Clapper Seems To Have A Very Convenient Case Of Amneisa Concerning The Reason Behind A Request Made On His Behalf To Unmask Michael Flynn

(Tea Party PAC) – Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper made an appearance on CNN’s news program, “New Day,” where he chit-chatted about a new report that Obama administration officials wanted to “unmask” former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

John Berman, host of the show asked Clapper why he made three specific requests to unmask the name of a person on December 2, December 28, and January 7.

Conveniently, Clapper stated that he doesn’t remember the reason he made those three requests. Oh and just so happens to have forgotten what prompted the request that was made on his behalf either. Wow, with memory issues like those, perhaps Clapper needs to see a physician.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

“No, I don’t,” Clapper told Berman. “I don’t recall what prompted a request that was made on my behalf for unmasking. I don’t remember the specifics or what it was in the second report that was suggestive enough that I was concerned and felt that I should know who was actually involved.”

He added of his concerns with Flynn, “There was general concern about the number of engagements with Russians that we were seeing happening. We may not necessarily have known what the content of these engagements were, but there were numerous engagements by representatives of the Trump camp with Russians. So, that was of … general concern anyway. So that, I think, is what attracted the attention of me and other then-serving national security officials.”

Clapper went on reiterate he never saw direct evidence of collusion between Trump, Flynn or any other Trump officials, but did reveal there could have been a threat to national security, which would be a reason to unmask.

“There could have been, as I say, other reasons why you would unmask,” Clapper stated. “Again, when you read the report, it may not tell you what exactly is going on, so whether it was collusion or what, what you’re trying to determine [is] does this pose a threat to national security?”

Do we really expect the folks involved in the Deep State plot against President Trump to be open and transparent about their illegal activities? Of course not. They want to remain hidden if at all possible so they can continue to scheme against Trump and against our nation. After all, their grand plan is to transform this country into a socialist nation like the kind we see failing in Venezuela.

These folks are professional liars. More investigating and digging is needed to get to the bottom of the Deep State. The current administration must apply the necessary resources to root out thise cabal of individuals and replace them with solid, trustworthy people who will have the president’s and the country’s best interest at heart.

If we don’t get this taken care of now, the end result will be the death of our nation and the Constitutioin which was the greatest political document ever constructed in the history of the world.



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  5. Ladies and gentlemen we are at war, not with “man” but with a “bug”, that at the moment is smarter than “us”. To win any “war”, one needs knowledge of the enemy and good honest effort and communication to defeat the enemy. Unfortunately, lives (man, woman and child) are lost in any war, history of our planet has shown that. This VIRUS is a thing of Nature and we’ll have to partner with Nature to control It. Shuting down our daily lives will not do it but living our daily lives in an intelligent manner will. Stay healthy and move on.

    • We’re not just going to “move on.” That’s what got us here.

      We’re not just warring with a bug. We’re also warring with another enemy — a domestic enemy, an enemy of our Constitution. I’m referring here to the Deep State, which is no less than a secret coup government, centered in the FBI and CIA, established via the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963.

      The DS tried to negate the last election and wants to decide the next, but it is running out of influence, principally due to the increasing obviousness and clumsiness of its machinations and the rise of the alternative media. It is deep-seated treason that must be extirpated root and branch.

  6. Comey “had” the call between Flynn and the Russian Ambassador before the unmasking. There IS only ONE way that would be possible folks: The POTUS (Obama) can unmask without a warrant or a FISA warrant WITH the approval of the AG! That is why Obama’s voice was cracking on the phone with his supporters. He pooped his pants on the Vineyard while eating lobster with his neighbors

  7. They (our Govt. under Obama) set a trap for Flynn to lie because he works for President Trump – not legal. Now, they are the guilty ones and they have CRS(can’t remember s**t) disease. As the article says, of course they are not going to admit anything. Put all of them before a grand jury and see who “sings” the loudest. If these thugs are not brought to justice, then we have no justice at all in this Country.

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  9. Clapper needs to be brought before the Senate . Senate needs to have the documents that show his request for unmasking. Then he needs to be charged with conspiracy and treason and he will start singing like a canary against all of the people involved in this scam. That will bring all of the rats to the surface.

