Chilling: The Dems First Legislative Move Of 2021 Is To Lock In Potential For Election Fraud For Good

(Tea Party PAC) – The November 3rd election could very well go down as the most corrupt in the history of our nation.

That is, if the American people actually get their day in court and can reveal the full weight of the evidence that the election was tampered with and stolen for Joe Biden.

We are at the edge of a precipice right now, however, as the Democrats appear poised to ensure that that the 2020 election becomes the norm.

The Gateway Pundit reports that “In their first act, this Congress led by true communists apparently, is ready to pass a bill allowing all future elections in the USA to be run exactly the same as any communist regime in history.”

The bill will eliminate free and fair elections forever, they claim, and “fraud will be the mandate.”

The “Communist Democrats” have labeled the bill “For the People Act of 2021.”

H.R. 1 has been introduced by Democratic Rep. John Sarbanes of Maryland as the very first bill of the 117th Congress and it would profoundly transform the way that our nation conducts its elections.

The Western Journal notes that it is “a breathtaking power grab by the Democrats and threatens the very bedrock of our democratic republic by nearly guaranteeing one-party rule in Washington for years to come.”

Sarbanes’ website issued a statement which reads, “the 2020 election underscored the need for comprehensive, structural democracy reform. Americans across the country were forced to overcome rampant voter suppression, gerrymandering and a torrent of special-interest dark money just to exercise their vote and their voice in our democracy.”

“H. R. 1 is a transformational anti-corruption and clean elections reform package” which the congressman says is aimed at cleaning up the “corruption in Washington, empower the American people and restore faith and integrity to our government.”

It sounds like it’s going to do exactly the opposite, as it happens.

The bill seems more interested in codifying many of the already questionable changes to the voting system made amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the points of the bill that stands out is that it would strip the states of the right to establish their own elections guidelines and would be determined at a federal level.

States would thus be required to do things like promote mail-in voting measures, facilitate online voter registration, and provide automatic and even same-day voter registration.

In other word, every dirty trick that the Democrats use to steal elections would be almost seamlessly facilitated by enforcement of the federal government.

“For the people” my foot!

Oh, and don’t forget voter ID laws: H.R.1 would ban states from “requiring identification as a condition of obtaining a ballot.”

Never you fear—a signature would be required for absentee ballots.

So you know, voter fraud can’t happen.


Section 1005 of the bill seeks to prohibit a state “from requiring applicants to provide more than last four digits of Social Security number.”

Under current law in some states if an individual who has no driver’s license registers to vote they are required to provide a full Social Security number—those fascists!

The bill would mandate universal mail-in voting as well, and all this adds up to is that all the various ways that Democrats managed to influence the outcome of the 2020 election will not only never come under scrutiny, but will be the way we vote in perpetuity.

Are you OK with this?

Copyright 2021.


  1. Anyone remember Hitler? Sounds like this will be the “norm”. I love this country and hope and pray the hand of God will intervene. We ALL need to make it known that true Americans will not allow this to happen. IN GOD WE TRUST.

  2. IF this bill passes -which is almost a certainty-
    there will be very little left except states seceding from the union-
    this is certainly a true case of the federal government abandoning the
    citizens of america-
    and without a legal way of voting for a new government-they have become the
    enemy of a free society-the inauguration of biden was just a precursor of what the democrats have in mind -bringing in the military to show a dictatorship in the making-
    make no mistake -they intend to force america to the ground-
    they will make their new constitution in their own —criminal image–
    make no mistake america will never see a free and fair election again

  3. Put an END to this LEGISLATION, ONCE and FOR ALL! . . . We DON’T need legislation for TREASONISTIC Traitors upending the U.S. Constitution. One Enlightened Patriot. team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  4. No, I am not O.K. with this. However, who is going to stand up to this Communist regime. The Republicans turned like cowards and ran from the fight. All the evidence, videos of illegal voting and counting of the votes, squashed. And not by those you would think but by all that had a hand in it. Democraps and Republicans alike. Because our government is rampant with fraud, lies and stealing. Secret deals that have made every member of congress a millionaire. While the average American has to scrape by on whatever they can earn and not have to pay to the government! It is a terrifying time to live in America. I didn’t think I would ever say that! Democraps have total control and not a one of them will stand up for the American people. Republicans are not much better. The American people are fed up with nowhere to go.

  5. H. R. 1 why even have elections. They will be stolen in each and every election. Why do you get ID’d to gamble, buy alcohol, buy cigarettes but to vote it’s a free for all. Ridiculous! Dems are a sad group of cheaters, liars, and thieves. God Bless America 🇺🇸


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