Breaking: Rudy Giuliani Drops New Hunter Biden Text Message That Gives New Insight Into Staggering Family Corruption

(Tea Party PAC) – If there’s one thing this week has taught us, it’s that former Vice President Joe Biden and his family are among some of the most corrupt and egregious individuals guilty of the abuse of political power we’ve seen to date.

A report released by the NY Post this week contained a number of emails that implicate Vice President Biden was introduced to a high ranking member of the board of Burisma Holdings, a company his son was on the board of as well. Biden has denied this meeting numerous times, despite statements from his son seeming to contradict those claims.

These emails, too, contradict those denials. In a very big way. There seems to have been a connection for Biden to this company just before he used political power to shut down an investigation into Burisma’s shady dealings.

According to another report from Gateway Pundit, Rudy Giuliani, the current personal attorney for President Trump, there are text messages from the laptop hard drive that seem to indicate that the former vice president made his son Hunter give him half of his salary.

This means there was a money distribution scheme being run by the Bidens for years and no one knew it.

Giuliani, along with former member of the Trump administration, Steve Bannon, dropped this information Wednesday morning.

The text message, which Giuliani released on his video podcast, was sent from Hunter to his daughter Naomi, and stated that he wouldn’t require her to give him half her salary the same way “pop” — which is seemingly how the Biden family refers to Joe — did him.

In other words, half of the money that the younger Biden made from his uncouth business dealings with China, Russia, Ukraine, and Romania, was going to line the pockets of Big Daddy Joe.

And that’s not all. Joe apparently gets a 50 percent cut of what his brother makes too. This goes a long way in explaining how the elder Biden is able to enjoy such a lavish lifestyle.

The text itself reads:

“But I don’t receive any respect and that’s fine I guess. Works for you, apparently. I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. It’s really hard, but don’t worry, unlike Pop (Joe Biden) I won’t make you give me half your salary.”

The Biden family is just as crooked and jacked up morally as the Clinton family. Well, maybe not quite as bad, since they don’t seem to have the same kind of connections to known pedophile human traffickers like Jeffrey Epstein like the Clintons do. But still, they are corrupt and abusers of power.

What kind of man would actually take half of what his family is earning in order to provide for himself and to ensure he has a cushy lifestyle? Isn’t our greatest goal as parents to see that our kids are equipped with the know-how to be successful by working hard? We shouldn’t be taking from our kids or using them as cash cows.

Biden obviously feels he’s entitled to half that money, likely because it was through the selling off of his influence in the political realm that enabled Hunter to make the deals he made.

This man does not deserve the presidency.

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  1. Obama said one thing about senile Joe that I have to believe, when he said, do not under estimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up. Senile Joe has been a lair, crook and an idiot his whole life. He was not given the nickname of doofus for no reason. Now with the onset of dementia he cannot tell his sister from his wife. Who in their right mind would want him to be president of this country?
    Since senile Joe is an idiot. It is only fitting that he surround himself with other idiots. My alley cat has better morals than dirty Harris has. Her past is so bad that the liberals had to rewrite her complete Wikipedia profile. Does that sound like someone that you would want to be president.

  2. But, what will really be done about the corruption! Nothing like usual. They will get away with it just like the Clintons.

  3. Biden and Clinton family, BOTH CRIMINAL families, PROTECTED by the criminal Democrat Party, and the BIASED, DISHONEST, Media !

  4. This is a waste of time money and air, since we all know not one of them will be held accountable, they will just go away and no charges for all their crimes. We do not have strong enough Republicans to stand up to this because they are doing the same thing. Go Trump MAGA. You are on your own Mr President. Please continue doing all you can to expose the criminals in Washington clean out the alphabet departments and you may get some assistance.

    • Dougie: I agree. The GOP lacks the cajones to do anything about this. We have known the Biden Crime Family has been corrupt for many years, just didn’t have a smoking gun til now. Clinton’s have been using the “pay to play” for decades too to get rich.


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