Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta Linked To The New Zealand Shooting

(Tea Party PAC) – On March 15th, the Western world awoke to find that the quiet nation of New Zealand had experienced the deadliest shooting in their history at two mosques in the city of Christchurch.

The gunman, who we are told sickeningly live-streamed the shooting to Facebook, is an alleged white supremacist, a fact the media immediately pounced on (this, of course, made the shooting entirely Trump’s fault somehow, as if he’d picked up the gun and shot all those Muslims himself!)

However, as often occurs with such events that seem almost tailor-made to fit the left-wing narrative, some questions have been arising.

Legendary radio host Rush Limbaugh, in fact, seems to think that the whole thing was a false flag.

Strangely enough, as the blog Fellowship of the Minds has uncovered, John Podesta, the notorious former Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton and campaign manager to Hillary, whose hacked emails painted the picture of a very creepy dude and possible pedophile (or worse), has a very interesting link to the New Zealand shooting.

First off, John Podesta just so happened to be in New Zealand five days before the shooting.

As reported by on March 10, 2019, Podesta was in New Zealand for a Global Progressives event. He was interviewed on TV by a pliant and fawning Newshub political correspondent, Tova O’Brien, who extolls Podesta as “one of the most powerful in U.S. Democratic politics” and “someone who understands too well the influence and damage hacking and fake news can do.”.

Promoting the Russian election-meddling meme that Democrats never tire of, Podesta said he agrees with New Zealand intelligence’s warning to Parliament last month that their election is also vulnerable to a serious cyber attack from Russia and China. Podesta said:

“Vladimir Putin must be sitting in the Kremlin saying this is the best return on investment I ever got – I’ve got a pliant president of the United States. I’d say very worried. I don’t see why they couldn’t do it. And there are other state actors as well. There are other actors in the region including China that may have a high degree of interest in being able to penetrate what the private conversations of people in NZ politics and NZ Government are looking at.”

Calling the country a “juicier target”, Podesta said New Zealand should guard against hacked information being weaponised as fake news: “What’s new is this weaponisation – the use of social media to spread discord, lies, dissatisfaction – that’s I think what you’ve got to look out for.”

There is also the very bizarre coincidence between what was painted on the shooter’s gun and a photo of Podesta with cryptic writing on his palms (why? I do not know.)

This photo of Podesta has been floating around on the Internet since long before the shooting and is without apparent explanation.

We do know, however, that Podesta has been linked to the occultic practice of “Spirit Cooking.”

Here is the New Zealand shooter’s weapon:

Given those symbols have no known universal meaning, this seems awfully bizarre.



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