Censored Doctors Are Now Meeting With VP Pence In Effort To Crush Coronavirus; Here’s The Crucial Topic They’ll Be Discussing

(Tea Party PAC) – The one takeaway from the coronavirus madness that has swept the United States is that when it comes to a crisis situation, the left will not allow anything to go to waste, politicizing something, regardless of how deadly, to help them further their own agenda and goals. Especially if that goal has to do with the removal of President Donald Trump from the office of president.

Ever since the outbreak showed up on the shores of our great nation, there has been a concerted effort on the part of liberals to ensure that only one side of the story gets told about the reach, symptoms, and treatment for the illness. It’s been utilized as a weapon against the American people and against President Trump.

You can almost guarantee if this weren’t an election year, if Trump weren’t in the Oval Office, none of this hysteria would be unfolding before our eyes.

With all of the misinformation floating around, a group of frontline doctors recently held a press conference, known as the “White Coat Summit,” in an attempt to dispel some of the crazy myths floating around about COVID-19. The second day of this summit was to be held in front of the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Radical leftists in Big Tech have gone hard against the videos and information being pushed by these doctors, censoring and silencing them at every turn. Which means what they have to say must be important.

Now, it seems, the doctors are going to be meeting with Vice President Mike Pence to discuss the accessibility of Hydroxychloroquine for U.S. patients and doctors.

Here’s Gateway Pundit with more:

From their website: “If Americans continue to let so-called experts and media personalities make their decisions, the great American experiment of a Constitutional Republic with Representative Democracy, will cease.”

On Monday following their very popular event Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Google censored the doctors after they promoted hydroxychloroquine as a life-saving medication in treating the coronavirus.

On Tuesday Dr. James Todaro, M.D. told The Gateway Pundit that the “White Coat Summit” doctors met with Vice President Pence today.

Via James Todaro: “It was a great meeting with VP Mike Pence and his chief of staff where we discussed how we can make hydroxychloroquine available for physicians and patients across the country.”

This is great news.

These are practicing doctors on the front line of the pandemic and they deserve to be heard.

Just finished a great meeting with Vice President Mike Pence and his Chief of Staff. We are doing everything to restore the power of medicine back to doctors. Doctors everywhere should be able to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine without repercussions or obstruction.

At least one of the doctors wants to push President Trump to make hydroxychloroquine an over the counter medication.

Emergency care physician from Houston, Texas @stella_immanuel has a plea to President Trump: Make hydroxychloroquine an over the counter medicine.

The left can try and silence the truth all they want, but no matter what, it will always find a way to shine through the darkness. You can’t keep light hidden. You can’t snuff it out either. This world doesn’t belong to the shadows. Period.

Buried information, especially in today’s world, is nearly impossible. Folks are hungry to know the truth, even if it means they have to dig and verify the facts for themselves. The Internet has empowered us to do that.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com/2020/07/breaking-white-coat-summit-doctors-meet-vice-president-mike-pence-accessibility-hydroxychloroquine-us-doctors-patients/


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  3. We are being bombarded daily by fear mongering and hate
    The media is NOT unbiased and is pushing all their chips in
    The government has been infiltrated by people outside of the country that want to destroy it.
    Bill Gates (Doctor or Expert) at what?
    George Soros should have his Work VISA pulled along with his dual citizenship (which is totally unconstitutional)
    The enemy of the state DOES NOT HONOR THE CONSTITUTION
    Which is the LAW OF THE LAND!

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  7. It really shows how sad the Dems are when a former President has to go to a Funeral and bad mouth the country,but then again this guy never talks about anything but himself.

  8. Richard Michael is back. And he still sees “Trump cultists” everywhere. Richard Michael….you are a deranged, insane lunatic. Seek medical help. Immediately.

    • Ed, you are brainwashed, you need to be deprogrammed so you won’t vote for the Mobster-in-Chief again like all the other idiots.

  9. Trump and his witch doctor are pathetic, he must be getting kickbacks from the drug companies that made that drug.

    • Actually, you fail to hold people who are banking on Bill Gates vaccine accountable. It scares the hell out of me all of the testing done in Africa and the old scandals of accidentally-on-purpose sterilization going on there. Anyone who maybe took Jeffrey Epstein’s elitist-supremacist worldview should scare you too. Oh well, oh well…

  10. What i don’t understand is stuttering Joe would of done better at this so called handeling of the virus..why hasn’t he?…he is American right?

    • That is quite a racist name, typical; of a Trumpster. A President has the power to do many actions no one else can, Biden will when he wins because Trump is and always will always be a failed President. He is ranked at the bottom by virtually every Presidential scholars except the Russian ones rank him very high.

  11. I’ve used hydroxychloroqiune and know it to be quite safe.No harm in trying it . The left should tell us what is proven to be better! A lot of experts out there must be keeping it secret . So show us the proof if you have all the answers.DrBobS.

    • Actually there is no proof that it has helped anyone in all the tests and has shown to hurt some people so your idea is not sensible. You are trying to alibi for the mobster Trump.

