Chris Wallace Slams Biden On Court Packing Question…There’s Only One Huge Problem

(Tea Party PAC) – Chris Wallace has often been criticized by Trump supporters for the way he treats POTUS as a journalist, but before last week’s first presidential debate, he always seemed to be willing to be equally hard on Democrats as well.

This is the mark of a good journalist–one who is willing to put any politician’s feet to the flames, regardless of party.

So this week, Wallace is slamming Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden on his flat-out refusal to answer if he’s planning on packing the Supreme Court once elected.

There’s only one, big, fat problem.

Biden refused to answer Wallace’s question on court-packing during the debate, for which he was moderating, and Wallace did nothing!

What better position could someone possibly be in to pressure a candidate on a question he refuses to answer than the moderator of a presidential debate?!

This guy has seriously undermined his own professionalism.

BizPac Review reports:

Fox News host Chris Wallace said Friday in an interview with fellow network personality Chris Hemmer that he does not believe Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, will be able to avoid answering whether or not they support “packing” the U.S. Supreme Court.

During the segment, Hemmer referenced a Wall Street Journal column by Kimberley Strassel, in which she pointed out that the 20 million or so Americans who tuned to the Wednesday debate between Harris and Vice President Mike Pence were hearing about portions of the Biden-Harris agenda for the first time.

Hemmer then turned to Wallace, asking him to share his perspective on a debate in which Harris appeared to have done poorly as compared to Pence, according to post-election assessment from undecided voters.

“I thought Mike Pence did a good job,” Wallace replied.

He then, however, proceeded to bash Trump for pulling out of the second debate after the Commission on Presidential Debates decided it would be only virtual.

“There are a lot of Republicans who would have been happy to have the storyline of what Mike Pence did on Wednesday night play out for a few days, questions about what they call the radical left-wing agenda of the Biden-Harris team,” Wallace said.

Including, he continued, “the question that Harris refused to answer, as Biden has refused to answer, about whether or not they would pack the court — those are very good questions…”

“Still are good questions,” Hemmer offered, explaining that the longer Harris and Biden take to answer these questions, “the bigger the story it becomes.”

“This has really become a story around the Biden campaign, would you not agree?” he asked of Wallace.

“Absolutely,” Wallace replied. “And I don’t think…Biden and Harris are gonna be able to hold on” for the next roughly three weeks without having to answer the question one way or another.

“Look at the answer that Biden gave yesterday,” Wallace continued. “He said, ‘Look, if I give you my answer, it’s gonna be the headline.’ Well — so, what it is he’s gonna say? I would assume, you know, what would be the headline…you would think that would be…if it’s gonna be a big headline.

“If he says, ‘I’m not gonna pack the court,’ that’s not a big headline…tha[n] ‘I’m gonna pack the court.’ That certainly raises questions,” he continued.

“I think it’s impossible — and, frankly I think it would be foolish for Biden to try to hold out and refuse to talk about this for the next 25 days,” Wallace noted. “I understand why he’s doing it, because if he says ‘I’m gonna pack the court’ [with left-wing justices], that turns off the more moderate voters, and if he says, ‘I’m not gonna pack the court,’ that turns off people on the left-wing of the Democratic Party.

“But I don’t think you can walk this tightrope for three-plus weeks and get away with it,” Wallace concluded.

BPR notes:

Notably, Wallace didn’t ask Biden his intentions regarding the nation’s highest court when he served as moderator for the first debate between him and Trump, despite the former vice president’s previous refusals to answer the question.

“It’s a legitimate question, but let me tell you why I’m not going to answer that question,” Biden said in an interview with Wisconsin TV station WBAY last month ahead of the first debate.

“It will shift the focus, that’s what [Trump] wants. Let’s say I answer, then the whole debate’s gonna be about what Biden said or didn’t say,” he said. “Biden said he would or wouldn’t. The discussion should be about why [Trump] is moving in a direction that is totally inconsistent with what the founders wanted.”

Biden also vowed over the summer that he would release a list of black women he would appoint to the Supreme Court, but we’ve yet to see it.


  1. Chris needs to retire early or be Biden’s press secretary since both have failing minds. Harris and AOC will run everything anyway. Nancy’s on the way out since she doesn’t even have control of her own actions.

    My evil twin sister who wears my clothes and speaks with a male pitch now works for DNC /cnn where she writes fiction for their fake news. She makes 1111 a week. Sign up and maybe we can bankrupt them. They’d fire her instantly if they knew she supports Trump. She wrote last week that Trump had AIDs caught from 10 russian groupies in the lincoln bedroom and that’s why he went to hospital. They printed it and believe it. It’s fun to watch these idiots.

  2. The premise of the question regarding ‘stacking the courts’ is disingenuous at its core. This is projection 101 considering that this is exactly what Republicans have been doing since McConnell abused his leadership role to deny President Obama his Constitutional mandate to nominate judges and receive a fair hearing in the Senate, thereby creating a logjam of vacancies that McConnell has rushed to jam through the nomination process. This wouldn’t even be an issue were it not for Republicans’ partisan, disingenuous ploy to stack the courts with young, conservative ideologues – to the detriment of the judiciary and our fundamental democracy. In a nutshell, Republicans have rigged the system and they are eviscerating another pillar of our checks and balances.

    • WORNG on so many levels. The real reason barky was ‘denied’ a nomination is that there was no way in heaven or that other place that such a nomination could have been confirmed – he did NOT have the numbers, period. IOW, why waste time and effort on a nonstarter nomination.
      Y’all on the left always have to make it about politics instead of what is best for the Republic. When republicans attempt to put strict Constitutionalists on the court it is ‘evil’ but putting left leaning ideologues on it y’all call ‘principled’ – even when they do not follow the Constitution.
      BTW we ain’t a ‘democracy’.

  3. I get the impression that Biden will not answer the question. Instead what we will get is You’ll have to elect me first and then you can see what I intend to do. Sounds a lot like “you have to pass Obamacare before the can see what’s in it. We’ve been sailed down that river before. Not exactly transparent.

  4. It’s utterly nonsensical and inconsistent for Harris-Biden to say the American people should have another, prior say regarding Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, a presidential prerogative, but then give the American people no word before the election regarding whether or not they would alter the makeup of the Supreme Court, packing it with Leftist activist Democrat judges.


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