Breaking: Devin Nunes Fires Starting Pistol. Spygate Conspirators Are Going Down!

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(Tea Party PAC) – House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA) plans to send a criminal referral next week to the DOJ that would detail “multiple referrals on a number of different crimes,” among them leaking classified information, as part of his investigation into criminal misconduct at the DOJ and the FBI, according to an exclusive interview with Breitbart Wednesday.

“As of now, it’ll be one criminal referral but with multiple referrals on a number of different crimes,” he said.. “We will have some leakers in there for sure.”

“We knew this was a joke from the beginning, and I’ve said as much for a long time. Basically from the time our report came out, which has been a year. But now, the real work begins. It’s good to not have that sitting out there. But we have to now go on offense and track down all these dirty cops and bad players,” he added.

Nunes also plans to interview about 50 people, including individuals who have yet to be called before Congress, who were involved with or know about pushing the notoriously phony Steele dossier within various government agencies, and how it was used to obtain a surveillance warrant on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

Nunes has been an enemy of the mainstream media for his long standing criticism of the now-dead collusion narrative, and is now determined to get to the bottom of how it all began, which he says was long before the FBI claims to have officially initiated the investigation into the Trump campaign, which would be late July 2016.

“It all stems from the fact that we know that this investigation started long before the end of July,” he said. “We are quite confident that this investigation started long before they told us that it did.”

Nunes said the plot goes all the way up to the Obama White House, although it is not yet clear how involved the former President himself was.

“Look, there’s big problems — big problems that the public needs to know about. Maximum transparency is the best thing here,” he said.

He also said he believes that Barr will be compelled to act on his criminal referral.

“There’ll be things in there that cannot be ignored. There will be crimes … so they have to be dealt with,” he said.

On Tuesday, Nunes told Fox News that he will be targeting “people who lied to Congress, perjury, [and] criminal conspiracy.”

When it comes to his Democrat counterparts who will refuse to let the Trump-Russia collusion narrative die, he says, “These guys are chasing Chupacabra.”

“That really is what they’re looking for … unicorns, the Lochness monster—they’re interchangeable,” he added.

He also said that the issue of tin foil hatter Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) should be addressed by Democrat leadership.

“I’ll let our leadership speak to that. My job is to work with whoever is there. At the end of the day, [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi makes the decision. But I’ll just say that I think more real journalists need to ask real questions to Team Chupacabra,” he said.