Check Out Iranians Reaction To Trump Killing Soleimani; It’s Not What You’d Expect

(Tea Party PAC) – All we’ve been hearing about since the news broke that Trump ordered an operation that killed Iran Quds Force leader Major General Qassem Soleimani is that we’re on the brink of World War III, with celebrities losing their minds in a near panic.

We’ve been preached to by the left who say that we’ve wronged Iranian people by our attack on this despicable general, but as it turns out, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the Iranians are actually pretty happy we killed the guy.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Iranians online are cheering the assassination of Iran Quds Force leader Major General Qassem Soleimani by a U.S. drone strike in Baghdad early Friday local time, with many thanking President Trump with a hashtag that reads: #TnxPOTUS4Soleimani. Many observers regarded Soleimani as the second most powerful person in Iran behind the Supreme Leader.

It was just Wednesday that Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei trash talked President Trump, saying, “That guy has tweeted that we see Iran responsible for the events in Baghdad & we will respond to Iran. 1st: You can’t do anything. 2nd: If you were logical —which you’re not— you’d see that your crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan… have made nations hate you.”

That guy has tweeted that we see Iran responsible for the events in Baghdad & we will respond to Iran.

1st: You can’t do anything.

2nd: If you were logical —which you’re not— you’d see that your crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan… have made nations hate you.

Iranians responded Thursday night U.S. time thanking President Trump:

The outpouring is tremendous. There is even video of protesters in Baghdad cheering the death of Soleimani. Their protests against Iranian influence over the Iraqi government has been met with deadly violence by Iran backed militias.

As you can see, there’s not much in the way of mourning happening for Soleimani. The world is a much better place without him, and that’s a fact.

If you have the power to stop evil, and we did in this case, and you stand by and do nothing, that makes you just as responsible for the wickedness that is carried out as the monster who did it.

Thankfully, that’s not how we roll around the U.S.



  1. What an amazing display of Patriotism. President Trump has undoubtedly acted in our best interest for our Country as a whole as he has in all of his dealings and actions. Power hungry politicians must have some great interests ($$) abroad to “care” so much for the feelings of countries that would by no means care about us in the same situations.
    Also, what about these failed “Americans” known as the “squad”? I believe at least 1 is not even a real US citizen. Is this investigation into her citizenship over?How is she still causing heartache to true Americans? Another has cheated her district out of jobs and revenue in a blatant display of ignorance. The rest are just tokens to “show diversity” and seemingly done nothing for their constituents that elected them. Seems like they just used their constituents as a stepping stone to try to achieve greater power in the future. They do not have AMERICA inside them or behind them. They have their own vision of a totally different country and are doing whatever they can to try and sway things that way. It seems as if the Democrats will “accept” anyone who shares their points of view or go beyond even without verification of their true motives.
    TRUMP 2020

  2. WE the people of the USA, have the greatest President of the modern times of the USA, but the sad thing about that is that we will only have him for just another 5 more years, and during that time the liberal, progressive, and socialist Democrats will fight tooth and nail against him every single day of those 5 years, hindering the achievements he’ll be able to make for the American people and for the world.

    Just think of how much greater President Trump could have made the USA for the American people, had we had a ‘Speaker of the House’ like President Reagan did, Democrat Tip O’Neal, who worked with President Reagan for the betterment of the USA and the American people, instead of socialist Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who has worked against President Trump and the betterment of the USA and the American people?

  3. Thank God for our President to stand up to these terrorists and wipe them off the map.
    I pray that God will open the eyes of these ratecal Democrats to see that they are barking up a wrong tree by voting for #1 BUM SANDERS. They all promise free health care for all. How many Millions of dollars they spend on their political adds? This kind of money will go a long way to help unfortunate people.

  4. GOD bless all the freedom loving, peace seeking, people in the world. POTUS 45 is the leader of that mindset. Support him like no other. Our greatest enemy is evil wherever it abides, and although Trump is for America First as he should be, the effect of that policy is peace and prosperity for everyone everywhere.

  5. Great Job President Trump, You got My Family Vote the first time around and you will be getting it the second and 3rd if you want to run for the 3rd Time. Thank You for the Job you are doing for the American Citizens

  6. TAKE A GOOD LOOK TERRORIST country’s that would try to undermine the U.S.A. TRUMP WILL NOT TAKE YOUR SHIT EVER your free ride is over . and we the people are behind him 100%. try anything stupid. your going to pay.. Obama s weakness is no longer in charge. any type of war action will have a very bad reaction from trump and
    the most powerful nation on the planet..for your leaders. i suggest you deal with president trump with negotiations he is a reasonable man , and stand down or be put down simply put ..

  7. Next…..Get that BIG mouth Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei!! Two snake-heads are much better than one!! These bearded A….Holes have to be put-in-their-place!!

  8. Jihadist thruout the world, the consequences are real and decisive. Take heed the power of God is on our side and POTUS is forever deligent in our safety and well being. Thx POTUS and our military for protecting the USA.

