BREAKING: Maine Doctor Loses License, Ordered To Undergo Psych Evaluation For Treating Covid Patients With Ivermectin

(Tea Party PAC) – You know you’re living under a communist regime when the government, the media and the medical industry are all pushing the same narrative and the same lies. The US is officially a communist country.

A Maine doctor is facing the possibility of permanently losing her medical license after it has been suspended for the crime of questioning the COVID narrative and daring to treat COVID patients with safe, effective and cheap drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Dr. Meryl Nass can no longer practice medicine in Maine despite her 40 years of experience and the fact that she’s been busy saving lives with proven effective drugs during the so-called pandemic.

Not only is the state attempting to strip her of her license and the ability to practice medicine, they’re also trying to smear her and discredit her by implying she’s either crazy or has some kind of substance abuse problem.

Dr. Nass is being forced to undergo a neuropsychological evaluation. This is seriously sick.

“The information received by the Board demonstrates that Dr. Nass is or may be unable to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety to her patients by reason of mental illness, alcohol intemperance, excessive use of drugs, narcotics, or as a result of a mental or physical condition interfering with the competent practice of medicine,” the evaluation order states.

As you may recall, Dr. Nass has been an outspoken medical professional and critic of the fraud Dr. Fauci. She called him out for lying about the origins of the COVID virus and for lying about safe and affordable treatment options that actually work.

The Board of Licensure in Medicine released a list of allegations against Dr. Nass including her allegedly spreading “misinformation” online when she questioned the safety of the experimental COVID shots.

If you’re thinking that Dr. Nass is under investigation and being punished for speaking out against the Biden regime’s COVID narrative and daring to question Big Pharma, you’re absolutely right. That’s exactly what’s going on here.

Bangor Daily News noted in a report that Dr. Nass’ license suspension is “part of a growing national trend of disciplinary actions against medical professionals accused of spreading misinformation about COVID-19.”

The outlet reported that the licensure board’s “preliminary inquiry alleges Nass repeatedly failed to follow basic ‘standards of practice’ during telemedicine appointments with COVID-19 patients and admitted to espousing conspiracy theories about the government’s pandemic response.”

Keep in mind that the majority of the so-called “conspiracy theories” about the COVID scam have turned out to be true yet doctors like Nass are still being punished anyway.

Bangor Daily News also reported that another physician, Dr. Paul Gosselin, has “also had his license suspended last month by the osteopathic board over allegations of spreading misinformation and other potential misconduct.”

By “misconduct” we can assume that the allegations against these doctors are referring to their use of drugs like ivermectin, which has been shown to improve COVID symptoms by 67% across 67 controlled studies (screenshot here) and hydroxychloroquine that has been part of 298 studies that have shown a 64% improvement in COVID patients (screenshot here).

Silencing medical professionals who are speaking truthful, factual information is blatant Communism. When will Americans wake up and demand an end to this tyranny?

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  1. Of course they don’t want these drugs to be used because they are cheap! The covid vaccine manufacturers can’t make any money that way. And with the help of our communist government these fake vaccines will be pushed into people’s arms including your young children. Who knows what harm they will cause over the years! These covid vaccine manufacturers want all information withheld from the public until 2076! WHY? Most of us will be dead by then and that is the plan. Stand up and make your voices heard and that includes those that fell for this farce and got one of these vaccines. They scared you and out of fear you submitted! How many have died from these vaccines or been permanently injured, we will probably never know! I for one will not get one of these vaccines and I am 77 years old. I didn’t live this long by being stupid!

  2. These leftist thinking idiots think we are dumb. We know that the Covid pandemic is biological warfare. The Covid vaccines are a tool to depopulate the world as are big pharma drugs. Bill Gates is on record saying that our planet needs to be depopulated and Gates is invested in Covid drugs and maybe others. What’s scary is he’s not alone in this thinking.


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