  12. You mean like disinformation and misinformation from Tedros of WHO! He isn’t even a medical doctor.
    Just a puppet of China raking in money for himself.

  13. Theses Dr.s don’t fit the narrative , keep the good meds away from the patients. Keep the 🦠🦠going as long as possible. If there is a good med to help get over the 🦠🦠use them. People do not want to get this flu on steroids..

  14. Before I joined it, the Democratic Party was pro-slavery, pro-KKK, pro-Jim Crow, and pro-segregation. When I joined it, it was pro-worker, pro-integration, pro-1A, and anti-war. When I left it, it was anti-God, anti-motherhood, anti-2A, and anti-America. Now it is also pro-criminal, pro-segregation, anti-1A, and pro-COVID. It genuinely baffles me how any person with good sense or a conscience can continue to support such a party.

    • You must be a Russian because only a small part of your information is true. The Democrats were the conservative party 150 years ago, that changed dramatically 60 years ago with Kennedy, LBJ in comparison to Goldwater and Nixon.

  15. Really, these people are pretending to be doctors?? It is Amazing what lengths u f’in sheep will go to discredit this president. I don’t care for the presidents personality or the way he behaves sometimes but I pray everyday he wins this election to save us from the likes of you people..


  17. Quit sniffing the glue Sammy ! Geez what a blind snowflake you are. Be sure and get in the Boxcars when they show up for you and follow your lib dems to the “Re-Education” camps.

  18. I haven’t even able to understand how social media “experts” with No medical degree think they can determine what medications doctors can use. How did they get this authorization?

    • or Congressmen/women can issue “do not prescribe” a helpful drug that’s proven to save lives!!! NEVER EVER VOTE FOR A DEMONRAT!!!

    • All the studies and virtually all the doctors say Trump’s drug of choice is not only not helpful, they can be very harmful. Don’t blame the media for reporting the truth.

  19. Some uninformed and poorly educated leave their head in the sand. They have to be liberals in every way. We need to think and analyze, and search for the truth.

    • You won’t find truth in your god Trump, 20,000 lies and counting in three and a half years.

  20. Many people that receive this medicine immediately along with antibiotics and zinc recover without side effects so why does dems oppose it?

  21. Who has blood on their hands now? Big Tech and the mediocre media entertainment bozo’s. They have chosen politics over science. Shame on all the leftists who continue in their folly.

    • Trump has caused the death of tens of thousands of Americans. He should be charged with multiple negligent homicides.

  22. And George Soros is funding the left with tons of disinformation regarding coronavirus, BLM, riots and police defunding. The ordinary citizen is stuck in the middle. Our political system is broken but we DO NOT need to ‘fix’ it by resorting to socialism. That is no fix at all.

  23. We know a few medical doctors and nurses. They all say hydrochloroquine works best. Demoncrats are trying to prevent its use to defy Trump who said it was a good medicine and also to keep the pandemic going until after the election. Wethe People see thru all of their lies

    • Carol, you either a liar or listening to liars. All the studies show there is not help from the drug, in fact the studies show that it could be harmful to the heart, liver and kidneys.

  24. Anyone know the difference between misinformation and disinformation? Being misinformed is believing something to be true, but may not be true. On the contrary, disinformation is saying something you know is not true with the intent of having others believe it is true. This is what the Trump/Pense team are putting out to the public regarding coronavirus with people some of whom are pretending to be medical professionals. Supported by Tea Party benefactor Charles Koch; personal net worth reputedly $40-50 billions.

    • Samuel, I see you are one of the liberals with “no facts, just attacks”…..your group’s new motto. How the hell do you know these doctors aren’t exposing the truth? Oh, they support Trump/Pence. That makes more sense now. That’s pathetic..!

    • Samuel: elaborate please. Who is “pretending to be a medical professional”? What have the president and vice president said that is disinformation? Specifics, please, not just your opinion. BTW, I suspect your own George Soros is worth at least as much as Charles Koch. Do you also dis him for being rich?

    • I suspect you fall under the Misinformation heading. You repeat whatever your puppet masters have programmed you with. I might add, your puppet masters are NOT expert in anything other than leading fools. George Soros’ net worth before giving $38 billion to his Open Society scam was north of $50 billion. Also, you do know that the Koch’s have pretty much pulled funding from Trump (2016) and primarily support Libertarian causes? You really should do your own research before spouting nonsense.

    • Sounds like you are the one misinformed and spreading disinformation. Hydroxychloriquine has been proven by studies and experience to have been effective in more than a dozen countries worldwide, especially in early onset cases.

    • You must work for Facebook or Google. If not, you may want to apply. Killing people in an effort to get to Trump is a big plus at companies like these.

    • ….you are either a paid, lying troll…or an idiot. You seem to have no idea how our corrupt government functioned for the last 60 years, and the legitimate legal, change Trump claims he is attempting. If you do know, then you are endorsing The Bush / Clinton / Bush / Clinton / Obama – War Crimes & Treason Cabal’s New World Order behaviors. Your children will hate you…eventually.


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