  9. Turn IRAN into one HUGE parking lot, tar and feather the leaders, then give IRAN back to the people (but use responsible leaders). Thank you POTUS for a job well done! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  10. It simply doesn’t suit the Democrat party narrative of “orange man bad” to applaud President Trump for killing one of the single worst terrorists in the world.
    The Democrats would rather he stayed in place and killed Americans abroad rather that congratulate Trump on a job well done.
    The cowardice of The Democrats and their “appeasement “policies, didn’t work at all under Obama and Clinton who laundered billions through their crooked policies and jeopardized American lives. Want proof?…OBAMA GAVE PALLETS of cold hard cash ( TAXPAYER MONEY) to the Iranian Goverment….on the premises that now they’d be fiends …they’re still pursuing Weapons of Mass destruction, still want to destroy Israel, chant “death to America” and support terrorism….yeah that worked out so well….so if you’re a Democrat and don’t think Trump did the right thing…..I don’t care. Trump 2020!!!!

    • It is great that the Democrats have another opportunity to show the country who they truly are (against the US) when our President kills another Muslim extremist leader; this a great addition to their laughable impeachment charade. Hopefully they will continue to have many more opportunities throughout 2020 before the elections to show even the most uninformed anti-Trumper that he is far better than any Democrat-Socialist who hates our country (but they DO love the money and the power).

  11. We must be CERTAIN to keep President Trump in constant prayer because the same Enemy who worked in Soleimini and his ilk KEEPS working! Jesus told us that He
    was sending His followers (Matt. 10:16) “as sheep in the midst of wolves”. Lord, put a strong shield about President Trump to protect him from Satan’s fiery darts and give him
    YOUR Wisdom to constantly press on in leading this nation. We remain “ONE nation UNDER God” and HIS protection. Trust and OBEY!!!

  12. I still think Donald Trump has a crystal ball and see into the future and is guided by ability to make good decisions. THANK YOU JESUS

    • President Trump doesn’t have a crystal ball he has God leading the way and showing him how to protect the American people and the safety of the world from evil regimes!

  13. A “measured” response will suffice for now, but rest assured that the time will come when all the stops will have to be pulled out. It will then be “balls to the wall” until total victory or abject defeat. I, for one, would opt for the former without hesitation!

  14. Notice how the MSM has fallen in line with the Dims gloom and doom talking points. After hearing the Dim politicians and their presidential candidates whine an snivel after POTUS Trump took care of business, the voters better figure out whether it is better to cower in fear as the Dims want to do or standup and fight for what is right which is what the Dims are afraid to do. Until the Dims elected weak leaders America stood tall and the world noticed.

  15. Some just lie for the minute, without considering the long term effects of decisions. Now some in Iran may be happy but the country as a Autocratic country will not seem so happy in their response, now all these so called Christians should remember a old Bible tale about a small person killing a giant, there ae many ways ro achieve this, when Iran has people all over the world willing to do their bidding. Now Qassem Soleimani could have been eliminated very clandestine by our Special Forces very secretly with no one knowing who did the deed, but the way it was done the USA will pay a price, and i do not think it will be very cheap, those that think that the USA can bomb Iran out of existance, are living in a dream world, the rules of engagement will not permit it and the rest of the free World would not permit it, now nearly every important military thing in Iran is burried so deep even the mother of all bombs would not effect them before they could launch about 50,000 missiles at locations in the area including Israel.

    • Robert you are such a sniveling pessimistic coward. Thank the “goodness side” that you are not in command of ANY faction of our military. “Clandestine” operation to eliminate the “evil side” as you mention, yea right. As if no one would know. How dumb you really are. This “Hitler” we eliminated for ALL THE WORLD to notice was responsible for over 600 American soldiers deaths, 1000’s of US soldiers maimed and wounded, 10,000’s of civilians and other countries military killed and maimed, and the USA is supposed to just turn a blind eye to more of the same from this murdering butcher? Then you have the audacity to state that the the USA can’t handle the potential threat of now “piss’n off Iran and Iraq” so bad that we can’t strategically set them back 2 decades. You certainly need to do your homework on the military might of the USA. “Carpet bombing” as was the norm in World War II was the norm because strategic weaponry wasn’t invented. Now, precise weaponry is the norm for the USA, as well as very small scale nuclear weaponry if necessary. No nation or nations on earth can come close to matching the “back-up infrastructure” of all phases of the US military, thus the ability to sustain the fight for as long as necessary to complete the mission. YES, American lives will be lost, but that is what war and conflict is all about. BUT because of the advances in military weaponry from small arms to cyber war, the casualties are now greatly minimized. Is China and Russia going to side with Iraq and Iran 100% now? I Highly doubt it for the simple fact, what’s really in it for them? Their only gain would be oil from those 2 desert countries and then having to help sustain a populace of Muslim theology that is absolutely NOT conducive to either of those countries AT ALL. Besides, Russia does not need their oil, but China could definitely use it. So, would China “puff out their chest against the USA” just to gain their oil and thus eliminate all trade with the USA? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to answer that question. YES, Iran will retaliate potentially across the globe using guerrilla tactics of terrorism against USA interests and lives will be lost. But guess what, WE will respond back with a vengeance. Death is a part of living. The establishment of the USA was established by millions of soldiers and civilians willing to die for the continuation of “our Republic” and our freedoms from tyrannical rule. Oh Robert, ye of little faith, grow some “bigger balls” and stand proud for your wonderful nation to face strong against all forms of evil and KNOW that goodness WILL prevail as long as fear and cowardice and political correctness is admonished from the faith of this country’s populace standing together against evil doing it’s best to control us. Remember President Roosevelt proclaimed in his inaugural speech the iconic statement, “We (as a nation) have nothing to fear except fear itself”, and THAT message lives on in this country to this day.

