Cher Opens Her Mouth And Says Something Stupid About Trump; In Other News, Water Is Wet

(Tea Party PAC) – The entertainment industry is nothing more than a gigantic toilet bowl that is swimming in the filth that is progressivism and socialism, with tons of celebrities, actors, directors, producers, and movie suits all spewing forth liberal talking points every time they are given an opportunity to flap their gums.

Of course, the vast majority of Americans are sick and tired of having politics crammed down their throats whenever they turn on the television or go to the movies, a fact evidenced by how poorly “woke” films do at the box office, yet for some odd reason, the left keeps pushing out their propaganda.

Anyway, a good example of liberal lunacy in Hollywood is left-wing pop music icon Cher, who says some of the most ridiculously wacky things about conservatives and particularly President Trump, that you’ll probably see on the Internet.

Cher recently spouted off about Trump once again calling him a “traitor to America like no other in history.”

Little dramatic, don’t you think?

Via Breitbart:

Left-wing pop icon Cher fired off an all-caps Twitter rant on Friday, declaring President Donald Trump a “traitor to America like no other in history.”

Cher first targeted billionaire Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer, saying she “WOULDNT VOTE 4 TOM STEYER IF HE WAS LAST DEMOCRAT ON EARTH. ONLY A PERSON WITH EXPERIENCE SHOULD BE ALLOWED 2 RUN.”

Then, the Oscar and Grammy-winner went after President Trump.

“Donald trump HAS GUTTED, DESTABILIZED,& BEEN A TRAITOR TO [America] like no other present in history,” the “Believe” singer said. “Being president. of [America] SHOULDN’T BE ABLE 2 BE BOUGHT [money] ON A RICH MAN’S WHIM.”

An earlier screed saw Cher describing Trump as he gives “his bullshit speeches.”

“Why is it When Trump Has to Read One Of His Bullshit Speeches..,” the tweet began. “1.His tongue Swells. 2. His Teeth Get Loose. 3.His Lips Go Numb 4.He Forgets His Nose Spray. 5.He Needs Someone To Hold His Head Up. 6.Needs To Brush Up On English 7.Finish Last Dick & Jane Book.”

It’s not yet clear who Cher is backing in this election — though Steyer’s chances at becoming his party’s nominee got a bit of a boast this week as the left-wing mega-donor became the sixth candidate to qualify for next week’s Democrat debate in Iowa.

That said, it’s probably safe to say that Cher will be standing next to the eventual Democratic nominee. In the last few months alone she’s referred to Trump as “evil,” a “miscreant” who “traded his pathetic soul” to Russian president Vladimir Putin, and even urged, in November, that women vote and kick Trump’s ass out of office in November.

Why are there so many people like Cher in the entertainment industry? Well, progressivism is largely an ideology that is designed to win folks over to its beliefs through the manipulation of emotions and the suppression of logical, critical thinking.

Many famous folks are artists who are deeply emotional and when they see the kind of propaganda and falsehoods spewed forth by the masterminds of socialism, they seem like good ideas designed to help people their hearts bleed for.

Unfortunately, these ideas actually cause the very pain, suffering, and misery they claim they want to get rid of, but because the solutions are both difficult and logical, they toss them to the wayside.

Here’s to hoping for a revival of logical thinking in Hollywood.



  1. Why does anyone care what Cher thinks? I thought she was moving to Canada. Right. Stick to the facts, which today’s liberals don’t want to know about or discuss. Donald trump loves this country more than any president I’ve seen. Another Reagan if you will! They hate him and his followers because they know he’s right. The truth always prevails in the end!

  2. Friends, this is easy. Vote with your attention. Refuse their movies, clothes, products, speeches. Without our attention and $$, they are less than what they think they are. Please vote in the primaries to protect your local Gov’t and of course, vote in November. God has surely appointed Donald Trump for a time such as this. I pray he remains strong.

  3. Isn’t it funny that these people of Hollywood are alcoholics drug addicts 98% of can not keep their vows .They spend millions on surgery and fillers in their lips their boobs their face and their ass .I wonder sometimes if they were ever caught in a bad heatwave would they melt .Then I think of those that had so much done to their face would their face melt? Think about how they would look if they melted ugg .I can just see their cheeks sagging down below their chin .Oh crap imagine their ass hanging below their knees .I wonder if they can sink with all that plastic in their body .

