Candace Owens Goes Toe-To-Toe With AOC And Comes Out Victorious; Here’s What She Made The Socialist Congresswoman Do On Twitter

(Tea Party PAC) – Candace Owens is perhaps one of the most important voices in the conservative movement right now. There’s a lot of reasons she’s attained that status, but one of the biggest is that she has been fighting for other black conservatives who have been shunned and made fun of by folks on the left for not being “black enough” due to their having the gall to think for themselves and see the truth behind the racist Democratic Party.

Owens recently won a battle against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a woman who has prided herself on being completely and totally ignorant of almost everything that makes a congressperson valuable. The battle it seems, was forcing AOC to unblock her on Twitter.

Here’s what went down via Gateway Pundit:

Back in July 2019 AOC discovered she was unable to defend her crackpot positions from assault by Candace Owens.

So, like a true socialist, Ocasio-Cortez decided to block the incoming assault from Candace Owens. AOC blocked her on Twitter.

Candace lawyered up — AND SHE WON!

Congratulations Candace Owens!

Dear all,

In July of 2019, a New York Federal appeals court upheld a lower court decision from 2018, which disallowed President Trump to block his critics and naysayers from his personal twitter account. This decision set a first-time precedent stipulating that “the First Amendment does not permit a public official who utilizes a social media account for all manner of official purposes to exclude persons from an otherwise‐open online dialogue because they expressed views with which the official disagrees,” wrote Judge Parker, who was nominated to the appeals court by President George W. Bush.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I learned that during that same month, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez blocked me from her twitter account!

Too often it seems that the law is only applicable to one side of the political aisle. As a matter of ensuring equality, this week, I hired New York lawyer Jacob Weinstein to send Ms. Ocasio-Cortez a demand letter, highlighting our intention to litigate the matter, should she not unblock my account by end of day, January 6th 2019.

I am pleased to announce that as of writing, her lawyer has indicated that his client would concede to our demand.

This outcome is important for a few reasons:

AOC blocked me because I am without question, her toughest critic. While she uses her social media presence to pollute the youth with fraudulent promises of a socialist utopia, I have used my online presence to directly refute such patently false indications. This outcome then assures us that there will continue to be a loud answer to the far-left’s predatory misinformation campaign aimed at our youth.

It is due to your continued support of me and my various projects that we are able to set aside funding to pursue these seemingly small legal battles, that can have major outcomes in the long run. We must never allow people that wish to bring socialism to America, create pockets within society (whether online or otherwise) where their ideas can go unchecked.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is 2020. This year, everything counts. Every battle, every word, every event, and every dollar will go toward or against the future of this country. My ask of every single one of you is to make this year count. In whatever capacity you can — FIGHT.

Onward & Upward, Patriots!

-Candace Owens

The problem with a lot of conservatives this day and age is that we as a movement, at times, seem discouraged by the uphill battles that are right in front of our faces. We see how much ground the liberals have gained in our culture and begin to think the fight is futile. So we lay down our “arms,” which in this modern fight for liberty isn’t guns, but ideas, arguments, philosophy, and truth, and just hightail it back to our little bubbles and echo chambers.

We have the truth, folks. We shouldn’t be hiding it. We should be taking it like a torch to the root of the progressive lies that are spreading across the country like weeds and burning them to ashes. That means aggressively going after sharing the facts about policies like immigration, abortion, the economy, and not backing down when the left attacks us personally.

That’s what it’s going to take to shift the tides. Exposing the hypocrisy of the left and fearless proclaiming the truth. Let’s make it so!



  1. Thank you Candice for standing up to the left-leaning radical liberal socialist Democrats.
    They and the mainstream news media are so hateful of Trump that it is outrageous.
    Keep up the good work and God Bless you!

  2. You go CANDICE,,,,I love watching you on TV and you are one sharp lady,,,,I have seen you on Hannity and other shows and your common sense attitude and logical mind is MUCH NEEDED right now,,,,CNN, MSNBC, and other Democratic controlled networks (ruled by Hillary and the DNC) are worthless pieces of crap and should be flushed,,,,I have seen socialism up close and personal in my 25 years of serving this great Nation,,,,and some of these so called personalities on the DNC payroll are deeply involved in believing the socialist playlist,,,they are mindless puppets who go wherever there string is pulled,,,,such a pity and I doubt seriously that their ancestors are very proud of them,,,,just hang in there and keep rocking the boat, maybe a bunch of socialist a—holes will fall overboard

  3. AMEN!!! Thank Goodness for folks like Candace and her “cheerleading style” for
    some of us “over-80’s” who WISH we could best “join the fray”! We can and DO
    invoke the Almighty for wisdom and strength for those who need it!

