Breaking: Proof That CNN And Mueller Colluded On Roger Stone Arrest

(Tea Party PAC) – Court filings from attorneys representing Roger Stone reveal that CNN had access to a sealed indictment long before the court ordered it to be released.

CNN has insisted for weeks now that it was just good old-fashioned journalistic instinct combined with “luck” that led them to be outside Stone’s house when over two dozen FBI agents raided the residence and arrested Stone on January 25th.

Did you buy this?

Yeah, me neither.

The Gateway Pundit reported exclusively in the days following the aid that the metadata on a draft copy of the indictment that a CNN reporter obtained and then sent to Stone’s attorney to confirm key details had a save date of January 23rd, two days before the indictment was unsealed by the court.

This is cold, hard proof that CNN had illegally obtained a copy of the grand jury indictment.

Now, Stone’s attorneys are demanding that the Mueller camp explain how this happened.

According to the filing, Stone has laid out exactly how he believes that CNN reporters came to have the leaked documents in their possession which led them to wait outside Stone’s home until the pre-dawn FBI raid commenced.

Last week, surveillance footage from Stone’s home showing the raid from a new angle was released by Infowars, and showed FBI agents visibly coordinating with the CNN crew to make sure they caught the arrest on camera.

The exclusive CNN footage was likely meant to influence the jury pool and depict longtime Trump friend and advisor as a violent, hardened criminal. This was clearly the perspective we were given to see footage of the 66-year-old, who has no criminal history, led outside of his home in the early hours of the morning while a 29-man SWAT team searched his home dressed in tactical gear and night vision goggles and armed with rifles.

What CNN didn’t show you was Stone’s hearing-impaired wife Nydia, who was led outside barefoot and in her nightgown in the course of the raid.

As the evidence points to an illegal leak from the Office of the Special Counsel to CNN reporters, someone could very well be facing imprisonment or a hefty fine.

As the Special Counsel is arguing for a gag order on Mr. Stone so he “doesn’t taint the jury pool,” the Special Counsel office should absolutely be held accountable for this criminal leak, likely designed to do just that.

Of course, can we really count on Mueller’s Special Counsel’s office to

Both the Special Counsel and CNN have a lot of explaining to do, and they need the be made to do so forthwith.

How much longer are we going to let these thugs harass innocent citizens and parade their weaponized propaganda as objective news?