Check Out Where Joe Biden’s Sister Sent Millions Of His Campaign Dollars; Corruption Is Strong With This Family

(Tea Party PAC) – When it comes to political corruption, the vast majority of us as Americans are used to it coming from the Clinton family, particularly former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary. After all, we have seen accusations and evidence that Bill was involved in some shady stuff with Jeffrey Epstein, who did not commit suicide — wink, wink — and Hillary’s fingerprints are all over Benghazi and the email scandal.

Well, it seems that the Biden family is working around the clock to try and ensure that there is a worthy challenger to the crown of wicked corruption. Not only is there evidence that exists to prove Biden abused his power as vice president to cover for his son Hunter’s shady business practices in Ukraine, but now it seems his other relatives are getting in on the act.

Apparently, his dear sister Valeria Biden Owens, has been sending millions of dollars of Joe’s campaign funds to her own company.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Valerie Biden Owens, the sister of former vice president Joe Biden (D), who served as the campaign manager for his past presidential campaigns, directed $2.5 million from “Citizens for Biden” and “Biden for President Inc.” to her own consulting firm during her brother’s 2008 presidential bid alone, Breitbart senior contributor and Government Accountability Institute (GAI) President Peter Schweizer’s investigative blockbuster Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite reveals.

Biden’s political tenure, as Schweizer’s book extensively details, has largely remained a complicated family affair, resulting in little-known financial benefits for not just his son Hunter Biden, but for his sister Valerie.

Her role as a senior partner in the political messaging firm Slade White & Company coincided with her participation in Biden’s various political campaigns. She was only one of two executives – the other being Joe Slade White – at the firm and has remained the Executive Vice President for 15 years.

However, the lines between her role as leading her brother’s political campaigns and working at the firm blurred, as the firm “received large fees from the Biden campaigns that Valerie was running,” Profiles in Corruption reveals:

The firm received large fees from the Biden campaigns that Valerie was running. Two and a half million dollars in consulting fees flowed to her firm from Citizens for Biden and Biden For President Inc. during the 2008 presidential bid alone. Keep in mind that Joe Slade White & Company worked for Biden campaigns over eighteen years.

The report demonstrates a pattern, as Schweizer’s book shows, of the complex, albeit largely unknown, dynamics of the Biden family and the financial benefits reaped, which purportedly stem from the presidential hopeful’s varying positions in government throughout his life.

“These are not a few disparate enterprises, but rather moneymaking ventures that appear to be part of a well-organized family business,” Profiles in Corruption details.

Biden has previously denied, particularly on the campaign trail, the allegations that his family members have cashed out in various ways over the course of his political career.

“I’ve never discussed with my son or my brother, or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses, period,” Biden told reporters in August 2019 amid further allegations of his family members using his political leverage for personal gain.

“As we will see, this is an impossibility, “ Schweizer writes.

The latest revelation, detailing Valerie’s direction of millions of her brother’s campaign dollars to her consulting firm, follows the eye-opening discoveries detailed in Schweizer’s New York Times #1 bestseller Secret Empires, which effectively “blew the lid off the Biden-Burisma scandal in Ukraine, wherein Hunter Biden made up to $83,000 a month with Ukrainian energy giant Burisma as his father led U.S.-Ukraine policy while vice president,” as Breitbart News detailed.

Profiles in Corruption also exposes “the Biden 5,” detailing how Hunter Biden’s firms scored business deals with figures and entities tied to the governments of Russia, China, and Kazakhstan. It also reveals how Biden’s brothers seemingly benefited from his political stature. As Schweizer reveals, James Biden’s firm received $1.5 billion in government contracts despite a lack of experience in the international development industry. Profiles in Corruption also details Frank Biden’s connection to projects receiving millions in taxpayer loans over the course of the Obama administration.

Biden will continue to face mounting questions surrounding the benefits his family reaped as a result of his political influence as the Iowa caucuses kick off the Democrat primary election next week. While he is thought by some to be the Democrat party frontrunner, the RealClearPolitics average shows Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) slowly closing the gap. The socialist Sanders has overtaken him in key early state polls over the last week.

Guess Hillary better be conjuring up some other massive scheme and fast, otherwise, she might end up losing the title of “most corrupt individual in politics” and that would just simply be tragic.

What’s really sad about all of this corruption in politics is that there doesn’t seem to be any real consequences for the things these people do. They get caught doing all sorts of insane things, but don’t end up in prison for it. This just makes folks even more weary about our justice system believing that we’re not all equal under the law. That if you’re powerful and rich you can get away with anything.