  4. Cher would still be a nobody if it hadn’t been for Sonny Bono Hell look at how her only daughter turned out first she claimed she was a lesbian then decided she was actually a man trapped in a woman’s body and became Chaz but no matter what she looks like on the outside she’s still a woman inside!

  5. BOYCOTT these these Hollywood FOOLS – I pray that these millennials of today start thinking on their own AND also investigating for the TRUTH. Stop being just a mindless followers of Socialists Media.

  6. And what is her political experience that supposedly makes her commentary relevant? The most shocking news? Somebody thought it was worth repeating her idiotic remarks!

  7. cher when u going to canada or iran as a armenian i am so shamed of you ufar way from politics u just singer aktress thats all no brain for politics like all hollywood no brain

  8. Shes a low life America hating skank. Talentless big mouth whore pig. Any time she opens her foul mouth she says something stupid. SHES A MORON HAS BEEN SLUT BAG. WEINSTEINS CUM DUMP.

  9. OMG… pray!!! Pray for our president and our country!! Keep moving forward Mr President!! Continue the good deeds for America 🇱🇷🇱🇷💁🏼‍♀️

  10. If she thinks only a person with experience should be allowed to run, maybe she should have let the stars of the time do things and stayed home. I felt like Sonny was the driving force in her life, maybe she should praise him and leave politics alone. Don’t lose your fan base, with these remarks.

  11. This people are brain dead with politics
    They should not talk at all
    They hate the truth
    They leave in fantasy world
    They made big money of the people watching them
    They need to leave on their own country owned by them and get sharia as major law to ABIDE FOLOW A MUST; SO ALL OFF YOU WONT BE ABLE
    She personally hates president
    Move out of country you can afordet

  12. Sonny and Cher are an example of the old adage, “Opposites Attract.” He was smart, clever, intelligent and politically conservative while she is the direct opposite of all that. Maybe he ran into a tree on purpose to get away from his terrible selection for a wife. In any case, he’s better off now than he would have been had he stuck around. Maybe Cher needs to go skiing. One can only wish.

  13. Cher is a high school drop out at the age of 16. She has dyslexia. It seems she’s still seeing things backward. I’m sure her Hollywood lifestyle finished her education for her so she can judge Trump and those that voted for him.

  14. Islam is right about women & liberals.
    Cher’s list of things she projects on Trump (tongue swells, brush up on English etc) are most likely all her own problems & then some.

  15. I would “LOVE TO SEE MEN WITH TRUE BALLS ASSASSINATE CHER FOR SURE!!” No more buying any more music from this CRAZY INDANE CUNT!!

    • Cher always mocked any man she could – it’s obvious from her earliest TV appearances. The mockery was always heavy. It isn’t Trump she hates, it’s you, herself & the world. Mommy dearest on wheels.

  16. Cher is shriveled and used up old prune hag injected with every man made preservatives to keep her macabre looking face as grotesque as it is! She used to sing once now she is an irrelevant old lady waiting to die!

  17. Cher is very perceptive and she is correct. The only problem is that she is in the wrong paradigm. Indeed Trump was elected to dismantle the Deep State. Cher views Deep State as “America” and she is in a Cold War paradigm, as most on the left do. Their world is being destroyed, and they don’t have any other reference point. Cher’s diatribe is actually encouraging because it shows that the perceptive ones in the Deep State know that the swamp is being drained and Deep State is being destroyed.

    • So true. It’s the “parallel universe” thing. That other world of lies & deceit- zombie world, the pretend, the fake, the make-believe. The living dead who walk among us “unseen” by most for the demons they are, the vampires who make no reflection in a mirror because they can’t see themselves for what they are & have no real existence.

  18. Hollywood’s elite should wake up to the fact that they would be executed in places like ke Iran for the way they dress, beharve and lifestyles they lead.

    • True. Ann Coulter has mirrors she holds up to the Deep Staters:
      GODLESS: Te Church of Liberalism.
      DEMONIC: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America.


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