Breaking: The Hamas Terrorists Bankrolling Muslim Virginia Delegate Candidate Ibraheem Samirah

(Tea Party PAC) – Wow. Could Virginia get any crazier?

A candidate for Virginia’s 86th district, Ibraheem Samirah has been accepting donations from Hamas financers Osama Aburishaid and Rafeeq Jaber.

Abuirshaid and Jaber have been listed as donors to Samirah’s campaign, according to the Virginia Department of Elections. Samirah is running against Republican Air Force veteran Gregg Nelson. He previously lost the support of state senator Jennifer Boysko after anti-Semitic posts of his came to light.

The Israeli government named both Aburishaid and Jaber as being linked to Hamas terrorism, in a February 3 report on the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction movement’s ties to terrorism. They are both top-ranking officials of the American Muslims for Palestine.

AMP was formed in the wake of another group that was found guilty in federal court for financially supporting Hamas, and Aburishaid and Jaber were first part of that original group.

At a November conference of the American Muslims for Palestine, Samirah was a featured speaker. The conference was named in the Israeli government’s report as “Terrorists in Suits.” Linda Sarsour, the radical Palestinian activist and co-founder of the WOmen’s March, also spoke at this conference.

Attorney Stephen Landes confirmed to the Big League Politics that both Aburishaid and Jaber have been named in his lawsuit for Jewish-American assassination victim David Boim, the American citizen who was killed in Jerusalem in 1996 by Hamas terrorists.

Here is Samirah at the AMP table at a recent fundraiser for Dar Al-Hijrah fundraiser:

From the State of Israel report:

In 2004, a Federal court found the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) guilty of providing financial aid to Hamas. Leading figures of the Islamic Association for Palestine are now working in AMP in senior positions:

A. Sufyan Nabhan, current AMP National Board Member, was formerly IAP’s Michigan Regional Representative.

B. Osama Abuirshaid, AMP National Board Member and the NGO’s official National Policy Director. In 2015, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services disqualified him from attaining citizenship inter alia, due to lack of disclosure of his past affiliations with IAP.

C. Rafeeq Jaber was formerly IAP’s President. Jaber currently handles AMP’s finances and was a signatory on the financial reports of AJPEducational Foundation, AMP’s tax-exempt fiscal sponsor. In September 2015, he signed a petition as a representative of the AMP.”

Blackface, sexual assault allegations, and a possible Hamas-funded delegate? The radical Democrat left is running wild in VA!


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