    • “and the rest of the free World would not permit it”

      I must inform you, Robert, since you have been asleep for the last three years that Donald Trump is President now. So, therefore, learn that we no longer form our foreign policy nor our rules of engagement based upon world opinion.

    • ROBERT–guess what –when dealing with terrorists–there are no rules of engagement-
      they are no longer human and must be handled the way that you handle a rabid animal-

  16. I’m very very proud of President Trump! Just another example of President Trump not procrastinating in his promises to the American people His actions will serve a reminder to the countries that he will follow through with defending the USA as promised.
    Tom Murray

    P.S. I predict President Trump will win in a landslide and the Senate and House will have a majority with the Republican Party In the 2020 election!!

  17. Not much to throwing a torch on dynamite, is it you idiot Quid Pro Joe? That’s how REAL LEADERS handle people who are terrorists, NOT paying them off with plane loads of cash…or by pulling out troops after the war was won so terrorist organizations like ISis can form.
    Demorats and hollyweirders cry all you want over the killing of a murderer. Hey Obama, what did you have him visit the White House for, you lieing sack of excrement!

  18. My president thank you very much for keeping your promises to protect our nation and Americans god bless and protect you and help you
    We love you

  19. You can call President Trump’s Mideast policy in one word: “Measured”! But, you’d make a big mistake if you take this recent strike as minimal.
    Iran’s regime is on the verge of crumbling; it’s only a matter of time when the chants of “death to America” will turn to “death to the Mullahs”.

  20. Mr. President……
    TRY ME…! This will prompt the Iranian people to send these “mullahs” into OBLIVION…
    Enough is Enough…to terrorism…. This world cannot be made a hostage, to SUCH EVIL…. You have all OUR PRAYERS & SUPPORT…..

    • President Trump should end his statement (using your words) with his recent tagline: “This is not a warning. This is a threat.”

  21. Of course the Libturds will always find something wrong with anything Trump does. Even he was laying 12 golden goose eggs a day there would still be bad things said about him. I for one will fight and vote for this brave President. He’s done everything right and could do more if these dumocraps let him do his job.

  22. The POTUS is tops. He knows what needs to be done and does it accordingly. The foolish liberal democrats and their ilk are the enemies of the people of the United States. They need to be voted out of office wherever they are. The Hollywood crowd should move to Iran where they will get their come-up-ence. Total deserved.

  23. President Trump you are one of the greatest people in ever witness ,with the driver and determination to protect the freedom of America, and the American way of life . Continue your performance SIR for America, needs your courage and method of defending Old Glory Wherever it is present. And the people around it

  24. I believe this person who is so upset over this situation stated words to the effect that she was a prisoner here in the USA and couldn’t leave. That’s very strange because we, as Americans, are free to go pretty much anywhere in the world we please, at our own risk of course. Yes, there are places our government ADVISES us to streer clear of because of much political and religious unrest but nevertheless we are free to go there if we so desire. There are certain countries that you are NOT FREE TO LEAVE for one reason or the other but not so here. Interestingly enough you will recall that a number of “famous” people indicated that if Trump was elected they were leaving the USA but even more interesting is the fact that we have not seen or heard of ONE (!) who have done so!

    • That person IS a prisoner here in America who is unable to leave. They are a prisoner to all the freedoms they enjoy such as freedom of speech( which they obviously use to make idiotic comments), freedom of religion, and they are being held hostage by the knowledge that they cannot find these freedoms and the opportunities this country provides anywhere else in the world. So in their mind they are a prisoner but they refuse to see or acknowledge that they are not shackled, the front door is open, and their captor only lives in their head.
      Just like people who are arrested often disregard their right to remain silent, far too many people fail to realize that just because we have the right to free speech doesn’t mean you should say every stupid thing that pops into your head.

    • This person is actress Rose McGowan. She even apologizes to the Ayatollah and calls these United States, a fascist country. What a maroon she is.

  25. The demo’s are weak gutless and useless, thank god for Donald Trump and everyone that supports him. I’m 75 and have been waiting all my life for someone who will stand up for the rights of the people of the “WORLD”

  26. Thank God for President Trump, our Intelligience Agents, our Military, and Pompeo and Espry; who did what was necessary to prevent imminent threats against our Embassies, and Americans working in them, along with American Military in the Middle East. Great job in eliminating another terrorist leader!

  27. God Bless You Mr President!!!? So thankful for a leader that truly believes in protecting US citizens!!!! It’s been a long time coming!


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