Breaking: Corrupt Georgia Elections Supervisor Busted On Film Helping To Steal Election Has Now Been Identified!

(Tea Party PAC) – The plot continues to thicken concerning the plot by radical Democrats to help steal the election from President Donald Trump and forever destroy our voting system once and for all.

Early on Thursday, Cristina Laila did a report about a video that was taken during the counting of ballots in Georgia at State Farm Arena. The video featured footage of slimy Democrats pulling out suitcases full of ballots and counting them without monitors in the room to check over things.

But, you know, according to radical Democrats there’s nothing to see here so, yeah, move along already.

According to Gateway Pundit, Trump’s legal team has shown a video clip that was taken at State Farm Arena where poll workers were told to leave at 10:25 P.M. A few of the workers stayed behind and were then seen pulling out the suitcases full of ballots to be counted.

One of the operatives who was captured on video counting illegal ballots has now been identified. An individual can be seen in the clip, a woman in a purple top, helping get the ballots out and then sitting down to count them.

Local 11 News had been called to the arena over the whole “pipe burst” story, which didn’t really happen, on election night when they captured some footage of these individuals.

Here’s a picture of the woman in the purple top:

The woman’s name is Ruby Freeman.

Freeman made the mistake of showing off her purse on her desk that night. Her shirt also says “Lady Ruby,” with “LaRuby” on her purse, advertising her company. Not exactly the smartest thing to do when you’re in the middle of committing voter fraud, right? Sort of easy to identify you.

The company Freeman runs is “LaRuby’s Unique Treasures.”

Check out some of these social media posts by Freeman:

In the video down below, you can see “Shaye,” the woman who has the blonde pigtails, removing the suitcase with the ballots in them from under the table after GOP observers leave the room. Ruby and Shaye seem to be pretty close.

It’s time for these folks to be held accountable for their actions, wouldn’t you agree? We need to protect our election system from people like Ruby.

Isn’t it astounding that someone like her can try stealing an election and then praise the name of Jesus?

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  1. These are all lies and conspiracy sick theories. How many times on these websites do they ask you poor trash to donate to the rich Republicans and candidates? How many times do you read Obama did this or that or fixed or Clinton’s email, etc. Her emails were found and NOTHING was found to be incriminating or unethical. Meanwhile we have had a crime family in the White House for 4 years and Thank God he got his butt kicked out, and by over 6 millions votes. Still he has 70 million cult member, Christ only had a few thousand in his time, it shows how sick and ungodly man can snake into the limelight with lies, scams, brutal actions, vengeance, bragging, threatening, etc.

  2. I think everyone working in the areas where election & aVoter Fraud was witnessed should be questioned under oath by the FBI & if they don’t come clean and admit to their unlawful acts, then they should be arrested for Lying to the FBI and prosecuted in the Same Manor as General Flynn, Carter Page and others. Having their live completely upended and reputations destroyed. Well wouldn’t work, because DEMOCRAT REPUTATIONS SUCK ANYWAY!!

  3. Your sins will find you out ruby. How can you claim to be a Christian and lie, cheat and steal like that. You are a hypocrite and will answer to JESUS for what you have done. My hope for you is to repent and come out with the truth about this election fraud. I hope you are reminded of your activity on this election every time you look in the mirror. Shame on you lady!

  4. The attorney general Josh shapiro of Pennsylvania declared before a vote was cast the Joe Biden would win the state of Pennsylvania – is Shapiro a Soros plant – sure doesn’t uphold the law. And Senator Mike Lee (god I am glad ted cruz didn’t convince President Trump to appoint him to supreme court he would be another Justice Roberts lefty lefty lefty) just gave big tech a boost of more power, not checking techs already overreach of power by being able to control who gets to have free speech or not. Have never liked mike lee and if you go into gov senate you cannot send him a message, Couple are like that.

  5. Lock her up oh wait it would no good to do that Hollywood loves GA now they will bail her out and praise her as the anointed one. All while claiming racism and voter suppression. The Republicans will shit themselves and fall in-line and then hope and pray with their heads up obummers ass that they get a part of the China millions. Don’t blame GA for not going to vote Go Trump MAGA 2020. RINOs do not fight for Americans. Vote them all out. We need term limits now.

  6. Accountability is a must, election fraud is serious offense stepping on the liberties of all Americans, an unfair election is troubling to all that believe in Democracy. Those found guilty of this kind of malicious behavior need to be held accountable. Even if they we’re just following directions, than those who gave the instructions must also be held accountable!

  7. All i,ll say is Everyone will stand before GOD on JUDGEMENT DAY. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess. That’s everyone me also everyone. Everyone will be held accountable for their deeds good or bad. GOD IS THE ONLY ONE TO CORRECT ALL OFF THIS MESS.

  8. Why isn’t she in handcuffs and why isn’t the FBI CIA and all other police departments performing a 5am raid guns drawn and her fat ass with all of her family forced at gunpoint out of their warm house in pajamas, while CNN and MSDNC filming close ups of her fat ass and her frightened family members with their hands up tears flowing praying to Jesus and claiming racism thrown in a van with shackles anchored in the floor speeding away to an unknown jail but then mysteriously dies along the way. At least the Democrats can say the video is false and they have never heard of such person or family. While the Republicans cower in the corner of their fully gated communities with armed guards saying nothing and doing nothing. I don’t blame GA voters not showing up to vote I wouldn’t either until I heard the entire RINO Republicans start screaming with megaphones for the FBI to arrest her now. Make an arrest or lose the senate your choice RINOs

    • FBI is corrupted to the core. Don’t expect anything logical or having to due with rule of law from these clowns. They protect the Comm/dems and invent crimes that conservatives do and prosecute to the fullest, just to bankrupt them and put them thru hell for giggles and grins. The only thing I see with any FBI investigation is how to delay and mess it up so that the winners are the Commies. Also want to state, don’t call the dems socialist they are 100 percent commies – maybe not rank and file but their politicians are communist – period.

  9. Doesn’t subversion of a presidential election count as espionage? This is a federal offense and punishable by prison and fines equal to the cost of the Georgia election.

    • They should all be going to prison, but that Soros, gates and other billionaires who want war and money from China to fill their pockets for creating this voter fraud.

  10. Nothing to see here BS. Except outright theft of our Freedom to Vote and choose our elected leaders. These people stole this right from the American people. They should be arrested for Treason!!!!!!

  11. It’s great seeing someone DUMBER than a BOX OF ROCKS gives it ALL away! Thank you RUBY Freeman for this EVIDENCE . . . I’m sure it WILL be USED. I’m SURE you’ll find MORE people you can RELATE to in FEDERAL PRISON for SEDITION and TREASON. One THOROUGHLY Enlightened and SATISFIED Patriot . Team Trump and His Allies 2020.


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