Charges Against Epstein’s Former Madam Ghislaine Maxwell Revealed; They’re Disgusting

(Tea Party PAC) – On Thursday of this week, Ghislaine Maxwell, the former longtime girlfriend and alleged “madam” of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein — who did not kill himself — was arrested, which, with her deep connections to the former President of the United States Bill Clinton and his family, probably means that she’s not got long for this earth.

Maxwell was taken into custody by the FBI at her luxurious home in New Hampshire and the charges for the arrest have finally been revealed and they are pretty disgusting, just like you probably imagined.

Epstein’s former girlfriend was charged with conspiracy, sex trafficking of minor children, and perjury. She’s currently under suicide watch, because that worked out so well for Epstein, while awaiting her next steps in the justice system.

Here’s more from PJ Media:

Maxwell is alleged to have been involved in Epstein’s giving “sexualized massages” to minors that led to rape, according to officials. Maxwell is also accused of lying repeatedly under oath to law enforcement. The press conference details Maxwell’s role as a “procurement” specialist who groomed young minor girls to trust her before she handed them over to Epstein for sexual abuse. The abuse, authorities say, took place at several residences of Epstein’s and Maxwell’s, including her property in London.

Authorities have been after the billionaire’s international pedophile ring for years. Powerful and wealthy people have been caught up in Epstein’s operation, including Prince Andrew who was photographed and videoed with Epstein and underage girls.

Epstein’s famous plane, the Lolita Express, shuttled the rich and famous to his island in the Pacific for clandestine activity with underage girls. Maxwell is believed to have been involved up to her eyeballs in it and will now finally face justice … if she survives that long.

The list of Epstein’s clients went largely unexplored after his death, though Bill and Hillary Clinton’s names appeared on his manifest for the Lolita Express on many occasions. Maxwell was well-known to the Clintons and was even at Chelsea’s wedding.

Look, there’s some truly sick stuff going on with many individuals who are key players in the progressive movement. These are facts that are well known and plenty of evidence exists to suggest that we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s really been going on in the darkness of the political realm. Could there possibly be a satanic sex cult that exists where the vast majority of the members are important people in various fields in our society?

That used to be something that seemed far-fetched, something out of the tinfoil hat community. But as we’ve seen with the death of Epstein, that might not be so. In fact, that might actually be the reality we all want to pretend doesn’t exist. It’s frightening to consider the possibility that such a group of individuals exists, but we cannot bury our heads in the sand just because the truth is something we don’t want to believe.

Maxwell, daughter of deceased media mogul and English politician Robert Maxwell, has been a jet-setting socialite mixing with the most powerful and famous people in the world. Many of them must be sweating bullets right now. Sarah Ransome, one of Epstein’s alleged victims, told CBS that Maxwell was a predator. The Epoch Times reported her testimony.

Sarah Ransome, an alleged victim of Epstein and Maxwell, stated in an interview that she was taken to Epstein’s island in the Caribbean, accusing Epstein of raping her. She said Maxwell was involved in the ordeal.

“I wanted to see him held accountable. I have faith that maybe I’ll get another day in court where I can face my co-conspirators, the people that helped Jeffrey rape me every day,” Ransome told CBS News in May. She accused Maxwell of bringing girls to the island for Epstein to assault.

“Ghislaine knew exactly what she was doing. She knew that every time she called me, I was going to be raped. Every time. Sarah Kellen knew for every girl that she organized to go on that island or to be picked up by a car to go to the New York mansion, she knew that these girls were there to be raped repeatedly. She’s going to rot in hell, definitely,” she added.

Here’s to hoping that good, honest people are watching over Maxwell and can protect her from both herself and from the individuals who might want to see her literally swinging from the end of a rope.

We need this woman alive. We need to know what she knows, who all is involved in this pedophile ring, and to see them brought to justice for their crimes. The only way that happens is if she talks. She cannot talk if she’s six feet under.

The truth needs to come out.



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  9. Actually what will be confirmed is that – with the Clintons involved – she is already dead meat – she just does NOT know it yet!!!

  10. Trump and Barr should be arrested for allowing Epstein, a high profile witness, to not be supervised. They had him killed because a woman who was 13 at the time has fingered Trump as a multiple rapist and torturer of her.

  11. The Clinton’s are involved = she is DEAD MEAT! Just a matter of time & a “payoff” to the right person.

  12. No eating utensils. No sheets. Backup monitoring from a remote location 24/7. Rotate on-site guards at random times without prior notice.

  13. How long before they kill her as well. The Clintons and those other people will not let her talk. Maybe they will get guards who do their job and have 24 video survalence.

    • Trump and Barr will kill her if anyone. They has Epstein killed, they have total control of the prison system and Epstein knew of Trump’s multiple rapes of a 13 year old.


    • Trump and Dershowitz raped girls on the island, in Epstein’s mansion and threatened their families.

  14. One would think that there would be some sort of reporting on who is protecting her while she’s in custody, what is being done differently then Epstein’s incarceration? Or are we simply wake up one morning to learn she committed suicide! They’d better be watching her like a hawk, breathing the same air as her. If not, it will confirm we have no justice system.

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