Chicago Mayor Jumps On “Blame Trump” Bandwagon Over Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

(Tea Party PAC) – In case you missed it, there was an alleged plot to kidnap Michigan dictator Governor Gretchen Whitmer but the supposed scheme was foiled by the FBI. Since the plot was revealed the left wasted no time in blaming President Trump for it. Of course, it was President Trump’s fault, just like all of the radical leftist rioting and the coronavirus. It’s really quite remarkable the level of influence and power President Trump apparently has. The left hates him so much yet, apparently, he is able to easily influence them into doing atrocious and despicable things.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) has jumped on the “blame Trump” bandwagon saying. “I think all roads lead back to Donald Trump,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

“Unfortunately, every single time he attacks a public official, and I know this personally, there are those who take that as license to come after us.” How dare anybody go after a public official that is failing their constituents miserably? Lightfoot is likely referring to the attempts of protestors to demonstrate in her neighborhood, outside of her home. Lightfoot is, of course, above all of us everyday people and she isn’t interested in peaceful protest when it’s aimed in her direction so she used law enforcement to make sure she received special protection from the protestors that apparently she thinks President Trump sent.

“When somebody’s calling in the middle of the night repeatedly, that’s an issue, and that has only happened since Donald Trump has been trying to attack me personally,” the mayor said in a separate statement. “And it’s an issue that many of us as mayors have, and he seems to have a particular obsession with female and particularly mayors of color.”

Or maybe it just so happens that female mayors of color are more concerned with pushing progressive agendas that help no one instead of actually doing the work that the communities who elected them need them to do. Naturally, Lightfoot would play the sex card and the race card.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t get some kind of harassment,” she added. “There is a real cause and effect when the President names me in a disparaging way, which is usually what he does, and people feeling like they have license to make what I regard as real threats.” President Trump has only highlighted the abysmal job that Lightfoot and other Democrat mayors are doing around the country. Lightfoot, however, feels that she and others in her ruling class should be exempt from any kind of criticism or opposition.

Breitbart reports that on Thursday, 13 men were charged in connection with the plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer. Officials say militia group members were monitoring Whitmer’s movements and had been training to kidnap her. They also allegedly purchased weapons and wanted to put on her “trial” for treason.

Breitbart reported in a different story that while the media has attempted to label the group of men as right-wingers, at least one of them was more of Antifa-type figure:

Several media outlets, including the New York Times and the UK Daily Mail have attempted to cast the individuals as “right-wing” and “Trump supporters,” but at least one suspect, Brandon Caserta, held views more nuanced than that.

Breitbart News reviewed Caserta’s Facebook profile shortly before it was deleted. In several YouTube videos, Caserta opined about rights and the illegitimacy of government. “The Constitution is illegitimate,” he said in one posted on May 16, 2020, which was removed after Caserta’s account was terminated. […]

Other videos, including some Breitbart News reviewed on Caserta’s Facebook page prior to deletion, the suspect criticized the police, calling them “obedient order-followers.”

The FBI labeled the plot as an act of domestic terrorism and State Attorney General Dana Nessel said that she and other authorities were troubled by the fact that the plot moved into action phase.

“At times [Whitmer] and her family have been moved around as a result of activities that law enforcement was aware of,” she said. “[The suspects] had all the means to do it. They had been in training exercises.

“We think they had the necessary equipment, artillery, explosives, things of that nature.”

Whitmer said on Thursday that was aware of the plot and that President Trump is to blame since she alleges he repeatedly encourages hate groups and militia though there is absolutely no evidence to back up that assertion.

For liberals, all roads lead to President Trump because hating him is the single-most important thing in life.


  1. Chicago is neck and neck with New York City as the worst run cities in America! They both will declare bankruptcy in the next year. Guaranteed!

  2. Where does he/she, what ever, get their information from? Blame Trump for everything. It such first take care of the city she was elected to take care of, protect it’s citizens.

  3. Hell! Lady? If that’s what you’re identifying with today? Your pigmentation means NOTHING!!! You Dear Lady!!!! Are a Fing NUT CASE!!!

  4. What do you expect from a liberal dike piece of garbage from Chicago?
    She has done nothing for her city or her own self worth except spew hatred with out knowing the facts. Lying pos.

  5. Now it seems like anyone paying attention would be on the same BLAME TRUMP wagon, Trump is the one encouraging the White Supremist and other violent groups to act, and has been doing it since elected. I do believe that most believe when Trump told others to “TAKE BACK YOUR STATE” and suddenly armed persons show up on the Capitol steps and stop the flow in the Government of the state they are in that is what Trump wanted done.
    Trump wants these armed supporters to scare others, and so far it has backfired on Trump with the majority of the Population.

    • You are really off base here in blaming Trump. Wake up and really see the truth about “peaceful protests” and the lie complicit with the sick “narrative “. You are part of the problem, be a part of the solution and remove your own negativity..

  6. Ugly and stupid are not traits you want in a mayor. Okay, forget ugly but you don’t want STUPID, which Lightfoot is, in spades! God help Chicago!

  7. Lightfoot is the typical low intelligence person that is following her demonrat party right off the cliff!!! In the mean time she and many of her other cohorts in other cities are killing all businesses in their respective areas!!!


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