Breitbart Launches Attack On Lin Wood, Who Is Currently Fighting To Expose Voter Fraud — His Response Is Perfect

(Tea Party PAC) – Our country is at a crucial point in history right now. The integrity of our election system has been compromised by operatives within the Democratic Party who have been working to ensure that President Donald Trump doesn’t get a second term in office to implement his America first agenda.

We’ve seen tons of videos that reveal Democrats preventing GOP poll watchers from getting inside places where votes were being counted. Countless affidavits have come forward from witnesses stating they’ve seen all kinds of fraud taking place in specific key battleground states.

Along with President Trump himself, attorney Lin Wood has been working hard to expose these incidents of fraud and to ensure those responsible are held accountable and that the rightful winner of the election be certified.

Because of this, it’s hard to understand why in the world conservative media giants like Breitbart News would launch an assault on Wood, who is doing his best to help defend the president.

According to Gateway Pundit, it seems that Breitbart is upset by the fact that Wood donated to Democrats. The attorney readily admitted to doing this during the Alpharetta rally with fellow attorney Sidney Powell, who is also fighting the good fight against corruption in our electoral system.

Tons of individuals who now support the president were once Democrat voters. How is this a bad thing? Isn’t it great to have some fresh, new blood come over to our side? It means that President Trump’s message resonates with people. This is a message of freedom and free markets.

This is a positive development.

Wood later responded to the attacks on Twitter.

Right now is not the time for petty in-fighting. All of us who are concerned about the security of our election system and how the Democrats are essentially silencing the will of the people by stealing the election need to stand united.

It’s also not a bad thing to see former Democrats come over to Trump’s side. That’s a good thing. We cannot continue to win elections if we don’t reach more and more people with a pro-America, pro-freedom message.

Both Lin Wood and Powell are out here putting themselves on the line to help the president. Let’s rejoice over that and do our part to help.

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    • This white trash Jeff is wrong and nasty about everything I wrote, I didn’t attack him, but he is a nazi cultist for Trump. Jeffie has shamed himself, his family and community and our country by supporting a serial sexual assaulter, life long con artist and a multiple times traitor, a 24000 lies liar, a money launderer, a constant braggart, insulter, whiner, blamer and abuser of nearly everyone and the laws of this country. He is a classless ass like Jeffie.

  1. I do not trust people who, tell you not to vote, I somehow do not find that to be the answer to the election fraud we’re facing right now!!!

  2. I will not deny that I DETEST EVERY WASTED MOLECULE of B Obama’s body. But if he would come out and make any kind of statement admitting what EVERY OBJECTIVE CITIZEN (and THEN SOME tens of millions more) of the country KNOWS to have happened with this fraudulent election, then he would become my best buddy!! For the week, anyway. What the hell is wrong with Breitbart!!!????? For God’s sake, STOP ACTING LIKE LEFTISTS. Or shut your yap!! But not until AFTER you apologize to Mr. Wood and Ms. Powell.

    • Ken – I appreciate your overall sentiment but I certainly don’t hate barky that much 🙂 and regardless of any/all admissions he might make I would not become friends with him. He has demonstrated – and still does – repeatedly how much he hates deplorable bitter clingers like me.
      Apology is certainly due to Mr. Wood. I have no idea as to why that site made such an attack on him. As the article points out he is one of the few really fighting for truth, justice and the American way since the guy who used to is now a citizen of the world.
      BTW – all of the other comments are spam/scams – moderators asleep as usual.


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