  4. God bless you Sister Candice. It’s people like you who fire us up to stand against wrong. Thank you for being a real Black sister who really cares about right and not afraid to be criticized for that stand. Without people of all races standing together against socialistic thinking and lies, America will fall. Keep fighting and keep standing. Know that we are praying for you . God bless you. From a Sister to another great Sister. Lin

  5. Congratulations for stick up for the truth and exposing the squad members and the lying democrats, Nancy, Schiff and company. The American people need to be more informed and vote the democrats out. Let us show them what we believed of their lies and that it backed fired on them. Keep up the good work, bravo!


  7. I enjoyed reading about your actions, which most of the papers fail to report. T.V. is not much better. Are you in Congress now? Again, everything is about Trump, whom I support, but like so many, the troops on the ground get little attention. May God Bless you in your quests, however don’t depend upon it, he thinks entirely different from what we think in most cases.

  8. Candace, you are one young lady (I say with such admiration) that I pray to our Savior that more were like you. You are an incredible individual & set such a tremendous example for all young & older. God bless you.

  9. Congrats Candace! We love you for who you are. From the beginning the Democrats, lied to them just to get their votes so they could win the WH. Even their own black man Obama did nothing for them. I am glad you and others are finally exposing the liberal Democrats for who they really are liars! It was a Republican President Abraham Lincoln who set the blacks free, but so many blacks don’t know that or even care. Keep being fantastic Candace Owens. If you ran for President, I would vote for you. All the best, you’re an Angel for your people.

  10. You are Americans future! Honest and devoted with sincere kindness. I never miss seeing what you have to say. With your leadership abilities, I sincerely hope to see you in our legislative leadership as today we don’t see anyone with a gleam of patriotism in our left side of congress. Sending love and respect from a retired Naval Master Chief that’s a 80 year old and admires you as a truly talented patriot!

  11. What character you have!!!! Truly you are the full grown tree that Martin Luther King planted seeds from his “I have a Dream Speech”. All I can say is WOW! I am an ‘ol white man, and finally I see great progress in someone the likes of you that truly represents an “American” without color or race having nothing to do with being a proud AMERICAN. God has truly shed His grace upon you. As you younger folks say,”You Go Girl”!!!!!!!!!!! You may be President one day!

  12. Way to go, Candace! Keep fighting the good fight! Give AOC (“America’s Own Communist”) reason to believe that she never should have run for Congress, much less have been elected!

    • Michael…I don’t know if you coined that phrase (America’s Own Communist) or if it’s someone else’s brain child. All I know for sure is that I LOVE IT!!! I’m still laughing, Michael, so thank you for your insight and wit!

  13. Way to Go Candace, we need more like you to shut down left hypocrites who have NO , Idea of what they are doing. It’s still hard to believe that Alleged Intelligent people voted for someone like Cortez, who has proven multiple times that she is Dumber than a Donkey….

  14. Candace, You are super. I’ve seen you on TV but your words are like that torch. What is that song that sings, “Come on, Baby, light my fire?”

    You hit the nail on the head. I moved from California to Texas partly because the politically correct attitude chokes off conservative ideas like ours. What makes your work doubly important is the fact that you are fighting a very real fight as woman who happens to be Black. I did not flee California, bought my first house in Austin where my Mom and family grew up, the cost is less and the air is fresh.

    I just read your article and totally agree that we must fight. I am touched by the sincerity of your cause because it is REAL. FIGHT ON!! You can expose the rotten Democrat socialist agenda and enervate the tepid Republicans who don’t care enough to fight.

  15. thank you Candice I am very proud to be a conservative and think for myself, and I would love for a demorat to attack me. But that will not happen because I am not and old or disabled person. And I am proud to stand with you in this fight for the soul of America.

  16. Thank you! For standing up for our freedoms and liberty! Your right it’s a fight that every one of us needs to get involved in! It is all out war with the progressive socialist they mean to take all and will leave no prisoners. We do have the truth and the righteousness on our side. Am praying for you that the Lord will continue to give you strength and wisdom. Also that each one of us that believe in a free America will stand up and fight!!

  17. AOC, America’s Own Communist, doesn’t have the brains she was born with; she sold out to the indoctrinaires at Boston University!

  18. Thank you big time Candace, for everything you are doing to educate people about how the Democrats only pay lip service to Black Americans; and how we need to fight against their Socialist/Communist agendas. The promised free stuff, is not free. We already have a National Debt that needs to be reduced. AOC’s “Green New Deal” would demolish our economy.


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