Breaking News: Green Bay Protestors Demand Investigation Upon Learning That Democrat Operative Had Keys To Ballot Counting Room

(Tea Party PAC) – It was just this past Tuesday that Wisconsin Spotlight reported that the former Democrat operative Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein had been given keys to the KI Center ballroom in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This is the room where absentee ballots had been stored and counted for days prior to the 2020 election.

Verified emails have confirmed this development and here is what the emails, along with an investigation by Wisconsin Spotlight, found:

·A former Democratic operative, Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein, served as a de facto elections administrator and had access to Green Bay’s absentee ballots days before the election.

·Spitzer-Rubenstein asked Green Bay’s clerk if he and his team members could help correct or “cure” absentee ballots like they did in Milwaukee.

·Green Bay’s clerk grew increasingly frustrated with the takeover of her department by the Democrat Mayor’s staff and outside groups.

·Brown County Clerk Sandy Juno said the contract stipulated that Spitzer-Rubenstein would have four of the five keys to the KI Center ballroom where ballots were stored and counted.

·Brown County’s clerk said the city of Green Bay “went rogue.”

·Election law experts said the city illegally gave left-leaning groups authority over the election.

At the breaking of this information, Wisconsin Republican State Senator Roger Roth, who was made aware of this criminal activity, called for the resignation of Green Bay’s Mayor Eric Genrich.

In a tweet, Roth wrote, “This report about the handling of the 2020 elections in @CityofGreenBay, shows @MayorGenrich ceded his responsibility to safeguard the integrity of our elections to an outside, partisan organization and I am calling on him to resign from office immediately.”

Since then, even more activity is swirling in the city as protestors gathered outside the Green Bay City Hall on Friday and demanded an investigation of the criminal activity as well as the resignation of the mayor of Green Bay.

All of these new developments come after multiple calls to look into Wisconsin state’s election issues. Since the 2020 election, numerous corrupt activities were found that took place in Wisconsin but were never addressed.

Yes, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ultimately did rule that 200,000 ballots were invalid but no one in the state has moved any further than that to determine an accurate final count in the state. As information slowly continues to leak out decisions are going to have to be made on how and what to do.

If we are to ever have a free and fair election again something needs to happen now. We can’t simply hope for things to be resolved in future election cycles. The things that were broken and mishandled during the 2020 election need to be addressed promptly.

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  1. Resignation?!? . . . How about IMPEACHMENT, a FEDERAL PRISON sentence and a PERMANENT ban on EVER holding office again? One Enlightened Patriot. team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  2. It is clear that Biden is not a legitimate President. The Supreme Court if they weren’t in the pockets of the Left should stand up and do what’s right for us the people.That includes the FBI, DOJ and all the rotten Democrats in Congress.

  3. One sure thing isn’t going to happen and that is that crooked election will stand. That is why Biden made all those executive orders immediately upon being sworn in. He and the rest of the corrupt socio/communists knew they had to act fast in case the spineless republicans were to wake up and seriously challenge the election . And all that BS. At the capital building with the soldiers guarding pelosi and the rest of them just goes to show that they are afraid for what they did.

  4. If anything outside of the law is actually cited then it is up to law enforcement to investigate any and every accusation made about an election. Until that investigation has been completed persons should keep their cool but keep the pressure on to make sure the investigation is unbiased with appointed members of both political parties involved in that investigation.


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