Breaking: US Marine Reports Being Attacked While Patrolling Border

(Tea Party PAC) – Most Americans have no idea how bad the border situation is.

While the left tries to convince us there’s nothing more than a few desperate refugees from Central America, clinging to their children before they’re ripped apart and put in cages.

Not so. There are hoards of undocumented aliens pouring over our border, all in large part orchestrated by the violent drug cartels who want to keep Border Patrol as busy as possible so they don’t have the resources needed to enforce our borders and keep drug, crime, and violent offenders out of our country.

Apparently, these brazen criminals are not even deterred by US Marines patrolling the border.

According to an exclusive report from Breitbart News, a US Marine reports having been attacked while working on the California-Mexico border by three unknown persons.

The Breitbart Border Team spoke with multiple sources that are working under the umbrella of UC Customs and Border Protection (CPB) and the Department of Defense. They also reviewed an official document detailing the incident.

Authorities are expected to confirm the event publicly now that it has been reported.

Here’s what happened.

Sources that Breitbart referred to as “trusted” explained that a US Marine reported a group of three unknown individuals approached a Mobile Surveillance Camera (MSC) vehicle, “opened the door, and attempted to pull the Marine from the vehicle. The Marine reported that he pulled his firearm and fired one shot during a struggle with an attacker, according to a source and an official document obtained by Breitbart News.”

The Marine had been patrolling the border in the El Centro Sector, Station Zone 2, on May 29, when the vehicle’s surveillance display experienced some issues.

They were roughly 7.5 miles from the US-Mexico border. A CBP agent who was working with the two Marines reportedly instructed the Marines to accompany him for assistance.

The second Marine then waited with the vehicle. He told officials that as he waited for his team to return, he was approached by the three unknown individuals, who opened the door of the vehicle and attempted to take control of his sidearm.

In the course of the struggle, the Marine fired his pistol once, striking the forward-looking infrared display unit mounted on the dashboard. At this point the attackers fled.

At this point Border Patrol believes no one was injured by the gunfire.

Breitbart’s report continues:

During border surveillance operations, the MSC vehicle operated in a blacked-out condition. This restricts situational awareness from inside the vehicle, according to the official document. Protocol calls for one of the pair of Marines to be on roving patrol outside the vehicle to provide security while the second operates the surveillance equipment.

The official document states that Border Patrol agents arrived on the scene within a few minutes and began a search for the three suspects.

Another source told Breitbart News that one or more of the individuals were captured about two miles away from the vehicle.

Breitbart News reached out to CBP and DOD for more information. A source at the Pentagon confirmed they are aware of the incident and are preparing a public statement. The CBP is leading the investigation.

Featured image credit: Spc. Ethan Valetski/Army