Busted: Adam Schiff Felt Very Different About Impeachment During His First Congressional Campaign

(Tea Party PAC) – In 2000, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) won his first race for Congress.

And his campaign was quite decidedly against impeachment.

What a difference two decades makes! Although I think this has more to do with the party of the man in the White House than Schiff’s poor memory.

In 2000, then-Rep. James Rogan (R-CA) had been selected to be one of the two “managers” leading the prosecution of President Bill Clinton in the Senate in 1999. Schiff, in his campaign against Rogan, accused the congressman of–get this–neglecting important issues in his congressional district to focus on impeachment.

There are many who are accusing Schiff of exactly the same thing now!

The Daily Caller News Foundation brings us this important story:

“Impeachment as a political issue has all but disappeared from America’s political radar in this election, with even Al Gore refusing to make the partisan death match of 1998 and 1999 a campaign issue in the year 2000. But here, in California’s 27th District, Rogan’s battle with Democratic state Sen. Adam Schiff seems the last bloody battle of the impeachment war,” Anthony York recounted in an October 2000 Salon article.

Schiff “used impeachment as a fundraising tool,” York noted in the article…

In May of 2000, the Washington Post reported that while other issues were more important in the congressional race, Schiff had picked out Rogan’s leadership of the impeachment effort.

“Schiff’s campaign literature hammers away on Rogan’s role in the impeachment proceedings, while Rogan in his direct mail to donors pleads for an ’emergency pledge of support’ to ‘stand with me as Bill Clinton and his Hollywood liberal friends wage their destructive warfare against me,’” they reported.

CNN reported: “Specter of impeachment haunts Rep. Jim Rogan’s re-election effort.”

While The Center Square recently recalled:

Following the impeachment of Bill Clinton, in the House election of 2000, Democrats made defeating Jim Rogan their highest priority. Adam Schiff was delegated as Clinton’s hatchet-man on the left coast.

When Clinton was acquitted in 1999 of perjury and obstruction of justice charges, the Clintons vowed to take Jim Rogan out. And together with a loyal pack of national leftist operatives, they engineered the biggest funneling of Democratic money into a single U.S. House race in American history. To distance them from Clinton’s affairs, they picked Adam Schiff, a fledgling leftist party lapdog as their pawn to checkmate Rogan’s career.

The election of 2000 was the most noxiously repugnant, clandestine and brutal campaign in U.S. history. From the day the party tossed Schiff’s Dodgers cap into the ring, the left’s propaganda machine was in overdrive to defame Rogan. They were on a mission not to just defeat him, but to destroy him. Bill Clinton even held a fundraiser in Washington for Schiff. This was the first time in history a president hosted a fundraiser for a congressional candidate who was not an incumbent.

During the first debate between Rogan and Schiff, the moderator focused on issues the winner was to face in Congress the next year. The town hall was packed with Democrats who badgered and berated Rogan from the time he stepped on stage. They demanded he address impeachment. But Rogan wouldn’t take the bait: “That’s not why we’re here. Why is the Lewinsky affair now my prime identification?” The crowd boisterously chanted, “We demand a ‘shift’ in Congress”. Rogan eagerly replied: “I’m more proud to have served on House impeachment than anything else I’ve ever done.”

In 2000, after the election, the Lost Angeles Times reported, while the winner of the close race was not yet apparent:

Throughout most of the campaign, impeachment haunted the race like a powerful, unmentionable poltergeist.

The “I-word” scarcely passed Schiff’s lips. But across the district, which stretches from the Los Angeles suburbs of Sunland and Tujunga to Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena and San Marino, the distant sounds of the trial echoed in the persistent bleating of partisans nationwide and the ceaseless “ka-ching” of the campaign money machines.

This is truly fascinating.

Though Republicans were grateful for Rogan’s effort, he recalled in his 2011 memoir, Catching Our Flag: Behind the Scenes of a Presidential Impeachment, then-Gov. George W. Bush threw him under the bus as voters turned against impeachment. Though Bush campaigned twice in Rogan’s district, he never once mentioned his name — as if Rogan, not Clinton, had done something wrong.


  1. My, God.. just look at the man and you can see he is totally off his rocker. He’s nuts and he is taking the Democratic party down with him.

  2. I must take up for Schiff here he has not changed his stance on Impeachment. He thought back then that only Republicans should be impeached and he feels the same now. The only difference is back then the Democrap being impeached was guilty of the Crime of LYING in court whereas now Trump has broken no laws. Schiff was back then and now today is still a LYING TWIT with WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER wheee his brains belong but all Democraps in and out of office have that same ailment.

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    Also audit all the Senator’s and congressmen, they have wasted, and stole our money, make them repay all, and tax them.

  4. The hypocrisy of Adam Schiff is so revolting! The impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton were valid and “Lewinsky” substantiated and for shifty Schiff to attack Mr. Rogan for his stand for impeachment was purely political. The current impeachment of President Trump by shifty Schiff is purely political and baseless and unsubstantiated by any real evidence and proof. This charade of hearsay witnesses is such a sham and a waste of our taxpayer money.
    President Trump should has done what Obama did and that was to terminate each and every hold-over crony from the Obama administration and hire qualified, decent and honest people that supported the “Make America Great Again” ideology.


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