think of no reason to approach another person with a weapon at the ready unless you intend to use it. Sixth it is probably against the law to display a weapon at an assembly – at the very least it is not a good idea. The only reason to display a weapon is to instill fear and that will provoke a very negative reaction to anyone nearby.

    • There have been 2 other instances in the last 2 weeks where some hapless motorist made the mistake of driving down a city street and into a “protest”, and got shot for no other reason than the “protesters” are monsters. One guy dies, the other I’m not sure if he made it. Single dad with kids. Maybe the motorist above heard about those instances and decided to come fully prepared to a party where the “protesters” came to a battle of wits half prepared. Can’t blame the motorist. HE might have been the one shot dead, and if given a choice, I’d as soon see the perp dead as the innocent would-be-but-not-exactly victim.

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