Chicago’s New Mayor May Just Take Trump Up On His Offer To Send Illegals To Sanctuary Cities

(Tea Party PAC) – In May, Chicago’s first black, gay, and female mayor will be sworn in, and she says she’d welcome shipments of illegal aliens if the Trump administration follows through on its threat to send them to sanctuary cities like Chicago.

This week, Trump sent the left into hysterics by agreeing with the suggestion that busloads of illegals should be sent to sanctuary cities.

Lightfoot, however, seemed to think that this wouldn’t actually happen, and that the president was just being “provocative,” Fox reported, adding that she thought Trump’s rhetoric was “much ado about nothing.”

When CNN anchor Anderson Cooper asked Lightfoot if she agreed with outgoing Mayor Rahm Emanuel that Chicago should welcome illegal aliens, to which she replied, “of course.”

“We have people who are routinely coming to this city. We have a whole infrastructure that’s built up to make sure that their rights are protected while the city of Chicago has, under the current administration, provided funding for various groups to help support asylum seekers and other people that are going through the immigration court system. I expect it will continue, if not expand upon, those kinds of resources,” she explained.

She added that people also need to just take Trump for what he is and refrain from piling on every time he tweets something deliberately provocative.

“What I’m saying is I don’t think we should take the bait every time the president puts out a provocative tweet. What I think we need to do is make sure that we are being very clear and speaking our values,” Lightfoot said.

She continued: “We are a city that is a sanctuary city. We have immigrants from all over the world who call Chicago their home. They’ll continue to do that, and we’re going to continue to make sure that this is truly a welcoming community for those immigrants, and we want them to come to the city of Chicago.”

In reality, Chicago truly cannot afford to welcome busloads of illegal aliens. They have enough of their own issues, with a $250 million budget shortfall and a top spot in the list of cities where productive citizens are leaving for other states.

And we didn’t even mention the crime rates.

A flood of illegal aliens is the last thing Chicago needs. Perhaps Lightfoot should first address the needs of her own citizens before virtue signaling to the illegal masses.

But why would she? She’s a democrat.