Breaking: Damning Photograph Emerges Of “Whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella With Biden Advisor…And You Won’t Believe Who Else

(Tea Party PAC) – All the pieces are falling into place.

A photograph has emerged showing suspected CIA “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella sitting in on a meeting with a Biden adviser in 2015.

Guess who the meeting was with?

Ukrainian officials.

Investigative reporter Paul Sperry, the first to identify the CIA officer who was on detail at the White House during President Donald Trump’s notorious phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, tweeted out the photo on Wednesday.

“Eric Ciaramella, the CIA operative believed to be the ‘whistleblower,’ is captured in this 2015 photo taking notes b/t Biden adviser Michael Carpenter & NSC’s Liz Zentos in WH meeting w Ukrainian officials.Carpenter later appeared w Biden in infamous ‘son of a bitch’ vid” Sperry explained in the caption.

Carpenter, the Biden advisor, can be seen sitting next to Biden in 2018 when the former Vice President and current 2020 frontrunner famously bragged to the Council on Foreign Relations that he’d threatened to withhold millions in US aid to Ukraine if they failed to fire the prosecutor who just so happened to be investigating the company Burisma Holdings, on which his son just so happened to sit on the board, despite having literally no applicable experience for the position.

Earlier this week, two years to the day after Biden bragged of his own corruption, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) tweeted a video of the incident, writing, “On this day in 2018, Joe Biden bragged that he would withhold $1 billion in foreign aid to Ukraine if they didn’t fire the prosecutor investigating his son and Burisma. If this is true, under the House Democrats’ logic, wouldn’t it be impeachable conduct?”

The reason why the Democrat-media complex is hiding the identity of the whistleblower is because they don’t want his political bias to be exposed.

Eric Ciaramella is a registered Democrat who worked with Biden, one of Trump’s political opponents, yet he still has not testified in the impeachment hearing.

Intel community underling Eric Ciaramella worked with Schiff aide Sean Misko, who went from NatSec to work for Schiff, and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman to remove Trump from office because they disagreed with the President’s foreign policy related to Ukraine.

According to the Constitution, President Trump sets foreign policy, not unelected staffers who have no accountability to the American people.

When are the Republicans finally going to grow a backbone and drag in these coup plotters for questioning??


  1. Who has heard of the Senior Executive Service (SES)? This is the Swamp. Jimmy Carter signed the law creating it. It even has its own logo. Presidents may come and go, but the Deep State is forever unless Trump can dismantle it.

  2. I used to read James Bond and Brit spy things, Sherlock Holmes. I then read real accounts and as a woman, I loved Aline. The Countess of Romanones who began life as an American girl in the CIA. It was like Nancy Drew. True stories, her books did more to expose the deep state and the way it really was! How grisly and savage that world was, but it was just at the end of loyal agents. The world was rotting morally. I loved Bill Casey, a true life American agent and physical whiz. One day the news reported he had died in a canoeing accident. I still don t believe it. Then Ellsberg betrayed us and even a Russian general who spied for us died. The Dems loved him, ignored that our agents died all over earth. It still hurts. Can you imagine how they felt? It went on. Ron Brown dead in a plane crash. The Media never mentioned that the former head of the KGB died too. When CBN was prepared to televise it, Clinton s guys showed up and shut them down. This recent mess is not new. Just one more night with those d——— Democrats, their latest installment on a very long and grisly tale of American treachery. Im a simple person. I still want to know what happened to my hero, Bill Casey?!

  3. I believe there are two organizations that are a direct threat to America. The so called religion of peace–Islam, and the Democrat Party. Both are subversive. Both are autocratic. Both are criminal with their interactions with other beliefs. Both try to dominate others with fear and lies. Read the Quran and you will understand there are no peaceful Muslimes. Read the Democrat Party platform and you will see it has become an anti-American criminal cartel with no morals. Every Democrat President since Truman, with the exception of Carter and he was just incompetent, has been an adulterer and or a rapist. Its disdain for minorities is obvious. Use them, abuse them, but keep the freebies coming so you won’t lose them.
    Pelosi, Shiff, Schumer, et al are just following the tradition. Unfortunately, it appears none of these miscreants, including the Clintons and their allies, will ever go before the bar of justice

  4. Yea but what really does that tell us without knowing what was said, except he was there?
    Only guessing is what Schiff and dems are doing with impeachment right now. Okay I agree the guy is dirty as hell but this isn’t evidence.

    • Perhaps not, but a Puzzle isn’t complete without all the Pieces.
      On a Side Note, why won’t Schiff release the Transcript from the 18th witness?

  5. Sad to say, but I was unaware of the great amount of dishonesty involved with the Democratic regime which has been in power. Embarassing! It is amazing how dishonest Adam Schiff really is. I wonder how he sleeps at night.
    God sent the great flood to clean the earth. Could that be happening again?

  6. Please don’t forget to vote out the crazy dems that are running our big cities.we have to clean out all of these filthy dems.

  7. I guess our system is not flawless because it allowed Shit and his Democrat’s gang to go this far with the “impeachment “

    Let’s take care of our United States and it’s Legal residents instead of wasting tax payers money!!!

  8. The Democrats have turned into a shameful party of Lies, Deceit, Bias and Bigotry! Democrats today ARE a Criminal Cabal of pure hate and evil.

    • The democRATS have been deceitful and evil for a very long time but after putting Obama into the W.H. and Obama showed his true colors and the democRATS true radical agenda they have gone off the rails. NOTHING is beyond what they are willing to do to overturn America. Something needs to be done to them like driving them out of politics completely.