  10. We have the NSA info which in text format, ie, emails,letters,documents,etc. will show he damn well knew everything and perhaps the congress should read him what he was saying, then ask the questions. He needs a mental toilet flush of truth and watch him squirm in his seat as the rat bastard is himself unmasked!

  11. Why isn’t that TREASONISTIC TRAITOR in FEDERAL PRISON with the REST of Obama’s cronies, starting with OBAMA? One Enlightened and DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  12. When I pause to consider the damage(s) done to this country by the Deep State apparatchiks, I can’t help but feel a sense of gratitude to Whoever is watching over us that it wasn’t any greater! What has been done is NOT insurmountable; it WILL take time to overcome and recuperate, but overcome and recuperate we MUST! The future of America and, by extrapolation the WORLD, depends upon it!

  13. I think if I were involved in some treasonous act, I would conveniently have a case of amnesia also. When will these deep state actors be called upon to pay for their crimes? The people of the U.S.A. have waited long enough. We deserve a government that is accountable to we the people (well at least some of us do; others they seem to like dishonesty and a lack of ethics and integrity).

  14. Why do people want to be controlled under Socialism— I want my freedom that my great grandparents all the way up to what I have achieved in my life time.
    I’m not turning over my money to these people and Be left with a few dollars to spend- and they still make millions!
    This is America — go back and look at your history— why do you want to be told what You can spend and what You can spend Your money on!!
    I can’t believe honest hard working people (all races) want to give the government their hard earned money (we already pay taxes !! — unless you are already on government assistance and don’t mind spending what little amount they give you. I want to work and have the luxury to buy what I want and not be controlled by Socialist rules they impose on the people.
    I just want everyone to look at the freedom we have now, how our men and women lost their lives for us (our fathers, grandfathers, son, daughter, relatives) to have that freedom in the battles they fought in to give us that freedom.
    This pandemic was developed and made to bring Americans and other nations down using an illness rather than weapons and war from a communist world.
    In my 59 years, I have never worn a mask – never stayed at home or dealt with unemployment— And I have now in a modern world where I’ve used hand sanitizer and washed my hands as well as sneezed in my sleeve way before now — nothing new to me!
    People need to look at the events of the last few years that got us in this shape (research how and who were involved in making this virus and the group was supposed to be making a cure not the virus itself )— formed in 2009 until now with our tax dollars at work!!)
    Everyone who said Trump did not handle it right at the beginning— well it’s six months in — and it is still happening and the scientists/doctors still haven’t done anything! So what’s up with that!!!

    WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER BUT THEY SAID IT IS TRUMP’S FAULT WELL WHAT ABOUT THE SCIENTIST /-THEY STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO AS OF SIX MONTHS INTO THE PANDEMIC – and that’s the ones we’re depending on (Fauci where are the answers or we’re you told to not let people know yet because you want the people to suffer a little longer and make the economy to fail!!) there you are!!
    Fauci, Let Trump worry about the economic part and Fauci you work on finding a cure!
    People want to get back to work, people want to get the economy back going and kid be kids — quit making people suffer and stop wanting to control us — we’re not socialist yet!!
    NO Trump did not say drink disinfectant but you know I’m smart enough as a person to not try it anyway (but you know people who are on crack put a lot worse stuff in their bodies!)
    Democrat’s need to realize IF Nancy Pelosi was for the American people she would ONLY REQUEST THAT the stimulus should say ——let’s get money now to the people— extend the $600 a week unemployment and send another round of checks and help with health insurance ( what ever you had at your job it will be extended for an extra 3 to 6 months — and that’s all!!!

    And the Republicans come back and say sounds good let’s use the unemployment records to get the money to the people who have been unemployed this time and not just the 2018/2019 tax returns but the lay offs were in 2020…

    let’s be fair —forget about the blame game because EVERYONE could have done differently — Scientists, Doctors, Republicans, Democrats, Parents, Teachers, Governors, lawyer’s— EVERYONE—- this was something put on us by China — We as Americans should face that and all work together and fight that battle —just like we did for 9/11

    And Democrats and Republicans need to work together and not cause another war among the American people!!!


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