BREAKING REPORT: DHS Loses Control Of Border

(Tea Party PAC) – The federal government has abandoned the US southern border and it’s being completely overrun by illegal aliens from all around the world. This invasion is being orchestrated and executed by the biggest cartels in Central and South America and the situation is escalating into a full-blown war.

Retired US Army Colonel Clarence Henderson explains on RealClear Defense that the cartels have been able to form “armies that recruit and employ uniformed soldiers, have supporting intelligence operations, and control terrain.”

The crisis is rapidly escalating and the federal government is showing no signs of taking action to restore law and order, leaving it up to border state governors to take matters into their own hands. Henderson points out, “The challenge now confronting state and federal law enforcement is no longer how to deter an insurgency; it’s how to defeat an army.”

Mexico has a long history of a corrupt and compromised government which has largely been under the control of the cartels. The current administration is no exception and, like the US, is not doing anything to protect “its own homeland” from the cartels resulting in “a conglomerate of paid professionals, mercenaries, conscripts, and criminals” filling the void to “either protect or exploit the resources” of the country and now that’s spilling over to the US.

Henderson says armies are formed when a “state is incapable of securing its communities, accountable governments lose legitimacy, and subversive actors start vying for control of terrain to exploit resources.”

It’s exactly what’s playing out in Mexico and along the US southern border. Now the Border Patrol is faced with the impossible task of engaging a well-equipped, efficient, merciless cartel army and defending the US without the help and support of our own federal government. At this point, calling this situation a crisis is an understatement. This is turning into a full-blown war and it’s only a matter of time before US border towns and cities see the conflict unfold on their streets.

As Henderson expounds, the cartels are currently winning this war:

“The hallmark of any effective army is its ability to control terrain. The cartel armies have done that by co-opting the gangs of the U.S. and operate the world’s largest crime syndicate complete with narco distribution hubs throughout the U.S. In Mexico they cordon cities and run roadblocks to collect information and extort residents. To date, as much as 20 percent of Mexico has come under control of the cartels as previously reported by CIA analysts. Their center of gravity is the illicit drug and human trafficking revenues from which they derive their strength. The illegal aliens that they infiltrate, the drugs that they smuggle, and the terrorist that they give safe passage each infiltrate the Southern border under their control and further empower their control of terrain.”

He further writes that the US federal government refuses to acknowledge what’s going on as an “invasion” by sticking to a definition of the word that involves two military powers engaging in conflict. The US government refuses to view the cartels as a military but that is what they have become. Instead, the Biden regime continues to stick with the narrative that there is just a “humanitarian disaster” that needs “compassion” to resolve.

Border state governors have been forced to use their state constitutions as a means to take action against this invasion.

Henderson describes these measures:

“…Governor Gregg Abbott of Texas has passed an executive order empowering his state to apprehend illegal immigrants in certain circumstances as well as designating Mexican cartels as terrorist organizations, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey was seeking court affirmation for his state’s right to defend itself, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is focusing on trafficking operations. And each of the aforementioned Governors has since adopted the political stunt of giving illegal aliens safe passage to sanctuary cities in northern states via bussing.”

Despite the efforts of these governors, the cartels continue to gain control while Americans bear the brunt of the economic and criminal impacts.

The situation along the southern border is going to require much more than just state national guard troops. It’s turned into a very serious situation that the Biden regime is happy to ignore at the expense of hard-working, honest Americans.

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