Bud Lights “wokeness” Causes Over 600 to Lose Jobs

(PCC)Has Bud learned anything from the boycott? Probably not, except to do better market research. However, all the research in the world won’t change the hearts of man.

Another casualty of the Woke agenda is a glass bottling plants, which were contracted by Anheuser-Busch and affected by the Bud Light promotion with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, will be closing down two of their locations.

This decision will result in over 600 employees losing their jobs. The Ardagh Group, a global glass producer, announced the closure of plants in North Carolina and Louisiana, citing declining Bud Light sales and nationwide boycotts as the primary reasons.

Workers at the bottling plants reported decreased production following the collaboration announcement, leading to machines being taken offline.

An internal memo from Ardagh Group executives confirmed the closure due to slow sales with Anheuser-InBev.

The glass bottling plants heavily relied on producing bottles for Budweiser and Bud Light, so the decline in demand directly impacted their operations. Employees at one of the plants stated that their manager informed them that the closure was due to Bud Light no longer requiring their product.

Bud Light has faced significant sales declines and financial losses since the controversial partnership with Mulvaney, resulting in nationwide backlash and ongoing boycotts. Recent data showed a 24.4% decline compared to the previous year.

Despite various efforts to mitigate the damage, including discounts and rebates, Bud Light’s sales continue to plummet.

Mulvaney criticized the backlash against Bud Light, highlighting the increase in bullying and transphobia, while expressing disappointment in the company’s lack of support.

Final Word: The ‘Mulvaney Perversion’ destroyed Bud Light never to recover and it didn’t need to be this way.  When Woke is embraced as normal it forces normal into the arena of viewpoint combat and when this happens nothing survives. Evil cancels commonsense.

At this point all  I can say is Bud “Lights OUT!”




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