China Scores, Thanks To Cheerleader Biden!

(PCC)China got their monies worth when they hired the Biden family to keep them at the front of the line economically and as a powerful world leader! But it doesn’t stop there.

Get this. This heinous crime threatens American national security and exposes the Biden administration’s ineffective response to China’s economic aggression. China has long wanted to control the semiconductor industry, which powers modern technologies and military capabilities.

The Trump administration restricted semiconductor equipment exports to prevent China from getting cutting-edge technology that could be used against it.

China’s unrelenting pursuit of grabbing America’s semiconductor manufacturing equipment exports was revealed in a damning congressional report. In a frightening example of the Biden administration’s incompetence, Chinese corporations have bypassed the October 2022 “new rules”.

Biden ignored the rules that were designed to safeguard national security and economic competitiveness and cashed in on another fat opportunity to earn ‘China Cash”

The acquisition of U.S. chipmaking gear by Chinese enterprises for advanced semiconductor fabrication is extremely concerning. This gives China access to vital technologies that could be exploited for evil, endangering our national security. Our economic competitiveness is also threatened by this predicament.

We provide our biggest economic foe a key advantage by giving Chinese companies these superior chipmaking technologies. This hurts American firms and our technology and innovation leadership. The Biden administration’s China policy has succeed beyond their wildest dream!  The Biden families sharp negotiation skills and blunt force pallets of cash have allowed our enemies to exploit vulnerabilities and chase supremacy in critical industries.

However, many anti-Biden Family business commentators have openly said: “this terrible miscalculation will harm our national security and economy. We must expect stronger leadership and decisive action to preserve our interests.”

Biden pledged unity and promised expansive permission to the Chinese and is now demanding bipartisanship support for Chinese priorities in Congress!

The House’s bipartisan China select committee’s 741-page annual report exposes the Biden administration’s harmful export limitations. This analysis proves that these restrictions hurt our economy and national security. These limits protect American chipmaking technology from Chinese chipmakers, who want to use it to create sophisticated chips at or below 14 nanometers. The report highlights a shameful gap that importers exploit: the capacity to deceitfully claim their equipment is for antiquated production lines, making verification difficult.

After another foolish and shortsighted action by the Biden Family business is they gave Chinese businesses the keys to the kingdom by imposing a weak 14 nanometer restriction, allowing them to buy equipment that might be used to make sophisticated electronics. This shows the dire implications of weak and inefficient policies that prioritize short-term rewards over strategic goals. This frightening discovery highlights control failures and China’s continuous pursuit of semiconductor technology’s major national security dangers.

Does everyone understand China is building defense weapons for us in the event we have to go to war with them! Does that make sense? WTF? China needs these super cutting-edge semiconductors for OUR defense weapons so America can defend its self from China, in the event of an attack by China! Madness!

The study explains Huawei’s remarkable ability to create a 7-nanometer chip for its Mate 60 Pro smartphone at SMIC, China’s leading chipmaker. Despite the Trump administration’s legitimate worries, Huawei and SMIC’s brazen resistance is alarming. Despite being rightly listed to the trade restriction list in 2019 and 2020, these Chinese IT giants shamelessly acquired the essential equipment. This apparent disrespect for international norms and regulations highlights the necessity for tighter measures to defend our national security and technological progress from these unscrupulous entities. The investigation strongly suggests that SMIC exploited a system loophole to purchase the equipment before the October 2022 regulations took effect. It shows that SMIC could have easily purchased equipment from overseas sources through other means.

Startling analysis shows China’s cunning use of the temporal gap between the US’ sensible restrictions in October 2022 and Japan and the Netherlands’ actions in July and September 2023. This strategic move allowed China to secretly gather an alarming amount of equipment, consolidating their global supremacy. It’s shocking that China’s obsession with semiconductor production machinery has reached new heights. Dutch imports totaled $3.2 billion (RMB 23.5 billion) between January and August 2023, making it a major Chinese supplier. This astonishing sum is up significantly from last year, raising concerns about China’s unrelenting pursuit of advanced technology and its possible effects on global power dynamics.

The congressional report again failed to offer any answers to our nation’s law gaps, demonstrating bureaucratic incompetence. Instead, it blatantly instructs Congress to request a weak annual evaluation from the ineffectual General Accountability Office. Again, the Biden Regime fails to act to safeguard the American people from these regulatory gaps.

Final Word: In view of China’s growing semiconductor dominance, the congress must step in and stop the Biden/China connection now! Not only that, but, must stop China from building our high-tech weapons using top secret semiconductor technology!  Duh!




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