Busted: ICIG Atkinson Altered Whistleblower Forms! But That’s Not All…

(Tea Party PAC) – Yet another incident of a Deep Stater being outed for deep corruption.

Let’s just pray the hens will soon come home to roost.

ICIG Michael Atkinson altered the whistleblower form to allow for second-hand information, which allowed the notorious CIA whistleblower, suspected to be Eric Ciaramella, to put forth a false allegation against the president which was based on second-hand gossip.

Atkinson also happened to oversee the notorious FBI lovebirds, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, who altered the FISA warrant which was used to spy on the 2016 Trump campaign.

That’s not all: Atkinson’s wife just so happens to be connected to Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm hired by the DNC to put together the Steele dossier!

Last weekend, the Gateway Pundit reported that they had “learned from another leak to the Washington Post, that an individual in Obama’s FBI altered documents that provided support for a FISA Warrant obtained to spy on candidate and President Trump.”

The individual in question was soon “identified as Kevin Clinesmith who worked with his reported lover Sally Moyer for the current Intelligence Community (IC) Inspector General (IG), Michael Atkinson.”

If you have followed the case closely, the intentional removal of Peter Strzok in combination with the explanation of the lawyer’s FISA responsibilities; and in combination with prior reporting of FBI lawyer 2; it seems pretty obvious the line-level lawyer was Kevin Clinesmith.

If the WaPo article had added all the detail and left in how the line-level attorney worked for Peter Strzok everyone would have known who it was. Hence they put in more details about his activity but removed the Strzok reference.

Kevin Clinesmith was one of the key FBI small group members on the original Clinton investigation known as the “mid-year exam”, or in text messages the “MYE”.

Within the MYE Clinesmith was one of the key legal staff working with Peter Strzok. Clinesmith was lawyer #2 for Strzok who eventually transferred to the subsequent Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

Clinesmith was also previously reported to be having an intimate relationship with another member of the FBI team, Sally Moyer, though that is uncertain. [Tashina “Tash” Guahar was also a key legal figure on the Main Justice side of the MYE team.]

Sally Moyer was FBI unit chief in the Office of General Counsel (counterintelligence legal unit within the FBI Office of General Counsel).

Ms. Moyer was responsible for the legal compliance within the FBI counterintelligence operations that generated FISA applications.

When the MYE investigation finished, the Carter Page FISA construction is where Kevin Clinesmith and Sally Moyer come together in their next assignment, the FBI investigation of Trump.


  1. 1) we know now that the allegation wasn’t false!
    2) Trump is a TRAITOR — spying is HOW YOU CATCH THEM! Haven’t ANY of you read a Tom Clancy novel (OH that’s right, y’all CAN’T READ!)

  2. Simply sad and I’m extremely angry. Why, I worked with and actually assisted in training the General during his time with USARMY Special Operations.
    He is a warrior and a Patriot. Jimmyb

  3. How is it these people are allowed to remain in positions of power? If we are going to drain the swamp, we must bring accountability back to our guvment.

  4. We cannot just Put these TRAITORS before a firing squad unless we’re at war (sigh! . . .). But we CAN send them to PRISON when convicted and do HARD LABOR (if allowed by law). Make them EARN their keep. Let’s use this labor to bring DOWN the debt (maybe build THE WALL?). Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  5. its time to start locking up all these a$$holes for treason these aholes should never be able to see the light of day again

  6. When is this worthless puke going to be tried for treason and put before a firing squad. I will furnish the bullets and the rifle.

  7. Looks like Bush Boy Barr settled on a scapegoat; Clinesmith.
    Everyone else is going to be scolded, maybe, and told never to do anything like that again!
    And we’re supposed to accept that as payback and justice for a coup played out by the entire Obama administration and the intelligence bureaus and the media and the State Department?
    Yeah, right.

  8. Chopper Pilot….you are so right, we just hope and pray that all this will be accepted by all real Americans. (From another Chopper Pilot.)

  9. Criminals investigating criminals, this only happens in third world countries. Fortunately we now have a ” real ” president in DJ Trump who fights for all including the liberal filth called progressives.
    Justice may be blind , but honest hard working Americans are NOT blind to these crimes .


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