That’s not what America should be about.



  1. The Department of Justice needs to step up and file charges against the Clinton’s for the crimes they both committed. Obama needs to have charges filed against him for treason and numerous other crimes he committed while in office and after leaving office. He also should be charged with theft for the money he stole from American taxpayers. George Soros should be charged with inciting riots and be labeled as a Terrorist because he is one. Pelosi, Schumer, Omar, Waters and numerous other elected officials should be removed from office because they have not upheld the responsibilities or duties of the oath they took to do the job. Their duty is to the Legal American citizen, not themselves, their family, illegals or foreign governments. It is time for term limits and a balanced federal budget.

    • They should be made to repay all that they stole of our tax money, and all their property confiscated, and charged with treason and executed.

  2. NONE of this matters UNLESS SOMEBODY IS WILLING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!! NOBODY has had the backbone to take on the deep state and the BIGGEST SCANDAL in the history of our country!!!!! The ball is rolling in the direction for the LUNATIC dimmocrats and they know it! They act with complete IMPUNITY with NO CONCERN for any legal consequences to themselves!!!!!

  3. What you said is so true…we would be in prison. If we dig deeper, shed public light, we can uncover various schemes of such nature for our other long term politicians I am sure. Harry Reid comes to mind.

    May we, John Q Public, which is each of us, fight openly via the media, press, for term limits. It is time! How do we get two auguste bodies, House of Representatives and Senate, to rise up and sign their own demise from a house of power.
    Am I just one voice that sees a very real need for this? Surely not. I am ready to step out and join others to make this happen. HOW! Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to voice my concern. I believe Washington DC power house corruption is the hidden monster impacting we the people more than we realize.

  4. We have to re-elect President Trump, and take over both the House and Senate for at least the next 5 years; so we can finally clean out all of the corrupt politicians or former office holders, that stole tax-payer money. Obama gave millions of dollars to his friends, that owned solar power companies; that went bankrupt or out of business shortly thereafter. Obama & Hillary used her office for pay-to-play schemes, and sold our uranium to Russia. Obama & Hillary took American (tax payer paid) weapons, out of Libya; and sold them to Syrian Terrorists. Obama and Hillary stole $6 Billion out of our State Dept. Obama and Hillary gave multi-millions of tax payer dollars to Kenya; to build them a healthcare system, and energy companies supposedly, and even paid Obama’s relatives in Kenya hundreds of thousands of dollars annually; to work for our government over there. And least we forget Obama and John Kerry gave $150 Billion, and another $1.7 Billion to Iran; so they could fund the terrorists Hamas, Hezbollah, and Taliban, and others groups in Africa and Middle East, besides allow Iran to build Ballistic Missiles, and work on storage of nuclear material.

    • Thank you. May I truly ask how do you know the facts as presented? I do believe you but how do we expose what you just stated…how do we fact check so we can get Tucker to start on on this expose?

      Fox is leaning left since Rodger died…not sure what bastion of exposure we the people have at hand. Asking.

  5. What do folks don’t understand about Trumps 2016 win and his future 2020 win. People are sick and tired of DC out for themselves and family members. Voters wanted the SWAMP cleans up. I know you will say but Hillary got more votes. So you believe the East and West should elect our presidents. Boy, those Founding Fathes were extremely gifted in putting in the constitution the Electoral College.

  6. shiffty said yesterday trump should be attraid of bolton book he knows what in it did he get copy from voto coln brothers were ever he got from its against law you have it and exspose it if he did not read it or get it how many 100 0f times you knowing lie to senate befor it is perjury this is a joke

  7. If you’re part of the Deep State, still covering up its role in the JFK, MLK, and RFK assassinations, then yeah, you cam make millions from treason.

  8. Anyone with a ounce of brains KNOWS how CORRUPT Washington, DC is!! Sad thing is that the BIGGEST criminals are on the Left. Just one more reason I gladly left the Party in 2016!!! The degree and depths of the LACK of ANY moral fiber is heartbreaking. I sit and watch the impeachment hearings and can not believe how hard Shiff and his lot see NOTHING wrong about the Biden familys dealings. Makes one wonder WHAT and WHO else is just as corrupt as Biden and the Clintons!!! I pray that JUSTICE is served and they ALL go to jail. You or I would be jailed for years and years.


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