Busted: What Did Anti-Semite Rashida Tlaib Just Delete From Her Twitter Feed?!

(Tea Party PAC) – Rashida Tlaib’s thinly-veiled antisemitism strikes again.

Only this time, it appears she’s trying to tread a little more lightly.

Tlaib, who is perhaps best known for vowing to “impeach the m*therf*cker,” i.e. President Donald Trump, after she was sworn in as a congresswoman in 2019, has since set herself apart from the rest of the radical members of the “squad” by being almost singularly-focused on bashing the state of Israel.

She has been accused of making antisemitic comments on more than one occasion (although to be fair, the controversy-magnet Ilhan Omar, another “Squad” member, often outdoes her on this count), but not it seems she’s trying to cover up her tracks.

On Sunday, Rep. Tlaib (R-MI) appears to have deleted a post which contained an antisemitic slogan calling for the elimination of the State of Israel.

Screenshots show the retweet was up on her page previously, but is now missing, The New York Post reports, indicated she thought better of sharing the controversial message and deleted it.

Ironically, biased Twitter censors probably never would have flagged the retweet, as they’re far too busy making sure that no one on their network even so much as ponders the possibility that there was voter fraud during the 2020 election.

The tweet was originally posted by Twitter user @RashaMK, the Post explains.

It included an illustration of two women, one of whom was holding up a peace sign and the other holding up a fist.

In the background appears to be Palestine, where Tlaib’s family is from.

The image read, “International day of solidarity with the Palestinian people,” and the tweet was captioned, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”’

This phrase, “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” originates with the Palestine Liberation Organization when it was founded in 1964.

It refers to the claim that the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea does not belong to Israel, but to Arabs.

The PLO, like the radical Islamists in nations like Iran and Jordan, call for an elimination of the Jewish state.

Later, the slogan was changed slightly and used by Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group.

The Post explains that Tlaib “is a supporter of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, which aims to isolate Israel economically to protest their policies regarding the Palestinians.”

These people don’t want “peace in the Middle East,” they are antisemitic ideologues who believe in the elimination of the Jewish state.

Why is Tlaib even bothering to hide her loyalties?

Tlaib also rushed to defend liberal pundit Marc Lamont Hill when he was fired from CNN after using the “river to the sea” slogan in an address to the United Nations.

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  1. Someone should tell her and obummer to go back to their country and leave real Americans alone. Also is obummer the spokesman for Biden he sure has spouted off a lot lately, I think he feels like this is his third term and we need to listen to what he says or thinks. He has had 8 years of destroying American and he needs to crawl back to net flix and play with his boyfriend Michael. He is such a treasonous traitor. He has been involved in Russia Russia Russia scam now he is involved in the election fraud, he should be in handcuffs on a one way plane back to his favorite Muslim country.

  2. You white trash for Trump are the worst anti-semites so what the eff are you talking about. This woman here might be, but these sites lie constantly about everything.

    • JusticeforTrump, I like your name. Justice for Trump. See, using the word “for” indicates that President Trump has suffered an injustice against him (like racist liars falsely accusing him of wrong doing). So we DO need justice FOR him. Remember this every time you display your ignorance with your posts. Have a nice day, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    • If your slogan states Justice for Trump and than you call out ppl for Trump? WTF that’s calling the kettle black and double standard!!!! You have some serious FN issues and needs to get your mind straight!!!! Seek some help!!!!

    • This John and Vicki are stupid. There can be justice if a person is innocent or guilty, they think that they know something, besides using a little irony confuses their nazi minds.

    • This John and Vicki don’t understand Justice. JusticeforTrump should be prison for his assaults, scams and treason. It works both ways, can’t these two understand basic English?

    • This John and Vicki don’t understand Justice. JusticeforTrump should be prison for his assaults, scams and treason. It works both ways, can’t these two understand basic English?

  3. Why is this issue not addressed! I do not understand why someone with this belief is allowed to be any where near our Congress or Senate! You can’t remove hate from someone’s heart until they have a life altering experience.
    As Americans, we have had a historic background that some black members of our country choose to hold onto. If we allow someone with these anti-semitic beliefs and comments to continue to run our country into the ground…we will never be free of this hatred.

    • We just kicked Trump’s butt out, he is the most racist and prejudiced people ever to hold office since George Wallace Suzan. He slandered blacks, Hispanics, the handicapped, Muslims, the Press, just like Hitler did. Try studying history.

    • You don’t care about Jews, if fact you fear them and hate them. Another fact is Trump hates everyone, including himself, but especially women, minorities and especially the white trash who are on these sites all the times.


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