    • Yep…But nothing new. It has been decades of lies and deceit. Just read about Joe Kennedy Sr and his 9 kids! Only now it’s starting to expand and float up to the surface, thanks to the Internet!

  9. It boggles me as to why there is no investigation into why Viktor Shokin was removed from prosecuting JB, HB, Burisma, et al. There is certified report that Obama and Biden conspired to remove Shokin because of his investigation. Granted, Shokin may have had a shady past but the only reason he pursued the investigation was because the legitimate prosecutor from Austria, Dimitry Firtash, was denied entry into Ukraine, if fact, even threatened to be imprisoned or worse if he tried to enter Ukraine. The pressure to have this happen emanated from the Oboma/Biden conspiracy. The full story can be obtained by googling the following: Austria General Prosecutor/Dimitry Firtash/Burisma investigation. Read the entire affidavit (12 pages).

  10. The Democrats have turned into a shameful party of DemonRats. Their entire agenda is dominated by hate. They not only hate President Trump, they also hate the American people who voted for Trump. It’s time to overcome the haters before they destroy our country.

  11. The libocrat/fascists began their quest to destroy America’s Constitutional Republic in the 60’s and Trump has exposed their agenda and forced them out of their rat holes; when Trump is reelected they will become violent;;;;;LOCK N LOAD it is coming.

  12. Was once a dumbocrat, then a republicants and now I am registered independent. Our two party system in this country is broken and will be the main factor in our self destruction. People ought to wise up and de-register from these two elite clubs, just look at what they think of us. The dumbocrats are at least open about their feelings toward us and how we vote, the republicants are more smug and private about it. By de-registering you are depriving them of the numbers they use to back up their claims of REPRESENTING THE PEOPLE. All they represent are the sheepople. Do you want to be considered a sheepople or an American citizen, that is how I view these two wasted political parties

    • This is exactly my story, Your so right become a independent and deprive the Dumocraps of the numbers. As an independent I believe Trump was the answer WE THE PEOPLE needed. Just think what would have happened if Hillary was elected, their crimes wouldn’t be out there along with their hatred for this Country and WE THE PEOPLE. As an independent I’m voting ALL RED like I did last year. It’s time to drain this swamp once and for all. NO MORE BULLSHIT.

  13. America is at the threshold of another civil war; libs say Trump is divisive yet they are the ones dividing America because of their hatred for all of us who reject their communist agenda, this is not going to end well for them.

  14. And IF McConnells FIRST RULE had been:


    Add the caveat that the UNDER OATH will be 24/7 until not less than 5 days after the end of the Hearing.

    THAT should have ended everything but the squealing by the democrats…. and the media.

    The media screaming about not being LIED TO as ‘unconstitutional violation of the RIGHT TO LIE FREELY”…


  15. I’m an Independent and worked on the Hill for years and know how the political system works. The whole Impeachment shenanigans only goes to show the lengths the Democrat’s will go to try and overturn the 2016 election. Schiff talks a proud game but lies and facts show him as a loser in life. I personally think Trump should give his attorney’s a large raise for conducting themselves in a very professional and knowledgeable manner. Exceptional work by all. Defense counsel: Pat Cipollone, Jay Sekulow, Ken Starr, Alan Dershowitz, Pam Bondi, Robert Ray.

    Main accolades go to the Very Impressive Patrick Philbin.

    • You are right, an absolutely great team … too bad the Donald didn’t pick all of his cabinet and advisors so well.

  16. I, also at one time was a democrat, today I would be ashamed to even think about being one. Adam Schiff is a disgrace to this country, Along with Nancy and her side kicks. Our president has done nothing wrong, unless making us stronger than ever is wrong. Quit wasting our money and time and start doing your job.

  17. The Republicans will NEVER grow a backbone nor a set of nuts and reign in the true criminals. Republicans complain, complain, complain but NEVER go beyond that. The democrats will continue doing what they have always done with impunity…and they know that. We can however vote them out at the ballot box provided we keep them from bastardizing the voting process. Perhaps vote out some of the Republicans who are all TALK and no action.

    • Agree! Vote out the Rinos the next time they run. Don’t forget their resistance to what President Trump is trying to accomplish. ( i. e.Murkowski, Collins, Alexander and especially, Romney.) They are all RINO’s and deserve to be called out for what they are. Don’t let time change your view of all of them !!!

    • Lillyhammer … Like others before your post I was a Democrat until 1968 ashamed of this millennium’s miscreants that call themselves Democrats. However, I do not have very many kind words for the Republicans who are all TALK and no action. We heard Republicans brag for months that would prosecute but their BS ended up “woulda, shoulda, coulda” dint.

  18. If the GOP have this picture and the Dems want to push for witnesses, isn’t it time for Dems to explain this meeting? Isn’t it time to bring in the whistleblower? His name has already been exposed by Schiff. Time to get Schiff on the witness stand and let him lie. He can be charged with perjury and expelled from Congress.

  19. That explains why CJ John Roberts would not allow Rand Pauls Question at the
    Q and A session he is one of them! What a travesty for this country and we are witness to this BS, Shiff should be brought up on charges as well as Roberts, who
    collaborated with these scumbags on the DEMS side, God help this nation!

  20. Well we have to take the house back keep the Senate re-elect Trump and then we may be start investigations on all those that are corrupt

    • In May I may reach 91. At their rate, my life expectancy may expire before the RNC acolytes actually get off their sorry arses. Then finally and do something thing to counter high crimes and misdemeanors committed by DNC operatives since 1992. Most have been published and corroborated … In a word; DISAPPOINTED.

  21. Hey DEMOCRATS!!!! I’m Ashamed, to say I was one of you for about 30 years. Thank God for, President Donald J. Trump. God Bless you Mr. President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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