Celebrities Gloat Over House Impeachment Vote; They Say Exactly What You’d Expect Them To Say

(Tea Party PAC) – Hollywood is nothing more than a cesspool of progressive ideology these days, with the vast majority of individuals who work in the entertainment industry bowing the knee and basically becoming nothing more than a propaganda arthouse for liberal nutjobs.

There’s no objectivity in the film industry these days. Opposite opinions from the majority are not allowed. In fact, if you’re a conservative in Hollywood, you’re pretty much blacklisted by the major studios who think that the path to riches is to go “woke.” It’s not, by the way. In fact, the box office numbers prove exactly the opposite.

Proving that Hollywood has no class, celebrities on Wednesday rejoiced over the House impeachment vote in rather obnoxious ways.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Hollywood elites celebrated their version of Christmas on Wednesday as the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Donald Trump along mostly partisan lines, with Democrats passing the two articles of impeachment brought by the House Judiciary Committee.

A slew of far-left celebrities including Rob Reiner, Alyssa Milano, and Michael Moore gloated over the proceedings, calling President Trump “criminally corrupt” and a “motherfucker.” They also denigrated the Republican Party for being filled with “white men.”

Filmmaker Michael Moore said he gained access to the House gallery to watch the proceedings in person. “Congress is about to impeach a lawless, criminal president,” the Bowling for Columbine director tweeted.

I GOT IN! I AM SEATED IN THE HOUSE GALLERY FRONT ROW WITNESSING HISTORY. CONGRESS IS ABOUT TO IMPEACH A LAWLESS, CRIMINAL PRESIDENT. I had to give my phone up, but will be back tonight and on the podcast to share what I witnessed.

Filmmaker Rob Reiner labeled Trump “the most criminally corrupt president in our nation’s history.”

Reiner’s comment showcase the utter lack of constitutional understanding the man possesses and his unwillingness to go back and reexamine the Obama era. His dear leader targeted conservatives using the IRS. That’s an abuse of power. Obama also violated the Constitution over 72 times. That too is an abuse of power. Obama used the FBI to spy on a presidential candidate in 2016. Say it with me, folks….that’s an abuse of power.

Obama was the one who should’ve been impeached and booted from office.

Actress Alyssa Milano said that even though the House voted the way she wanted, the process has left her “sad and heartbroken,” because the “bigotry” supposedly unleashed by Trump “can’t be erased with this vote.”

Earlier in the day, Milano wrote that any member of Congress who does not vote to impeach President Trump would be guilty of “dereliction of duty.”

Actress Patricia Arquette tweeted that President Trump has “run a corrupt administration.”

Jack Ryan and House of Cards actor Michael Kelly lashed out at the Republican Party, calling it a party of “white men.”

Actress Mia Farrow called President Trump “the most corrupt president of my lifetime.”

Comedian Mike Birbiglia called President Trump a “tax evading, pussy grabbing… fake billionaire.” He also wrote in a tweet: “We wish you a good impeachment.”

Actress Meredith Salenger, the second wife of Patton Oswalt, shared a photo of herself in a t-shirt reading “Tick-tock, motherfucker.”

The Journey of Natty Gann co-star John Cusack compared the GOP to a death cult in a bizarre, rambling missive.

Former talk show host Rosie O’Donnell expressed religious sentiment in her reaction.

If you ever needed to see firsthand what Trump Derangement Syndrome looks like, the tweets above sum it up perfectly.

Source: breitbart.com/entertainment/2019/12/18/celebs-rejoice-over-house-impeachment-vote-tick-tock-motherfker/


  1. These Hollywood fools can take a number. When we call your number, step up to the guillotine and kneel over the block. You get to play a character in the French Revolution.

  2. The Democratic Party has been radicalized and broken, but they have somehow befriended, infected and therefore secured the overwhelming support of the media, the IRS and the FBI, Conquering the major media was easy, as it is being run by a handful of liberal billionaires running huge conglomerate enterprises such as Condé Nast and Gannet.Gaining the support of actors is also frighteningly easy, They are pretenders by the nature of their craft, and typically well overpaid, succumbing to the party line, for survival, lest they be blackballed and marginalized.The interesting thing about this leftist bunch is their clear intention to destroy a dissenter at all costs, whether by illegal or immoral means. Freedom of thought is punished severely. Soon there will not be two major parties, there will only be Liberals and “Liberal Deniers”, sort of the same philosophy as is used in the global warming argument.There are never two opinions for them, rather there is only the liberal truth which is automatically taken as fact by their brainwashed pie eyed followers. If anyone dares think for themselves, they are branded as a denier and attacked severely and publicly …
    The founding fathers would be turning in their graves, as they were 100% small government, low taxation, and absolute freedom of speech and thought, they welcomed other opinions and held no permanent malice towards their proponents. They risked their lives, massive estates and comfortable lifestyles to go to war for freedom of speech and thought…
    This is a party with no standards and This ensures a slow bleed out and eventual death for this country, We are softening like the Roman Empire did, in a world of real life brutes and monsters who are as brutal as nature itself who are patiently watching And waiting…

  3. They want to be comfortable in their ungodly lifestyle choices in fact they want us all to embrace them so they feel what they are doing is perfectly OK. The problem is God is right. When we sin there comes with it pain and suffering. We are paying a hefty price tag for it. The brokenness of our family unit is costing us immeasurably and it comes with a severe generational price tag as well. Is Trump a Saint, not hardly but under his conservative agenda lives can be saved. We cannot do whatever we want.

  4. These PHUCKED Up DUMB-AS-CRAPS Don’t Know Their @$$es From Their Mouths , Complete IDIOT’S , MORONS , MEATHEADED , POLOCK !!!

  5. I would like to personally take every one of these leftist hollywood Communist hacks and kick these ass up between there shoulder blades.

  6. Y do my comments keep getting removed? What the hell happened to freedom of speech? Oh, I forgot, this site is owned and run by libtards!!! Bet this doesnt stay up either!!!

  7. Hmmm…..I wonder if all those Looney Toon Gollywood *Left-Wing* A…..Holes will be “gloating” in November 2020 – when our POTUS is re-elected in a landslide!! The DemonRats have screwed-themselves-beautifully, over this corrupt Impeachment scam BS!! Ha, ha, ha!!

  8. Thank you. There are some very wise statements made here regarding how incompetent Donald Trump is. This impeachment is the best thing for America.

    • All THOSE m*****f****** can blow it out their ass and go to hell. Stunning how much stupidity hollywood produces. 😠🖕👎

    • Hey Kariann,

      Wake Up! This Fake Impeachment isn’t going to change a thing!!! It’s just gonna make most of Americans angrier than ever, and President Trump is going to win 2020 bigger than ever!!!

      You Brainwashed, Delusional Democrat/Socialist/Communist/Globalists are going DOWN!!!


  10. Why would anyone give a shit what any
    Of those idiots have to say? They make a living by memorizing words written by someone else so that they can pretend to be someone else, hoping to
    Impress people who, for some unknown reason, might just turn them
    Into idols!!
    Nothing more than a ridiculous situation that , I would imagine, has been created because most of us were not paying attention, but they were!!
    Wake up people ! It’s time !!!!!!!!


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