Breaking: Look What Just Happened To Trump’s Vote Deficit In Arizona

(Tea Party PAC) – The last week has been one of the most disgraceful of our nation’s history.

In an ironic twist on the sweet liberties protected by our U.S. Constitution, the corporately-owned free press has decided to work in the favor of the Democratic candidate for president, seemingly carrying out dangerous deception campaigns to give the impression that the election is decided when it is anything but.

As the campaign for incumbent President Donald Trump contests the results of an election marred with allegations of voter fraud and other “irregularities,” every major news outlet and The Associated Press have called the election for challenger Joe Biden.

If anything, this is a contested election, but the press is carrying the narrative of the Biden campaign that “the office of the President-elect is now open.”

Meanwhile, RealClearPolitics, one of the top sources for polling and election data, hasn’t even called Arizona for Biden, much less Pennsylvania, the two states that managed to push Biden over the edge in the eyes of the press as vote counting continued.

And do you know what?

On Tuesday, Biden’s lead in Arizona narrowed significantly among ongoing lawsuits in the contested suit.

The Epoch Times reports that Biden’s lead shrank to 16,952 after the counties of Maricopa, Apache, Navajo, and Pinal added another 37,000 votes to the overall count.

Biden now leads the state with just 49.5% of the vote as compared to Trump’s 49.0%.

That is a razor thin margin.

An automatic trigger will be recounted in the state if the margin between candidates falls to within 0.1% or less.

On Sunday, the Maricopa County Election Department said in a tweet that it would provide an update on Monday after processing an additional 7,000 ballots.

“Our staff worked through over 7K of the ballots that needed more time including duplicating military and overseas ballots, braille ballots, large print ballots, and damaged ballots,” the agency said.

There are still around 70,000 ballots to be counted in Arizona, including 38,000 in Maricopa County, the Arizona Republic reported.

Also on Sunday, the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee filed a lawsuit claiming for potentially thousands of in-person Election Day ballots to be inspected manually after allegations that they’d been mishandled by poll workers in the metro Phoenix area, causing some selections to be disregarded.

Supporters of President Donald Trump have been protesting at the state capitol to let their lawmakers know they demand accountability from officials.

“It’s very suspicious that President Trump, with the red wave we’ve been seeing in Arizona, is struggling,” said Kelli Ward, former state senator and chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party, to a group of protesters. “I want to know if there is any discrepancy with the numbers coming out of the machines.”

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  1. Rise up America! The democrats want to bring us to our knees. They want to govern every aspect of our lives. Do you want 700,000 migrants coming to our country and receiving free health insurance and a social security check.Our tax money will provide that. Obamacare never paid my medical bills But I was mandated to pay premiums even when I couldn’t afford it. The IRS took it out at the end of year. Our freedom and rights are going to be snuffed out. Our faith, our Second amendment, every Constitutional right we have is going to change. Even the way we are able to buy and sell. People…. are we going to let them do that.

  2. Please STOP THE SPAM ! If something is not done about this ASAP, I will erase every Teapartypac on my computer, as soon as it comes in, and never comment again !

  3. Why are these people talking about how much money they make? This whole thing about the votes is very interesting, just how corrupt the election was. Don’t you find that the left having already decided themselves winners, is funny? Not the HA! HA! kind of funny, but the kind of funny, that they know they cheated, & therefore they must win! God has a plan, we say we will wait, & see what that plan is. God Bless America & God Bless All Americans.

  4. They thought they had this, “NOT”, I just pray that they are charged and go too jail, but as it always is, no one will be charged, it’s just a “GLITCH” and we’re not even sorry, just mad we were “CAUGHT” !


  5. This is getting ridiculous . . . 8 comments, and _every one_ was one of those BS “make a jillion dollars working online” things. Note to BSers: don’t post the exact same text of guys before you.

  6. The ignorant radical liberals knew way before Election Day what their game plan was. Biden was informed to lay low stay in his basement and knew he had the election win. He didn’t have to campaign or anything for that matter. They would use the excuse he was being safe because of the virus, yeah give me a break!! The sneaky, lying corrupt left had it all planned out except they got sloppy and very greedy. This whole election is fraudulent and it needs to be done over from scratch with no mail in ballots, no illegals voting, no dead people voting and no person filling out blank ballots and sliding them in. Voter ID is required to cast a ballot and if a person is disabled they should have help with their vote, not someone else filling it out but helping that disabled person to do so. The so called “glitches” in these machines taking votes from Trump to Biden but not the other way around should show a red flag right there. It was fixed to help Joey boy because he couldn’t do this on his own he needed his army of cheating, lying, stealing cronies to do his dirty work for him and he sits back to rack in the glory. I hope it gets broken off in their asses.

    • thank you for your response. I hope Trump wins after all recounts in each state. so much fraud went on to get Biden elected. The guy is an absent minded fraud, I think you are spot on. May I share w/ facebook? MB

  7. amen – tired of the Comeys, Rice’s, Clintons, mccabes, clapper, brennan, and many others after committing treason walking around free as a bird, while biden and his crew of commies make up their enemy hit list for punishment

  8. Everyone knows TRUMPY BEAR won. the only queston remaining is how the Democrats cheated in this election. Book and jail them DANO!


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