Busted: Joe Biden’s Official Schedule As VP Gives New Support To Burisma Meeting Allegations

(Tea Party PAC) – The Democrats are, as we all know by now, professional liars. They will do anything and say anything, literally anything, no matter if it’s true or not, as long as it somehow benefits them and/or disparages their opponents.

In 21st century woke America many people have traded in their critical thinking skills for whatever liberals throw down the pike. If you’re reading this you, fortunately, are not one of those people but tragically they are many.

Democrats are keenly aware that all they have to do is simply say something in front of a camera and it will be taken as gospel truth by their followers and circulated on social media as such. To compound the problem is Big Tech running cover for them and their nonstop barrage of lies and the media refusing to hold any of them accountable.

It’s up to conservatives to spread truth and reality, though we are always up against the left’s constant attacks which serve to discredit us and make us out to be the liars. As far as manipulation and information warfare, the Democrat’s strategy is dirty and unscrupulous but rather effective.

This is evidenced by all of those overly emotional folks on social media who attack anytime someone posts anything pro-Trump or anti-Democrat. Their attacks are never substantive or factual but rather rooted in unchecked rage and bitter emotions. That’s how you can tell they’ve been drinking too much of the Kool-Aid.

It seems, however, that Democrats may have overplayed their hand. They’ve gotten so comfortable with just throwing out lies that many who used to believe them are now starting to question them and are beginning to see the truth. Their lies have become too brazen and too obvious for many.

Such is the case with the Biden’s campaign latest assertion meant to shut down the New York Post’s story that claims an email from a discarded computer, possibly once owned by Hunter Biden, proves that Joe Biden met with an adviser for the corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma at Hunter’s request.

Biden’s campaign says that it just isn’t possible, there’s no way. Just look at his “official schedule” from that time. There’s no chance Biden’s official schedule would have purposefully omitted such a meeting just like there’s no chance that mail-in voting is rife with fraud and tampering.

It’s just absolutely insane that the left has the audacity to just say “well it wasn’t on his official schedule so it didn’t happen,” as if that is indisputable proof, knowing that Joe Biden did plenty of things throughout the 8 years he was Vice President that weren’t on his “official schedule.”

Politico reported on one such event in which Joe Biden arranged an Oval Office meeting for his son-in-law’s business partners in 2011 that was never included on his “official schedule.” Surely, a meeting with an adviser of a corrupt Ukrainian energy company that his son had landed an extremely lucrative salary as a member of its board would not be openly included in Biden’s “official” schedule.

Leftists really think Americans are pretty stupid and, in their defense, for so long millions have actually believed their lies (and still do). They have no reason to believe Americans can think for themselves anymore.

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  1. I sadly admit I was one of many who believed in the Democratic Party. Well, I woke up when I was told because I am a woman I had to vote for HRC. I wasn’t supposed to use my brain just vote for her because I have a vagina!!! That was my wake up call. So I started to delve into my party and their record. I was sickened by the corruption and campaign of lies. I felt like a fool for believing their stories and still feel that way. I thought I was an informed voted. Was I ever wrong. After months of research I proudly voted for President Trump and will again. The Left isn’t “woke” we’ve been asleep for YEARS!!!


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