Breaking: Wall Street Just Took Command Of Joe Biden Transition Team

(Tea Party PAC) – It’s no secret that radical leftists exist in every possible corner of our culture, many of them invading our favorite institutions and industries, rising in the ranks so they can use their influence, power, and money to shape the direction of our country. And the path they want to take us down is one that will end this grand experiment in liberty without question.

One of the big areas where it seems these progressive monsters have the greatest pull and power is Wall Street and the big banks that call it home. In fact, according to a new report from Breitbart, liberals that control vast amounts of wealth on Wall Street have spend tons and tons of cash to unseat President Trump, preventing him from having a second term.

Oh, but it wasn’t enough for these socialists to get rid of Trump and get Biden in the White House. Now they are invading Biden’s transition team, having key individuals put in important positions, obviously preparing for big things in the near future, even though the election itself has not yet been certified.

Breitbart notes that a report by the NY Times reveals that Biden’s list of transition team members includes several Wall Street employees that have very close ties to Wall Street as a whole. Many of the large banks with links to these individuals also happened to be big Biden donors.

The team for the Federal Reserve, Banking and Securities Regulators is being led by a gentlemen named Gary Gensler, who was a top Wall Street regulator who worked in the Obama administration. He’s currently a professor at MIT Sloan School of Management. Gensler used to work for Goldman Sachs and the failed presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Another Goldman Sachs executive, Margaret Anadu, who was the head of urban-investment initiatives is also rumored to be have been considered for a spot on Biden’s transition team, working on economic policy.

This is just two examples. There are actually many, many more.

Just think about this for a minute.

President Trump warned folks that Biden would be the kind of candidate who would take money from Wall Street in exchange for political favors, that he would be beholden to the agenda these individuals wanted to push.

The vast majority of individuals who donated to Trump’s campaign were blue collar works like truckers, homemakers, construction workers, and business owners. Real people. This is the difference between the two men.

It’s unfortunate that, as of now, it seems there’s a great possibility of Biden and thus Wall Street, being given the authority to run our country.

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  3. Do people realize how much money, largely taxpayer funded, has been frittered away pursuing the democrats fantasies to regain power and get rid of Pres. Trump? Mueller, impeachment, rigged election and now paying for a “transition” for their fantasy president. They and their PR media must pay heavily for their feeble and frivolous four year divisive failures to deceive us and overthrow a duly elected American president. What would we do to an external enemy that so viciously attempted to overthrow the US government? We’d execute ‘em if they didn’t execute themselves first! And even worse, these enemies were trusted & elected countrymen. They are well dressed treasonous traitors of the first degree.

    • It would be an eye opener to know how much the Mueller investigation & subsequent hearings cost the tax payers. Money & time that could have been used for the needs of the people with an appropriate stimulus package.


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  6. Nate Silver is posting that they should be on the verge of calling Nevada for Biden. Votes coming in are quickly widening a lead that Trump won’t be able to close with the remaining votes outstandin…

    • Real voting numbers are 5-10% less and current numbers vastly inflates Biden’s number to even be this close. A few state vote/electronic systems audits, an exhaustive GA full hand recount and snowballing PA evidence will soon expose and crash the Democrats house of cards. But Nate wouldn’t project that for any amount of silver. Because the “numbers” now are their erroneous assumptions.

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