Chuck Schumer Wants Trump To Use $5 Billion Border Wall Funding And Use It To Take Away Your Rights

(Tea Party PAC) – No one’s favorite Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced earlier this week that he plans on asking President Trump to take the $5 billion that is set aside to fund the border wall and use it to help infringe on the Second Amendment rights of American citizens across the country.

Oh, but he didn’t use that exact phrasing. No, he couched this request in the guise of “combatting gun violence and white supremacy.” Can’t just come out and honestly say they want to get rid of guns, right? Then people might put up a fight. But who wouldn’t want to end violence and take a stand against “white supremacy?” To oppose such things would make a person out to be a villian.

That’s how the left thinks.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Schumer’s office said he would formally petition Trump to put the money towards the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to conduct research into gun violence extremism, FBI domestic terrorism programs, and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) programs to fight counter-violent extremism.

“The dual scourges of gun violence and violent white supremacist extremism in this country are a national security threat, plain and simple, and it’s time the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress starting treating them as such,” Schumer said in a statement.

“Now Republicans and this administration need to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to addressing gun violence and stopping the rise of domestic terrorism, especially stemming from white supremacy,” the statement continued.

Trump diverted about several billion dollars in Pentagon funding for the border wall along the U.S. southern border with Mexico by declaring a national emergency in February.

Schumer announced his plan after CQ Roll Call reported that Senate Republicans sought to use $5 billion in domestic spending to fund the border wall.

This new enthusiasm in the gun debate is being fueled by the horrific mass shootings that took place in El Passo, Texas and Dayton, Ohio earlier this month. As we’re all well aware of by this point in time, radical progressives believe in the principle of taking tragedies and using them to help push for government intervention, taking advantage of the fact that when people are scared and hurting, they’ll trade liberty to feel safer.

It’s an old strategy, but it’s never lost its effectiveness, and the left knows how to play that card well.

Now, that’s not to say we don’t need to address these mass shootings. We most certainly do. It’s getting ridiculous out there with all of this bloodshed. However, limiting gun rights is not the right solution. This only punishes the law-abiding citizens who have firearms to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their property.

We need real solutions that address the heart of the problem. This involves having open, candid discussions about the state of the mental health industry here in the United States amongst other things.



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